A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 38)

Chapter – A Confusion!!

Abhi in great shock asks under his breath “What??”. Pragya gets out from the eye lock

and says “Shall we go in?? I think we can’t speak outside”.Abhi just walks in and sits.

Pragya asks “Now…What’s the reason?? You here…Payal told about another concert…”.

Abhi says irritated”What’s that mean??”.Pragya gets confused says ” You fixed appointment

…so I..”.Abhi hisses “Don’t divert!! What do you mean..that you said outside!!”.Pragya

in ignoring tone says “Its nothing..I just..”.Abhi pushes the table and stands in

great anger which made Pragya scared to death!!.She shouts “What you are doing???

Are you mad??”.Abhi walks towards her in a great anger..Pragya who is really fears and

steps backwards.Abhi locks her against the wall and warns under his breath “If you

have any idea of starting over…Then its better now to forget it forever!!”.Pragya in tears

just stares him.Abhi says “And those thoughts should never come in your mind!!”.Pragya

in a calm tone asks “What if I think??”.Abhi holds her hand tight which made a great pain

and he expects her to tell him to leave.But to his great surprise she says “Can’t you try even

hard?? To hurt me??”.Abhi looks at her with the same anger.Pragya continues “Fine!! You

wanna hurt me??”.She goes towards the table and breaks the glass and tries to hurt

herself.Abhi gets shocked but she stops suddenly and says “No…You will say this too…

A drama..”.She gets teary eyed and Abhi who felt bad to do this to her stood idle and thinks
“How much I was hurting..and now too..”.Pragya in distraught says stops herself crying walks out

suddenly…Abhi looks her going and stands there…a background song plays Ore piya hai…ore piya…

Udune lagaan kyun…man pabulare…aaya kahaan se…yeh hansu laare…ore piya …ore piya…

Soon pragya comes in and acts normal.She sits in her chair and says ” Take your seat…”.

(Song continues…) Abhi comes slowly and sits looking at her.She says ” See Mr.Abhi…I don’t

need any of your concerts!! Got it?? And I…”She stops noticing him.She throws a file before him

forcefully to get him out of his thoughts.Abhi realises and asks “What were you saying??”.

Pragya gets irritated and keeps her hand on her head and says “You are …give me headaches!!”.

She searches something and Abhi gets concerned and asks “What you are searching?? Medicines??”.

He stands immediately and starts searching seriously.Pragya who says “No..”.Stop seeing his

concern.She thinks ” Which personality of his is true…Either this Concerning side or that Rude side??”.

She stops him by holding his hand says “Nothing…leave it..”…Again a song plays..Saans Mein

Tere saana mili to..muje saana aiye …She talks a specs and wears it.Abhi who sees this

walks out Restlessly…Pragya was left confused…says “Here it is…His rude behaviour!! Immediately after his concerning nature!! How to handle him??”…

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  1. Superb…yaar….soo nice episode….hahh abhi will realise his feeling towards pragya….

  2. Hey nice yaar. …..but again confusion y pragya is wearing spec did she really his fuggi or wat. ….reveal ur secret soon

  3. love u….really u r episodes were living with us……

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  6. It was really a superb episode
    Really love it

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  8. Today’s episode is also good one… Pls end the confusion soon… Lovely episode.. Is she the fuggi? Whts the past. . pls upload soon…

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Why Pragya is wearing Specs???

  10. I think pragya is his fuggy who suffered a memory loss wen piya dies or something im confised pls reveal soon im restless thinking about a whole lots of ideas pls reveal it ????????????

  11. Superb yaar really awesome n thn I don’t know 1 thg y abhi doing lk tz he itself volunteerly coming to her face n shows his rude behaviour to her tar too vth care Ohhhhhhhhh god tz ff na making me crazy

  12. awesomeeee yaar nd again confusing did she also wear spects or she is the real fuggy ho no its really confusing ya very egarely waitng fr the nxt epi…………… sry yaar i cant commet last epi……i got stuck in smthng i thought i comented….. its k the epi was nice…………………..

  13. Very nice I too hav the same doubt Y is pragya wearing specs???? Waiting for the secret

  14. Superb

  15. Hi Hateera very nice update!!! I liked the concerning side of abhi. Pls can u also show some scenes of purab n bulbul!! All the best????

  16. Superb episode but little bit short
    Next time please post long episode

  17. Arey hw many twists yaar i cant bear it my head is breaking pls reveal it soon and unite them☺

  18. Wow super I love ur ff so much

  19. Omg.. Plz reveal the secret soon

  20. restless restless restless again u left me in suspense r I say shock nw y she wore specs my god drrr plzzz reveal the truth soon r atleast a clue tht if it is his fuggy r not u nailed it again u rocked it again

  21. Wow…pragya will be his fuggi means superb…

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