A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 37)

Chapter – A challenge!!

Abhi gets a text ” Fixed appointment at 11.30″.His face becomes serious and

says “I don’t know…is this right?? To meet her ..After all this??”.

Our scene shifts to Pragya in her cabin watches something in camera footage

and gets tensed.She stands immediately with a great anger.Ronnie who is

Shocked to see her and asks “Di?? What??”.She says “You be here…I will be back”.

Ronnie gets angry “What dii?? Always you are ignoring me…What you are thinking of

yourself?? Don’t say anything!! I will come with you!!”.Pragya looks him smilingly and

says “Ok ok…Why you are overreacting now??”.Ronnie gets happy thinking sure Abhi

would have came..Both walks fast.Ronnie stops seeing a guy standing with a girl.

Pragya calls them “Rohan?? “.Rohan and Rashmi sees each other and goes smilingly.

Rohan with some hesitation says “Yes Mam..”.Pragya folds her hands and asks “What’s happening

here??”.Rohan sees Rashmi and says “Mam…Actually I realised my mistakes and accepted..”

Pragya interrupts”So you accepted her?? What about your first love?”.He hesitantly says

“No mam..that’s..”.Pragya turns to Rashmi and asks “And you?? How could you believe

him?? Few days before he tried to die for a girl!! And now he accepted you??

And you believed him??”.Rashmi says “Mam..I believe him…because I love him..

And I accepted him as he realised his mistakes..”.Pragya gets angry but controls herself.

She smiles “Ok then!! Both really love each other right??”.Both sees each other and says yes

together.Pragya says ” Well…Then what about a challenge?? For your so called true love??”.

Rashmi gets angry and says “No mam!! Its true love!! We always be together!! In every

situation!! And even in your challenge!!” And looks at Rohan.Rohan too nods his head in great
determination.Pragya asks “So…You are ready to accept your challenge??”.Both says yes.Pragya

smiles thinking”Both are great students..but this love may spoil their future by diverting them..”.

She then says “This is the challenge!! I shouldn’t see you both together from now on!! And if your

Results becomes less in this sem…I will take appropriate action on you..(She looks both and says)

On Both of you!! No excuse…May be there will be a meeting with your parents?? “.Both gets

shocked and worried.Pragya mocks them seeing their reaction”What happened?? Your faith on

True love?? “.Rashmi says “But..”.Rohan says “I am ready mam!!”.Rashmi sees him smilingly

and says “Me too mam!! I know we will sure win the challenge!!”.Pragya says “Fine!! I too will

see…How long your love exists??”.Both holds their hands and Sees each other “For life long!!”.

and goes in a different direction.Pragya smiles thinking something.Ronnie still confused and asks

“Di?? What u are doing?? And what’s the need of this challenge??”.Pragya says “You don’t understand

Ronnie..”.Ronnie goes from there thinking she is acting weird.

Abhi comes out behind a pillar.Pragya is about to go hears clapping sound and stops.

Abhi says ” Why you are showing you anger on them??”.Pragya turns and sees him confused.

He continues “Why you are seeing me like that?? Am I saying wrong??”.Pragya asks “What’s

Your problem??”.Abhi says ” You…You are making them to lose…just because you lost in your

love?? Unbelievable!! What kinda..”.Pragya says “I didn’t lost in love!!”.Abhi stunned to see

Pragya seeing him intensely… A background song plays From Ek villain…

Jisi zindigi doond rahi hai..kya yeh

Vo kamu mera hai…yahaan Chan se basu rukhu jahun…kyun dil he muje kehatan hai…jasu ban

Tan use mileh hai..jaane kya sar yeh vua hai…iku haasu mili phiru mujko…to kubool Ki seene

Kita hei…haaannn …Kisu shairu Ki kazal…jo the ruhu ko sukun ke pal…koi mujiko yun

Mila hei..jese banjara Ku pal…from Ek villain…

An intense eye lock…Abhi is confused and Pragya with a great confidence…

Abhi locks her against the wall and warns under his breath “If you

have any idea of starting over…Then its better now to forget it forever!!”.Pragya in tears

just stares him.Abhi says “And those thoughts should never come in your mind!!”.Pragya

in a calm tone asks “What if I think??”

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