A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 20)


Our epibstarts with She smiles and says “So…why you here??”.She likes his

Sudden presence always…And now he is helping her

so he made a space in her.He says “Its…just…I felt

to see you…your institute!!! Institute!! Quite nice here..”.

Ronnie comes there smilingly and says”Di !!! Give me a

treat…I won the game!!”.She smiles and says” ok ok..

But later…”.She sees him going happily and smiles.

Abhi notices everything and says “You lost the game..

For him???”.She manages and says “No…He just won!!”

and sees him.He lifts his eyebrows and says “Really??”.

Pragya says “Ok !! Keep it with you…yes..for him!! You

would have seen his face!! God I thought would die

after losing the game..”.Both started laughing loud.Both

started walking in and talking something.He sometimes

thought”Why she is behaving strange?? And treating me as a stranger..??

But he liked her new change..,it was awesome really…he

doesn’t liked her to call as “Fuggi ” now and still thinks

new name fir her…Throughout the talk he only stares and

noticed her.Soon they sat under a tree.She sees him and

thinks ” He doesn’t seem to a stranger…why I am feeling

his presence very happy…I used to hate him…but…After

meeting him…my thoughts changed..,He even apologized!!

He really…” She gets distracted from her thoughts as she heard

Ronnie calling her.She picks the phone and says ” Ronnie…”.

He says something and she gets shocked .Abhi sees her face

and worries.She says in an angry tone “Yeah!! I am coming..

Make sure they are safe!!”.She sees him a second and says

“Excuse me sir!! You be here.I have to go now”.She goes from there fast

Even hearing him.Abhi gets thinking and goes after her.She reaches a building

and sees a guy on the terrace threatening a girl to propose him or he will commit suicide


sees the girl crying badly.She asks the other girls to take care of her.She looks over the guy

and fumes in great anger.She thinks what to do.She looks at Abhi in the

crowd and goes bear him.She whispers something in his ears.He gets

shocked and asks “How can I do this??”.She says”Just do what I say

please!!”.He still protest her saying”No You be here..I will..”.But she

closes his mouth and says “No more talking!! I am going…you be here

Okay???”.She said this in a very angry tone that made him to just nod

his head.She smiles winking and Soon she goes from there.He sees the guy

over the building and shouts “Hey dude!!”.The students around him surrounded

him and starts taking selfish with him.No one gave attention to to the guy.Abhi sees pragya

going to the terrace.Soon the guy gets angry and shouts to listen him.But no one

were listening.He gets angry and takes a knife.Abhi gets shocked and sees pragya reaching

the top floor.He diverts the crowd and runs from there.While Pragya reaches

the terrace and sees the guy with knife.She gives him an angry

look asks “What you think??? Threatening a girl…to make her fall

for you??”.He gets nervous and angry.He warns her “Mam!!

Pls go from here…or I will kill you and will kill myself too!!”.

She gives a mocking laugh and asks “Oh really?? Then what

about your girlfriend down there???”.He gets confused and

looks at her.She continues”See…you are too confused…

you have no idea what’s life!! Still you have a chance …

Leave the knife and come down!! I will give u another chance”.

He does not believe her and cries”No mam!! I won’t believe you..

Sure I will be sent to jail…you are tricking me !! Just go from here!!”.

She gets angry and says ” are you mad??? Leaving ur life for a girl??

What you think?? After your death she will live loving you?? If u think so..

Then that’s ur foolishness.,she will be living in guiltiness..!! And you

will die easily…what about ur family??? Have you thought about them??”

Soon the boy starts crying says “I love her mam!! I don’t have dare

to live without her!!!”.Pragya already in tears says “If your feelings

are true!! Your true love will come to you!! Trust me!!”.She sees Abhi

reached there and sees him wondered and gets happy.The guy throws

the knife and cries kneeling down.

She holds the boy and says “Its ok !! Everything is fine now!! Come!!”.

Still the guy stops in fear.Abhi goes to him and says “Hey!! What was that!!

Really It was cool!!”.Pragya gives him an angry look.Abhi sees her and gets

alerted and says “No no Its wasn’t cool at all !! Yeah!! Are you crazy!!

