A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 44)

Chapter- Nothing to lose anymore!!

Pragya sits closing her mouth by both hands..While Abhi still

searching her.Abhi thinks “Where is she??”.Pragya just stares

him cryingly.She says “You are worried…Now I understood why

you behaved weird!!!”.She recalls how he went confused in their

first meeting…and how restless while talking with her…And

Everything happened so fast…She says “I should have realised

before!! How could everything happened fast!! I should have thought

this before!!”.She says “I can’t hurt you anymore!! I will pretend..

As nothing. Happened…and I don’t know anything.I will find the truth

in her death and go from your life,,,,,”.She wipes her tears and stands to

go but again she felt that she cant control herself…She sees her phone

ringing and sees its him.She takes the phone and ends it.She sees him

standing before her.He stares her angrily…And shouts “Can’t you even

answer my call??”.

Pragya controls herself and says in a calm voice “No..I can’t!!”.He holds

her shoulders and asks seriously”Do you have any idea?? How worried

I am??”.Pragya looks at him blankly and says “No…And I have nothing

to think about it..so excuse me!!”.She frees herself and goes from there.

He stands confused and she starts walking away.He goes to her and stops.

He calms down himself and says “Ok!! See!! Its not safe for you being

here!! Ok?? Come lets go from here!!”.Pragya says “You better go..As

I am not gonna hear you anyway!!”.He gets angry but still tries to make

her understand.He says “Please understand!! Already your di died here…

And If any of the murderers see you…??”.Pragya folds her hands seeing
him calmly asks “What’s your problem In it?!”.Abhi stopped at this question

and sees her worriedly..She asks “Why you are behaving like this??as of

having concerns??”.Abhi says “Its…”.She stops him saying “Now stop your

Drama…and go from here!!”.She expects him to pull her hand and drag

her with him asking her to shut up…She sees him simply standing thinking

seriouly and gets sad.Her eyes starts to drop tears and she turns to hide it.

He says “I will help you in finding the culprit..”.Pragya smiles sadly and thinks

“Here…found a way…to save me!!”.She gulps and says”Already you denied

to help me!! Now what happened??”.He says “I thought you would stop searching..”.

She sees him mockingly and says “So..Now you think I will accept your offer in

helping me??”.Abhi says “Yeah!!”.Pragya surprisingly asks “Oh really!! How come??”.

Abhi hesitantly says “Because I know you love me…and ..”.Pragya starts walking

fast as he turned in opposite direction…She cryingly goes from there walking…

She curses while crying. “You know everything!! And still not understanding me!!

You even didn’t tell me the truth!! Trying to fool me again!! I never gonna forgive

you for this!! Never Mr.Abhi!!”.She sees herself came somewhere in an isolated area
and finds none there…she gets worried but her sadness didn’t let her to think about the

place now…She sits and thinks how he snatched the note!! And Purab’s words…

She shockingly recalls Purab’s words..that He would find the Rockstar easily…She

Says “So…everyone cheated me!!??”.She feels suffocating and breathes heavily…

She thinks “Medicines!! Its in car..!!”.She says “Let it be there!! I have nothing to

lose now!! What if I too die here?? Anyways he never will care …”.She now seriously

feels the pain in her head and says “No!! I still have more things to do…and How

can I forget Ma and Bulbul!!?”.She stands and searches to find the way…

She hears him calling her name worriedly…She too tries to go to him…but tries to

walk with much difficulty..While he loudly shouts and madly runs…He kneels down

Keeping his hand on his head and cries loud!!!..He says “Please Pragya!! Come back

to me!! I will never hurt you!!!…And I don’t know how…but I will keep you happy

forever..please..He screams seeing the sky…He gets emotional seeing her running

towards him smilingly…He stands and too runs towards her…Both shares a hug..

A song plays… Chal wahan jaate hain… Chal wahan jaate hain…pyaar karne chalo…

ham wahan jaate hain…

Soon Abhi shocked to see its his imagination and cries…

Thank u friends… fa ur support…
Emmy.. di… aarthi…. durga… saranya… tharu…. maahi… new!! deepika bhaasker….
Nirmal… Abhigya….. ~®®®®®®®…. Varsha.. Monesha… Krish…Rose… and Reshma Pradeep…….

A Very good morning guys!!

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  1. Superb ..episode..Hateera…finally abhigya united…so happy

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  4. Deepika bhaasker

    Niceee yaar really awesome

  5. Huh??it was again a Restless episode yr…….see upto now Prags found who is d rock star whom piya mentioned n also worried dat Abhi will not be hers……..How can she thnk Purab also lyk dat??Its not fair yr…….if she thnks frm Purabs POV thn she would hav never thought dat Purab cheated her……one request…..join Prags n Purab as bro n sissy as I love their bonding vry vry much…..tq a lot for updating todays part

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