A Restless Rockstar and his secret fan (Episode 25)


Our chapter starts with Abhi asking “Hey!! How are you??”.But

His voice showed a little sadness.Pragya gets little upset but not

showed.She asks “Why?? Cant I be ok??”.Abhi gets angry and walks

near her.While she just stares him but lovingly.Abhi bends towards her

and says in her ear “You better dont mess with me…You will regret

it later”.Pragya looks him shocked and says”Why?? How ..I cat stop

myself from talking…If you dont wanna listen…sure you can leav…”.

Her voice vanished when he took her Micky doll and keeps his hand

like about to throw out via window.She gets tensed …angry…”What

you are doing Mr.Abhi???Dont do that!!”.Abhi smirks and says “I already

told you that u would regret it later”.Pragya says “Ok!! I wont talk!!

You please give my micky…please”.Abhi smiles seeing her cute face and

says “You know what…I am gonna ask you!! But you should say yes!!”.Pragya

just looks the doll and says “Dont try to trap me!!”.Abhi again threatens her

Now Pragya about to stand but he runs and makes her to ly on bed.He says “Are you

mad?? You are irresponsible about your health !! Dont you know ..in how serious condition

you are!! Trying to behave like Mother India!!”.Abhi gets damn shocked and scared now

as he used that word again!!.He looks at her worriedly.But to his great surprise she was

just staring the window…not uttered even a word!!.Abhi goes to her and sits beside her.

She looks at him intensly and says in her blocking voice.”Will you leave me??”.Abhi really

stunned to her question says “What??”.She holds his hand and says “I used to pray..I

Never wanna miss my sister…But God failed to save her…Now I am asking you..”.

Her eyes left few drops of tears and allowed her to speak now “Will you too leave me??

Because I cant lose anyone from heart…If I wanna lose you in my life…then It would

be me giving up my life before it would happen”.Abhi hugs her suddenly and consoles

her “Dont think too much Mogambo!! I will never leave you!! I cant!!”.His face full of

Determination says “Never ever!!!”.He thinks “What happened to her?? I didnt see her

Scared till now…but why she is behaving like this??”.He hold her face and sees her

nose bleeding and shouts “Pragya!! Are you ok??”.She sees him surprised and asks “What??”.

He runs immediately calling doctors meanwhile pragya gets shocked feeling blood over her lips.

She wipes and gets scared seeing blood in her hand.She is really scared and thinks “God!! What

happened to me?? Why…its happening??”.Abhi enters in the room with a bang and looks her.

Pragya in teary eyes asks “You said you will never leave me…but…”.and sees him painfully.

Abhi already in tears runs to her and says “Yes!! I promise you!!

Nothing will happen to you!!! We will live together ok??”.Pragya nods her heard but still

cant control her tears .Abhi sees doctors came there and tries to leave but pragya holds his hand.

Abhi stares her in broken state …(Hamari Adhuri Kahani…plays in background)…

Hi friends !!

I am thinking of moving the story fast…
As my another ff too going for Manmarziyan!!

So trying my best hope you will bear with me!!

I love to hear your lovly ideas…

How about bringing Fuggi back..or let abhi live with

lady mogambo!!

Me too little confused about the twist…

Waiting for your replies!!

Precap: Abhi says “After you get alright…We will marry and …we will be a family right?? Then I will compose Tones of songs for you!! Then you..me…Ma…Bulbul ..thats is!! A complete family!!”.

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. dr seriously I want tht crazy fuggi back bcoz FuBhi together rocks our crazy world plzzz dr get sme twist nd bring fuggi back don’t want tht mogambo plzzzz I want abhi to live with his crazy love

  2. superb hateera what ever u will do it will be accepted yr πŸ™‚

  3. Nice episode yaar I just go with ur choice I felt whatever twist u bring it vl b nice n rocking only u won’t disappoint us…

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb….. & About Twist…..Whatever You will choose,we will Accept yaar…..

  5. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    I prefer lady mogamboo. But do something so mogamboo turns into a bit like Gigi but not totally fuggi.

  6. Awesome… Nd whatever twist u will give we will accept

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