A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 43)

Chapter – You are not mine!!

Our chapter starts with Bulbul gets worried hearing his words…

She recalls his words “She went to find out??”.She says “To

find what!!??”.She walks here and there and hits the table.

She calls Ronnie and asks “Where are you??”.Ronnie says”In home!”.

Bulbul says in an ordering tone “Come home now!! And pick me to jiju’s

house!”.Ronnie asks “Why??”.He sees the call ended and goes fast.

Bulbul gets excuse from her mom and goes out.She sees Ronnie and

sits in car silently.Soon they reach Abhi’s home.Bulbul walks in fast and finda

none there.She sees Payal and asks “Where is your boss??”.Payal sees Ronnie

worriedly and he interrupts “She ..is Pragya dii’s younger sister!”.Payal

says “Oh!! Actually he went out..and didnt informed me!!”.Bulbul asks “And Purab??”,

Payal hesitantly says “He just went after Bhai!! To follow him!!”.Bulbul goes out

Calling Purab and asks “Where are you now ??”.Purab sayz “Bulbul ..I am busy now…

I will talk to you later..”.Bulbul strictly says “If Abhi is your bhai!! Then Pragya is my dii!!

So cut your crap and tell me where you are going??”.Purab says “To Piya’s college!!”.

Bulbul ends the call and says “Piya?? Whats happening??”.Bulbul goes in hurry with

Ronnie.Ronnie sees Payal worried and signs her that he will call her.Payal who smiles

and nods her head.Everyone is shown driving fast.Pragya reaches an office and thinks

“Better I should act like Piya..”.She enters and asks a lady some details and convinces

her something…Both goes to a room and she sends the lady and starts searching.

She doesnt get anything and gets sad.She sits and holds her head.Abhi reaches the college

and asks about Pragya and realises she didnt come yet.He sits sadly and thinks where she gone..

Pragya stands to go but sees around the room once..She sees the ceiling and its full of stars.

Pragya thinks “Why I am remembering Abhi now?? And this stars…I am trying to

remember something but its not getting in my mind!!”.

She goes out and starts her car.Abhi stands suddenly saying “Hostel!!”.He goes

from there.Pragya reaches the college and thinks “She mentioned that he changed

his department ..Lets try..”.She goes in and which is shown muted.She gets a man’s help

and starts searching.She opens a file but doesnt find any papers.Here Abhi finds that she

gone just then.Pragya comes out and sits in the stone bench and thinks “God..please..

Help me to find the truth!!!”.

She hears some girl’s voice calling her “Piya dii??”. Pragya turns and sees her.

The girl runs to her and hugs “Dii!! You are alive??”.Pragya had no choice nods

her head.The girl starts talking with her closely.Abhi who is on the way to

college curses himself to come from college..”.The girl starts asking “Dii!! How

is your life?? And your Rockstar??”.Pragya asks “You know him??”.The girl

laughs mockingly and says “The whole college knew you both!! Have you

forgot?? How he proposed you!!?”.Pragya hesitantly asks “Actually I forgot

my past ..in a accident..can you help me to find him??”.The girl shocked and

stares her.PragyA asks her “What happened??”.The girl says “You are saying..

that you forgot him?? The Rockstar Abhishek mehra!! How ??I cant believe thus…

The whole college was jealous of you…”.Pragya hearing the name stoned and

asks “Rockstar?? Mr.Abhishek Mehra!!”.The girl excited and says “Yes!!”.

The girl goes from there as the classes started…Pragya recalls Both of them

went for shopping to buy gifts for each other.Piya sees a Locket and asks Pragya

to buy it.While Pragya remembers Piya watching a star pendent lovingly…

Pragya notices her and buys that for her.On her Birthday Pragya presented both

to her.And she remembers it was an open type pendent..which Piya never known…

She sees Abhi’s car reaching the College and hides..Bheegi bheegi sadukon pe mein..

Yera intuzaru karun…Sanam re title song plays..While Abhi searches her and she

runs crying badly to hide from him…She sits near a tree and cries bitterly…

She says “You are not mine??”…(Sanam re..sanam re..plays..)

Thank you guys..

Ammu.. Emmy… maahi.. karthu… krish… varsha… Rose… di… durga… Emmy again… Reshma Pradeep…. Nirmal… saranya…. Abhigya…. Monesha… Bhoomi…

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  3. so emotional and touching…nice episode……

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  8. Deepika bhaasker

    Awesome plzzz unite them sooonnnnn

  9. Awesome but little bit emotional

  10. Awesome.. But feeling sad for pragya… Plz unite them asap

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