You made your girlfriend worry!! “.The guy sees him confused and stares

him.He shows him a girl standing near the stairs who was in tears.

The looks at her and puzzled.Soon the girl came running and hugs the guy.

Pragua too confused and sees Abhi.Abhi while smiling looks at her and asks

“What??”.She holds his hand pulls to a side and asks “Who is this girl??”.

He says “Seems his girlfriend…I saw she was in tears so I thought

she is his girlfriend…”.Soon the girl starts leaves him and comes to pragya.

She hugs pragya and says “Thank you mam!! For saving him..”.Pragya asks her

“Who are you?? He just proposed another girl.,,but you are not that girl.. Then..”.

The girl wipes her tears and sees the guy who was really in shock.She says

“I am loving him for a long time…I know he is loving other

Girl but I can’t forget him!!”.All are shocked and the guy too.

She cries and says “But I didn’t thought…he would

go this high to get his love…still I am happy I loved him…but

his love is for other girl not for me!!”.Pragya realises

What’s happening and says “So…two one sided lovers here!!”

She looks at Abhi Who is already smiling at the girl.She gets angry and

Says “Are you going down or not ??”.Abhi gets irritated and says

“Why you are too unromantic??”.She goes to the boy and beats his

shoulder saying”What dude??? What a love story yaar??”.The boy

sees the girl crying badly and stands without saying anything.

Abhi goes to the girl and says “See angel!!”.This words irritated

Pragya more.He continues ” If ur feelings are true…sure your love will

Come to you!! No matter what!! Okay??”.Both the guy and pragya are

shocked.The guy looks at pragya and Abhi again and again!!.

Then Abhi makes the girl smile and sends her.He winks at the guy

and holds his shoulder saying. “True love happens once!! Don’t miss her!!”.

The guy runs from there.Abhi laughs saying. “That’s my boy!!”.Pragya still

Thinking”How his thoughts are same..like me…??”.He says “You are really

awesome yaar!! You stopped him from doing wrong..”.She smiles and says

“You made him realise his life.”.He smiles little and says “it just happened..

Pragya sees him lovingly and thinks “Why I am happy ..when he is with me??

And his smile makes me too smile..”.She asks “Is their love true??”.He says

“Why?? Don’t you believe them??”.She smiles saying”No..I have doubt on the

guy…what he will do now??”.Abhi says”Who knows?? Hope he loves this girl…”.

She says “Then what about his first love??? Now will he forget his first love for this girl???”.

Abhi gets puzzled and looks at her .She again asks “Its awesome!! Just an hour

ago he tried to die for a girl…now he ran after another girl!! What nonsense!!”.

Abhi laughs at her saying”Chill yaar!! Why you are acting as Mother India now!!!”.

She gets emotional hearing his words and remembers something in her mind

and runs from there.He stood there and wonders “What happened to her????”.

She walks fast remembering those two words circling her mind…that words filled her

eyes with tears!!!!.She hears his voice calling her but she don’t want to cry before him

like a pathetic thing…so she soon reaches her car and goes from there.Abhi still in a

confusion follows her in his car.Soon she reaches her home and finds her mom busy.

She runs into her room closing her mouth and locks the door.She takes a photo from the cupboard

and cries hugging the photo.She caress the photo…(Wait!!!! Oh my god!!! Wait I will clear my

vision!!! What’s this we can see two pragyas here!!!!).

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. oho……..two pragya……??????

  2. hateera what a twist yr seriously i have to learn this wao i mean i am. not getting words right now double role omg seriously u r amazing yr i mean aah…. dont know what i mean i am unable to describe my expression but i will say one thing you gave me a mini heart attack yr…… . u are just aah… what to tell nothing now i am blabbering so better i am stopping here with ur superb and rocking twist

  3. Hateera
    What a twist..
    You are awesome.
    The writing just nailed your thoughts..
    Surely I’m going to be restless until I read the next episode?

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Double Role!!!???????????????????????

  5. What? Two pragya or you are just kidding that in tears everything will look double… Loved this episode a looottt

  6. Oh my god double role played pragya ah thn another one only abhi’s fuggi ah oh my god wat a confusion yaar

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