A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 47)


Chapter – Restlessness

Pragya in office and seeing some files gets Abhi’s thought and sits tensed…

Ronnie enters with her fav juice and asks “Dii?? Have some!! Its really awesome!!”.

Pragya sees him calmly and says “No Ronnie..I don’t need anything..just give

some time..I wanna be alone..”.Ronnie worried to see her thinks “What happened

to you dii?? You are so disturbed…I don’t know why Abhi sir is doing like this!!

Hope you are alright..”.He goes and Pragya sits confused and says to herself

“No Pragya !! You can give up so easily…You have to fight for yourself !!

And you have to keep yourself busy!!”.She takes her bag and mobile and goes

out.Ronnie sees her going out and thinks “Sure..again another drama will happen

today!!”.He calls Payal immediately and says “Payal hear me carefully!! Dii went

out now..I think she is gonna meet Abhi sir!! “.Payal gets happy and says “Wow!!

That’s great !! Here bhai too feeling bad to hurt her…I hope they will sort out the

problems now..”.Both happily ends the call.Payal goes to Abhi and sees him sitting

worried still.She asks”Still worried??”.Abhi sees her and says “No..”.Payal says “But

someone is very worried and soon will meet someone..so better I have to escape

from here!!”.Abhi confused and asks”What you are saying??Who is meeting whom??”.

Payal says like surprise”Pragya mam..is coming to meet you!!”.Abhi shocked asks “What??”.

Payal says “Yeah bhai!! Ronnie informed me..that she went just now..So you better

prepare yourself to apologize!!”.Abhi feels happy..but worried..surprised..and confused too

And thinks “She is coming?? If she asks any questions..what will I answer her??”.

And walks here and there restlessly…

Here Bulbul comes fuming and says “Who told him to talk to me!! And gone scolding me!!

Idiot!!”.She sits in bus stop and starts talking to herself in great anger without noticing herself
missing the buses..Purab while going in bike sees her sitting and goes angrily.Soon she hears

a sound and realises there was an accident.She tries to go and see but cant see their face.She hears

people saying some college student was got accident…She gets worried and sees two bikes

one was Purab’s.She gets shocked and shouts his name.Soon she tries to ask the people about him restlessly.

Precap :

Bulbul sees him coming towards

her and runs to him.Purab really surprised and thinks “God!! Is she gonna

hug me!!??”.


Thank you dears..

New one!!! Priya..Ammu..durga..di..Monesha…Mukund Raj..saranya…Tharu..Abhigya..maahi…normal..and how can I forget u dear Varsha…thanks a lot fa supporting me..

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  1. It was awesome I loved it waiting for next episode

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  9. VarshaVenkat

    Last but not d least….hihihihi…..ddiiii u r simply amazing….no words……now it’s.gonna b rabul….whohoooo….superrr diii

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