A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 42)

Chapter – I need you (Muje tere Zaroorat hai)

Our chapter starts with Bulbul getting inside Pragya’s room.She stops

seeing them together and gets shocked.She goes from there and asks

herself “What the hell?? What he is doing here with dii?? Is di out of her

mind??”.She waits angryly and says “I am nit gonna leave him today!!”.

Here Pragya recalls herself reading the note already.She thinks “How

to find the Rockstar?? Piya only mentioned his name Abhi..and Her Prince..

in our Grandma’s stories…Why I am feeling something weird??”.

She gets out from thoughts and asks Abhi “Tell me the reason..why you

came here??”.Abhi who is busy in snatching the note from the table

leaves her and keeps it in his pocket…He says “As I said..I just thought!!”.

Pragya sees him tensed and mockingly asks “Then why you are tensed?”.

He says “What?? No no..I am not tensed…”.Pragya asks “Can I ask you

something??”.Abhi had no choice says “Depends on your question!!”.

Pragya asks “I have to find A Secret in my di’s accident…So If you help

me ..”.Abhi says instantly “No!!”.Pragya sees him like..just as she expected

the answer.She then takes a deep breath and says “Ok then!! Can you leave??

I have work..So I am leaving!”.Abhi asks “You started the detective work now??”.

Pragya casually takes her things saying “Anyway..Its not your business..as you

denied to help me..”.Abhi stands happy as he got the note..He says “Then..

I will leave first.,”.Pragya feels something fishy and sees the note vanished.

She folds her hands and looks at Abhi going happily from her room window.
She says “Why he is acting weird??”.She sees Bulbul watching her.Pragya asks

“How was your classes??”.Bulbul stands angryly says “I cant understand you

dii!! I thought you would show your attitude to him..But what you did?? And

what happened dii??”.Pragya sees her and answers calmly “You remember

piya’s words?? If anyone shows anger on you..”.Bulbul hesitantly continues

“We should handle them with love..because they lack love in them..so only

they will get mad!”.Bulbul asks irritatedly “But..From when you started to

follow dii’s advises?? You used to tease her to say all these..”.Pragya painfully

says “It took a long time to understand it Bulbul…”.Bulbul asks “What happened

to your self respect dii??”.Pragya says “I am not losing it bulbul…Just I am trying

to find something…If I find that..Sure everything will be clear…So till then

I have to be patient..”.Bulbul surprisedly says “Dii…you are changing..like Piya!!”.

Pragya asks “What??”.Bulbul says “Yes dii!! Dont you realise?? You forgave Jiju..”.

Pragya immediately says “No!! I would never forgive him!! For his every word!!

I will get my answers..”.She says “Bulbul…I have some important work…So I

will be going out for some days..Inform Mom..”.Bulbul asks “Dii..whats going on??”.

Pragya holds her hands and says “Something important..you take care…tell Mom..

Its for a Conference!!”.Pragya takes her baggage and goes…Bulbul gets an idea

and thinks to call someone…

Here Abhi happily enters his home and says “Thank God!! I snatched this from her!!”.

Purab asks “You got it??”.Abhi says “Yeah!!(And shows the note!!).Purab asks”But..

Bhai! where is the ring??”.Abhi stunned as he forgot that totally stands keeping his hand

on his forhead.Purab asks “You forgot??”.Abhi says “Purab!! I was worried about her..So

I took this note…But how can I forget the ring..That too..My Fuggi gave that for me!!”.

He starts walking restless.Purab gets confused and asks “You love her right??”.Abhi

shouts “What nonsense!!?? I was just..”.Purab interrupts “Just what?? You are saying…

You just went there…As she should not know the truth??”.Abhi says “Ofcourse Purab!!

It was my mistake..so I am trying to sort..”.Purab asks “Bhai!! What you are trying to do??

If you wanna sort out the problems..Then you should have told the truth to her and would asked

her to forgive you..”.Abhi says “How can I ask forgiveness just like that??!!”.Purab asks “So..

you are scared..Ok!! How long you are going to hide it from her??”.Abhi says “Dont know..

But I will keep trying..”.Purab says “Are you out of your mind?? She is not that dumb to.

Sit silently!! Yesterday I told her just a half truth…Today she got the ring from me…Sure she

will try to find the truth of Piya ‘s death…Before that She will find about you!!”.Abhi shouts

“No !! I cant let her to find!!”.Purab gets emotional and asks “How?? She wont stop!! And

after your breakup with her she would never hear you!!”.He becomes silent and thinks “If

he doesnt want her..doesnt love her…he can easily say her the truth..why he us avoiding that??”.

He gets call from an unknown number and attends it.

He gets shocked and says “Bulbul?? What you are saying??”.

Bulbul says “Yes Purab!! Di went out and told will return in few days…I dont know ..Whats happening??”.

Purab stood still and sees Abhi already seeing him worried.Purab says “I told you na?? She

started her work!! She gone to find it!!”.He ends the call and says “Already Piya died there..

If she too goes there …”.Abhi under his breath sayz “This cant

happen…Again!!”.He shouts loud “It cant happen!! And..I wont let it happen!!”.And

Runs out…

Which shown in slow motion..A backvround song plays…Yeh dhil tanuha kyun raahai…

Kyun ham tukudon me jeeyen…Kyun ru mere aisa hai…Mein Ahura jeerahaan hun…

Haru dham yeh kehrahaan hun…Muje tere Zaroorat hai…Muje Tere Zaroorat hai…

From ek villain ..plays…Both Abhi and Pragya shown parallely driving their car…


girl runs to her and hugs “Dii!! You are alive??”.Pragya had no choice nods

her head.The girl starts talking with her closely.Abhi who is on the way to

college curses himself to come from college..”.The girl starts asking “Dii!! How

is your life?? And your Rockstar??”.Pragya asks “You know him??”

Thank you fa the replies guys!!
Rose.. maahi.. di… varsha.. durga.. krish..
Reshma Pradeep… Saranya.. abhigya.. Emmy.. Monesha.. Nirmal…

Hope you gonna be kill me fa this precap… Yep!!! Finally The Secret will be out!! !

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  1. Hateera di..
    Episode was awesome.
    When people become angry we should show love because they lack it..
    Really true..
    I learnt this in a hard way..
    The precap is awesome..
    Upload soon di

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  4. Pls upload soon.. I can’t wait .. Its superbbbbbb ….

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  14. Superb…loved it…

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