A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 32)


Chapter-A new chapter begins!! Hatred!!

Pragya still in great anger gets tired of breaking things.She sits holding her head and reminiscences her moment with Abhi.
She starts talking to herself” why u are doing this Abhi?? I have a of questions in my mind…I need answers fa every questions!! But u are not ready to say even what’s going on …But sure…I will get my every answers soon!!!
And…I won’t cry anymore!!”.
She stands in a determination and walks out of her room.She looks at Bulbul and Ronnie waiting fa her.
Pragya asks ” Don’t worry…I was just in a tension!!”.
Bulbul hesitantly asks ” Are you sure di?? Please don’t hide anything from me!! Share with me na…??”.
She pats her head and says…”Don’t take much tension and you no need to worry about me anymore..”
Bulbul hugs pragya in great happiness… And asks “Jiju…and you…fought??”.
Pragya looks at somewhere says “Not to worry…you go…”.
Bulbul says “But dii..”.
Pragya says “Bulbul…I am saying na…I can handle him!! You just be relaxed…”
Pragya sees Ronnie and says “Ronnie!! Come with me!!”.
Soon pragya goes out and stops near the gate.
Ronnie in happiness says ” Dii…I was scared to the hell before!! Both Abhi sir and you na!! Just a perfect match!! Becoming stressed …OK c’mon tell me..what happened!! What boring thing u did?? I am sure…you should have irritated him!!”.
Pragya who is in distraught utters nothing and stood still…
Ronnie shakes her “Do…what happened!!”.
Pragya says ” You are right Ronnie!! I told something very boring!! Come let’s go..”.
Ronnie asks “Where?”
Pragya in a determinant tone says “Payal!”.
Ronnie gets happy and shocked..actually a sweet shock to him.
He asks “Oh..you are going to meet Abhi sir! To convince him na!!” And laughs.
Pragya gives him a cold look and says “For heaven sake..just stop it Ronnie!! I am going to meet Payal…just..payal!! Got it!!?”.
Ronnie was horrified by her tone and accent… Ha ha..yeah he just moved his head…both in confusion..
But apart from that he is really happy to see another person.

Here Purab sits near him and shocked to hear Abhi’s flashback.
He really stunned and in the end is eyes were floating in tears.
He says “Bhai…u really don’t know about her death before??”.
Abhi looking at his pendent says “I was an idiot!! Just roamed even without knowing her name!!”.
Purab asks “Really this fate is very cruel!!”.
Abhi stands and says “No Purab!! Its me…all this happened because of me! I should have done something!! And hits a table unfortunately its made of glass.
Purab really gets shocked to see Aalbhi’s hand bleeding…
Purab shouts “Bhai!! What you have done!!”.
Abhi too get shocked a he heard another voice came with his voice.
Both turns and sees Pragya in the room who is running towards Abhi.
She holds his hand and asks “Have you gone mad!! ??”.
Payal and Ronnie too reaches there and sees them.
Payal runs to get First Aid box.
Pragya wipes his blood in her saree pallu and aaya “Its not stopping!!”.
She looks at him worried while he just starring her like ..really I can’t even try to express his feeling…
He felt everything is fine now!! As he saw the face…
Pragya shouts “Somebody help!! Please..!!”.and covers his hand with her saree cloth to stop bleeding.
Purab ..Ronnie really stunned at her and soon Payal came with the box.
She removes wipes out the blood with cotton and rolls the bandage and ties it.
Abhi in a second throws the box from her hand shocking everyone and says “Stop this!! Y you came??”.
As he would have felt the reality she is not his fuggi!!!
But Pragya in a great shock!! And embarrassing ly stood there without any answer fa him.
Her heart raised to slap him and shout hugging him that “She is mad at him!!! And she loves him!!”
But his pricking question made her to hide her every emotions in her.
Payal says “Actually she came to meet me…about some concert… But she was saying she feeling restless…at instant we heard a sound in your room…she came..”
Abhi laughs smirkingly “She came here?? To show me a play ..of concern??”.
Pragya gets angry and looks at him coldly.
Abhi continues to taunt her ” Ur drama is over!! Just show this concert to others..What you thought? If u show this fake concern..I will fall for you??”.
Pragya gets super anger and slaps him.
Everyone gets shocked. She looks at Abhi and says “Ronnie!! Everyone please go out for a moment…I need to talk …”.
Abhi says “No need to talk anymore!!”.
Pragya gives really a cold look at everyone which made Purab’s heart pinching him fa his guiltiness…suddenly everyone went.
She like OKs at Abhi and asks “I have more questions!! But answer me one thing…Do you know what’s love??”.
Abhi really lost every emotions in his face…
She laughs crying” You don’t that Mr.Abhi!! If you knew that you wouldn’t did this to me!! Love is Respect!! What you said before?? I am trapping you..but fake concern? You better ask that again to yourself!!”.
She turns to go but stops hearing his words.
It said “Its over !! Already…so never!! Ever!!! try to meet me!!”.
Pragya without turning shows something in her hand.
Abhi really stunned to see it and great guilty feeling…and his present courage to avoid her by hurting her flew away…he really becoming weak as his guilty feeling continuously killing him.
She feels his silence and says in a broken tone.
She says “The ring…you gave …will remain with me forever Mr.Abhi!!!! A symbol of Disrespect !!”.
She walks out and Abhi felt a great silence after a flood…He sits broken seeing the bandage in his hand…Hamari Adhuri kahani…plays in background!!

Here begins a new chapter…A love always starts with hatred… But here with full of guilty…disrespect… Love


Purab stands infront of her blocking and says “Please its

about U and Abhi..and”

Pragya shows her hand to stop and says “I am sorry…I dont

want to hear anything…”.

Purab says “Ok then!! But if u wanna know the truth

someday ..I will be there to explain…”.

Pragya says “its no use to know any truth…It does not change

anything happened now…”.

Fuggi: Its very easy to get our love ..If our love is true..

Pragya: Its hard to get our love…even if its true!!

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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Looks lyk Purab will not tell d truth in nxt few episodes….rmaybe he will tell……with reading this ff….I really come to know wat is d so-called LOVE….cause I’ve never felt this kind of love……tq a lot for writing this ff

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  6. Hateera, please don’t do this.
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  16. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s AWESOME as Usual…….

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