A Reporter and a Business Tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode – 8

8- Marriage

Kunj Pov –

Today is my marriage. My unwanted forced marriage, that to with a girl I merely know. How my life changed on that day?  Ever in my life after that incident I thought that I will be marrying someone after what I did to her. I don’t deserve this. She don’t deserve me, yet I can’t help. I’m the one who filled her hairline and tamed her as my wife. Today, officially she will be tamed as my wife. I sighed. I went towards the window and looked at sun, who is ready to farewell so that moon can enlighten this dark sky which is going to form after sun’s disappearance.

After that heated argument at Twinkle’s house, we returned home. Mom and dad ignored me as usual except in front of relatives. After all they can’t risk their reputation. Only person who was on my side was Uv, handling me in every situation and answering all those unwanted questions on behalf of me. He came home the very same night when we returned from Twinkle’s. He didn’t asked me anything. He just understood my silence and stood on my side. Bhaiya and Bhabhi. They were good but I can’t see any kind of excitement in them. I know somewhere even Bhaiya feels I’m the reason of that incident, which was and is a true. Only person excited for my marriage is my niece, my angel, my Riya. She is only one after Uv who can lift my mood up with her innocent talks. Uv is no less. He always cracks his lame jokes earning a smack from me. Truly, without these people I would have broken till now. My situation is worse and I don’t know about Twinkle. After that incident I never tried to contact her nor she. I know she wants space like me. I don’t know why but I care for her, a stranger and my to be wife. Maybe because she is different. I came out of my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. I closed my eyes in order to hide every emotion in which I had became a pro due to years of practice. I looked at my reflection in mirror. There stood a man in cream and red colour sherwani, looking no less than a charming person yet his eyes held misery. Only a person who is close to his heart can understand it. Again there was a knock on the door.

“Kunj you there?” came Uv’s voice. I cleared my throat.

“door is open Uv. ” I said and within seconds he opened door and looked at me. His eyes held appreciation at what he saw. He gave me a small smile.

“seems like groom is all ready for marriage. ” he commented. As getting no response from me he sighed and started to speak.

“look Kunj. I know under what circumstances your marriage is happening but dude, you need to move on. You need to move on from past. You can’t hold onto past throughout your life. ” I looked at him.

“I’m trying Uv. I’m truly. But don’t know why I just can’t. Whenever, I’ll try, their accusing words never leave me. I lost all hope. My life is filled with darkness with not even a single ray of hope. I lost myself long back. I know I’m showing a facade to world that I’m happy. But deep inside my heart, I’m dying. I’m dying everyday and every moment. I want to get out this grief yet something is pulling me back. I can’t help myself. ” I expressed what I felt to him. His features softening after what he heard from me. He came closer to me and held me through my shoulders.

“I don’t know bro, till when you will hold onto your past. But I can say something that just give a try to this marriage. I don’t know why but I feel like Twinkle is your ray of hope. I feel like she will bring you out from your misery and grief. And most importantly marriage is not a small thing. I know you are a man who won’t give up so easily. But I want you to know that just give it a try, to this marriage, to Twinkle and break those walls which you created around your heart. I know you both are mere strangers but don’t know why, from the past meeting with her, I feel like she is the right person to you. ” he said and I nodded. Normally, these words are said to groom by her dad or brother. My case is different. I don’t mind Uv saying all these words. He means alot to me, he is also my brother yet I wished dad at his place. If dad had said this then it would be different. Not taking it anymore I hugged him. He patted my back in assurance. I took a step back after breaking the hug.

“man. You are getting married. Save your hugs for your wife. I don’t want her to get jealous of me. ” he said and I glared him only to burst out into laughter.

There came my little angel in her pink colour lehenga, looking like a princess from heaven. She looked at me as she is analysing something. I exchanged a glance with Uv who is as stunned as me. She walked around me as a predator around it’s prey.

“chachu. You look so handsome. ” said Riya making me smile at her. I lifted her up in my arms.

“and you are looking like a princess. ” I said to her. She smiled cutely and kissed my cheek while I returned the gesture.

“no one loves me here. It hurts. ” said Uv placing a hand on his chest. While I looked at Riya who giggled at me.

“by the way you didn’t complimented me?” he complained. Riya looked at him and tapped her chin as she is thinking deeply. Uv wore a black colour sherwani with some silver design on it giving him a perfect look.

“you still look like a monkey man. ” Riya commented from no where. The look on Uv’s face was so comical. I stood there trying to suppress my laugh.

“you little devil. You just wait. ” before Uv can catch her she jumped out of my arms and hid behind my legs. Uv tried to reach her, before he can she tackled him bravely and left from room. It took minutes for Uv to understand. She did nothing, as Uv was about to catch her, she ran towards left and when he turned towards left she slipped out of room. As understanding dawned him he looked annoyed. Riya again peeped inside and said.

