A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 27)


Chapter: The Heart Break!!

Our chapter starts with Abhi sitting outside the room and

Thinks “What would they speak?? If Ma told us to marry!!

Wow!! It would be awesome right?? Yeah!! I will talk to

her about this!! But …how can I ask ?? Still this Mogambo

didn’t said Ok to me!! Anyhow ..she will say that for sure!!”.

He stands because Sarla can out from the room.She holds

his hands and says “Son!!(Beta!!)…I realised now…I don’t

want to make you both wait anymore!! Soon we will fix the

marriage!! But It will talk about this after a month..because

after 2 days pragya’s sister’s death anniversary…so Its not

the right time..I hope you!!”.Abhi holds her hand and says

“No ma!! Not at all problem..You better don’t worry!! I understand!”.

Bulbul reaches there and asks “Ma?? How is dii??”.Abhi smiles

saying “Your Jiju is here!! Then you know how is your dii!! Right??”.

She wonders and asks “Is she alright?? Really ??when she got conscious?”.

Sarla says “Before 2 hours..”.Abhi sends Bulbul in and talks with Sarla.

While Purab came to the same hospital to see his friend and searches

the ward no.He crosses pragua’s ward which showed in slow motion!!,

He visits his friend and asks about his condition.He promises him that he

will stay with him this night!!.After hours Abhi sends Bulbul and Sarla home

convincing something Saying that he will take care of her.Purab too staying

in the same corridor.Purab gets bored and starts walking out the corridor.

He sees Abhi and gets happy!! He goes to Abhi who is standing near the

door watching Pragya sleeping.Purab asks “Hi boss?? Do you remember me??”

Abhi gets surprised and says “Hey bro!! You?? Here??”.Purab kicks him and asks

“Same question to you too!!”.Abhi gets sad and says”My soul is here..”.and

looks at her.Purab asks “Is My Bhabhi inside?? “.Abhi smiles saying “Mm..Your

would be Bhabhi!!”.Purab face full of happines and still asks worriedly”Why she

is here?? Anything. serious??”.Abhi nods his head and says “But not anymore!!”.

Purab asks “Can I see her?? “.Abhi points his hand over the door and says “Wait I will

get some medicine in pharmacy.Purab nods his head and sees Pragya

from the glass door.He gets shocked seeing her and panics “She?? Is she alive??”.

He really gets doubt and goes inside the room and sees her.He now says to

himself!! “Its her! Yeah!! Then…Nothing happened to her that day!! Thank god!!”.
He goes out with a great happiness and searches Abhi who is not there.He then goes to

his friends ward.Purab recalls about something and gets teary eyes!! He says “Thank god!!

I was feeling guilty these days !! But..now..I am really happy!!”.

After a day Pragya gets discharged and enters her house.Abhi holding her

helps her to walk and makes her to sit.Sarla says to get her into her room.Abhi makes her

Ly and thinks to talk.But seeing her too tired he just came out staring her.

.Sarla stops him and says “Abhi…Will you arrange some things for me?? For

tomorrow my…”.Abhi hugs her and says “Ma…Just think me as your son!! Hereafter

You have to order me!! Ok??”.Sarla gets teary eyes and says “I don’t know

What to say!!..In one side I lost my elder daughter…on other side..I got a son as

Son-in-law!! God is playing with our lives!!”.Abhi pats her shoulder and goes saying

“I will come soon with the things!!”.He goes out and stops “oh crap!! I forgot my

phone!!”.He comes inside and sees Sarla wiping a photo and emotionally looking at it.

Abhi thinks “Poor ma!! “.He doesn’t wanna disturb her and goes to pragya’s room.

He talks his phone and comes out and closes the door.He turns and got a thought

and shockingly opens the door and goes inside!!He sees Pragya about to fall from bed

and catches her in time …(A background song plays …Thuhio mujko bathade…chahun Mein

aana…apnitho dhil ka bathade…chahun Mein aana…) He thinks “I am still waiting

for you to say those three magical words pragya !!!”. He gets down the stairs and sees

something and gets shocked!!!.He runs and sees fuggi’s photo with garland around it

and stunned.Sarla comes and asks “Do you still here ??”.Abhi still in shock asks “This photo…

She…”.Sarla painfully says “She is Pragya’ s sister…Piya…”.Abhi really lost and asks”She …

She is Pragya’s elder sister!!??”.Sarla nods and says “Mm…yes..both in character…Pragya

behaves as elder!! My Piya always been soft and innocent!!”.She said it with tears in her

Eyes…but Abhi cant see anything now!! His mind got confused!! Asking more questions!!

He leaves immediately and takes his car.He while thinking drives thrashing his Heart with

painfull thoughts..,he felt his heart broken!!.The car was going in an unlimited speed and soon

It stopped suddenly.Abhi gets out of his car…Kicks it!! Beats it!! And soon his eyes filled and

realises that he lost his “Fuggi!!”.He screams now with his broken heart!! He recalls now …

“At first meet she asked who is he?? And behaved strange!! And now he is getting answers..

And Fuggi too told him..her sister was brave enough to set a great carreer…He kneels down

when he completely realised his loss.He says to himself “Fuggi!! I lost you..forever!! God!!

Why this is happening to me!!”.He holds his head and shouts “Fuggi!!!!!”.His voice almost echoed

everywhere…He was crying bitterly while he ignored a call sounded inside his car…He recalls

everything in the concert…His proposal to pragya!! Everything…happened…made his condition

More worsening and he is getting mad…with that pain…as he couldn’t control himself!!!

Pragya in shock

says “No Mr.Abhi..!! I …I didnt do any tough work..just helping!!”.Abhi

gets irked and says “Stop it!! No more words!!”.He makes her sit in a

chair and warns “I should not see you even moving from here!! Got it??”.

Pragya sees him lovingly and he too…(Aashiqui 2 love theme plays in


Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Nice yaar.. I think purab accidents piya….

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  3. so sad ya……..already i said na….its hurting of he missed his loved once…
    so sad ya.

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  5. Sooo sad of abhi .. After knowing the truth Will he accept pragya ??? … Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes …

  6. Arey…what is this…I don’t like to kill fuggy…he loved her so much…she too loved him so much…I don’t like this twist…pls bring fuggy again someway…then it will be good…

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Soooo sad for Abhi……He lost his first love…….

  8. So sad for abhi but today’s episode was awesome….

  9. noooo dr cant take dizzz plzzzz get fuggy back plzzzz missing that crazy eyes nd crazy rockstar a lot

  10. so sad for abhi…..now how he face pragya….
    i have one qustn dr…
    in her clg days abhi spend time with piya na…then how pragya have a feeling for abhi…..

  11. Silent reader

    I can’t be silent anymore wow! What a great story
    Can’t wait for the episode ????

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