“bye monkey man. ” and poked her tongue out and ran from there leaving an extremely frustrated Uv. As I can’t hold my laughter anymore I bursted out. He looked at me with puppy face.

“aww. Poor Uv. ” I pinched his cheeks while he smacked my arm away. But soon smiled. We headed down. Mom looked at me with love and in seconds it replaced with anger. I brushed it away. I climbed the horse and looked at my relatives who are busy in dancing to tunes. I thanked god that only closed one’s are attending my wedding. I shrugged away all other thoughts and placed that emotionless look on my face. I don’t want any other to witness my vulnerable side.

We reached Taneja Mansion where wedding is going to take place. Outside of house is decorated with beautiful lights. We entered inside Mansion which was decorated heavenly with beautiful flowers and different lightnings. I just loved it but only if I could enjoy this with my heart. Leela aunty came and done my aarti. She pulled my nose and placed her hand lovingly on my head. At that moment, that mother affection which I yearned for years. I felt at that moment. She smiled warmly at me and I returned the same. One thing is for sure, I got a mom from this marriage. I took her blessings.

Soon I sat in mandap. Priest started chanting his mantras and making me do some pooja. After few minutes they called bride.

There she was. Twinkle. Who looked so cute in her bridal dress but her eyes held sadness. She walked like a robo and sat beside me not daring to look at me for once. Theyvasked us to stand up to exchange garlands. And we obliged. Her father came and done her kanyadan, but not for once he looked at her while her eyes looked at him longingly. Something is wrong! We took seven vows around sacred fire. I tied the sacred thread mangalsutra around her neck and filled her hairline with vermilion. Lastly priest announced us as husband and wife. We stood from our places and took blessings of elders. Leela aunty hugged us.

“take care of my girl. ” was only that she said and I nodded. We went to Mr. Taneja. He looked at us and just placed his hand on our heads. Twinkle tried to hug him but he ignored her. Her eyes showed pain which I’m familiar for years. We went to my parents and took their blessings. Uv hugged me and congratulated me.

It’s time to leave. Twinkle hugged her mom and cried her heart out. Her father came to me and said.

“a tear in her eye and you will face worst of me. ” he said while I smiled looking at his care of her.

“dad. ” Twinkle called longingly and hugged her father. He first tried to resist, eventually gave up and hugged her back. Seeing their bond brought tears in my eyes. How I wish such a bond with my parents.

“take care. ” was all that he said. We went towards car. She slipped inside followed by me. She looked at her family once again and waved at them. Driver started the car and we are headed to Sarna Mansion. Whole ride was silent none of us spoke a word. We both lost in our own miseries. A single incident changed everything.

As car halted I came out. Twinkle followed me but got tripped due to her heavy dress and was about to fall, but I held her in nick of time. She stared at me and composed herself.

“thank you. ” she mumbled and I nodded my head curtly.

At doorstep mom stood with aarti plate. She done our aarti and asked Twinkle to kick bowl. She obliged. Then Twinkle stepped on that kumkum water and left her foot prints. We both entered house. There were some of our close relatives.

We did some of other post marriage rituals. And it was the time for wedding night.


hi people. How was it?  Do you all liked it?  

I’m so glad with the response. Thank you so much for those lovely comments. Hope you all like it. But guys maybe I’ll be little irregular as I have some my personal work which should be done. But I’ll try my best. Don’t forget to share views. 


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  1. Fabulous as always! How I wish you could give updates daily : (

    1. Ramya

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  2. Nice episode

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  3. Hi Ramya after so long wait u posted but honestly really happy to see you ff and the ff was cute a bit sadfull and a bit funny to just loved it hope they manage their self and twinkle too thanks for posting and please post soon love you and take care.

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  4. Hi Ramya after so long wait u posted but honestly really happy to see you ff and the ff was cute ?a bit sad? and a bit funny ?to just loved it hope they manage their self and twinkle too thanks for posting and please post soon love you and take care. ?

  5. hi ramya …it was awesome …
    want to know about the past of kunj ..
    it was really nice epi …
    luved it.
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  6. Amazing update.
    Yuvi- The monkey man ???
    Loved kuvi scenes of today.
    Excited for Twinj scenes.

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  7. SSK

    The episode was really amazing. UV is actually a true friend of Kunj, at least he knows that his friend will not do anything wrong. I just hope love blossoms between Kunj and Twinkle and Twinkle helps Kunj come out of his past. Please post the other episode real soon. 🙂

    1. Ramya

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  8. Superb episode dear
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    Luvvv u dear

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  9. Sameera

    Episode was fantabulous ..
    Lovedd every bit of it …
    They got married finally ..
    Yuvi is amazing lovely ..
    Can’t wait for their wedding night ????????
    Wish they started loving each other soon
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