A reporter and a Business tycoon. – Episode -17

17- Left.


Twinkle Pov-

I woke up to my alarm which is shouting at me to getup. I groaned. I opened my eyes and it took few seconds for me to adjust with the sunrays. I sat on bed and turned towards Kunj’s side. I frowned on not finding him. Maybe he went for a jog. I freshened up and went downstairs in search of Kunj. I didn’t find him anywhere. Strange! I tried to ask other family members but they were busy with their daily chores so I didn’t got any chance. After everyone left having breakfast, I sat on chair and sighed. Pinni(maid) came to me.

“What happened Twinkle?” she asked warmly .She is a great soul and I love to spend time with her.

“Do you have any idea where Kunj went?” I asked her feeling ashamed. Here I’m his wife but I don’t his whereabouts. I never felt like this before.

“don’t you know?” I nodded my head in no. I felt a pinch in my heart. Maybe she knows.

“I even called him but his mobile is switched off.” I replied tiredly.

“wait! you know where he went right?” I asked her with a hope. She gave me a sad smile.

“yeah. He went to London at 4:00am from home and will be back after a month or two. He went because of some project,” Tears threatened to spill. I rushed to my room without giving a glance to her. I don’t want anyone to See Me like this. He didn’t thought to inform me. I’m his wife and also best friend damn it. I know I did a mistake but it doesn’t mean he will do like this. Didn’t he thought it’s important to inform me. For heavens sake he is my husband. Tears are flowing like a never ending rain. Pinni came and gave me a slip. I opened it.

Hey Twinkle.

I’m leaving for London for an important project. I wont be able to come back, atleast for a month. Maybe it will take more time also. Don’t try to contact me. We will discuss about divorce after my arrival.


By now I’m hiccupping. I don’t care that Pinni is here. How dare he? I know I made a mistake but I didn’t know I will get such a big punishment. I thought I was his best friend but I was living in delusional. At this moment I flelt so lonely.

I looked at Pinni who instantly hugged me. I cried in her arms.

“why did he do that? Why he left without informing me? Don’t I have a right to know? I so hate him. I’m not gonna talk to him. He is so bad. I even apologized for my mistake.” I mumbled.

“shhhh. It’s ok child. He is so stupid for not realising what he is doing.” she said.

“He means a lot to me. I don’t want to divorce him but he is not even talking to me then how will I make him understand that I don’t want divorce.” she looked like she knows everything. Maybe Kunj had said it to her. I’m glad that there is atleast one with whom I can share my pain. After crying for a while I stopped. Enough is enough. Who he is thinking himself as? I wont let this affect me. Once let him come I will kick him for taking stupid decisions and for leaving without informing me. Wait! I’ll murder him. No no. No murder but I will for sure teach him lesson. I wont contact him as he asked but Kunj Sarna you don’t know whom you have married. A girl with anger issues. I hate if someone takes what’s mine and here you are trying to take my husband. Just come, I’ll lock you in a room and will not open until that thought of divorce will leave your head. I stood from my place and went to Taneja house as I promised to Riyan. I wont let his stupid decision effect my life or my family members. I’ll deal with him in my own way.

End of Twinkle Pov

Kunj Pov-

I woke after she slipped into slumber. I looked at her, she looked upset yet so beautiful. From morning I’m ignoring her. I’m hurt and there is another reason too. Her efforts from morning are melting my heart but I need to be strong. When she explained the value of food, it increased my respect towards her. Now-a-days who gives such respect. The way she explained, just like a gem. I fell for her again. When she said that I didn’t have anything from that night I looked on puzzled. How she guessed, no she was pretty confident that I skipped my lunch. Am I that obvious to her? Then she making my favourite dishes. I didn’t remember last time having them. Mom’s hand made food is always my favourite and after that Twinkle’s. When she said that she didn’t had her food because I didn’t had. That’s it. It was hard to control my emotions there. At that point I just wanted to hug her. After that incident I always yearned for love. Neither my family nor my friends supported me except Uv. He was and will be always there for me whenever I need him and god, the lecture he gave on my drinking session. It made not even think about alcohol again. I said I’m not her worth and it is true. She deserves someone good, someone better, who can take care of her and will love her unconditionally.

you love her the same way.” said a voice from back of my head but I ignored. I have made this decision that I will divorce her. Hey it’s not that I cant live without her, of course I can. It will take little time but eventually I will learn. I know it will break my heart but I know how to fix my broken pieces, or maybe I don’t. I didn’t know how to bring divorce topic but when she made that cake with sorry note on it. I know I’m not the one worth for it. She will only get pain with me. She wont be happy. Hey how to forget my long best title- ‘bad omen’. So, I brought up the divorce topic. She looked devasted. My heart stinged at the sight. Before she can argue, her mobile started to ring, when she went to attend call, I went to bed and acted like I’m in deep sleep.

I got up from bed and looked around for cake. Where it went? Maybe Twinkle kept in fridge.

I opened fridge and aroma of cake hit my nostrils. Hey common, this cake is made by Twinkle and how on the earth I will not taste it? I took a bite and Jesus! It’s delicious. I know Twinkle I’m breaking your heart but it is for our best, for your best. You will not be happy with me and I need to do it. I ate whole cake taking my time. God knows after divorce even I would get a chance to see her face again let alone eat her hand made cake.

After finishing I entered my room and looked at Twinkle. Seems like she is tired as she is in deep slumber. I went and laid on my side of bed. Sleep is far away for me. I was busy in thinking when I felt a movement on my left side, I looked there only to find that Twinkle is almost near to me. She is not the one who shifts in her sleep, atleast not a lot. I noticed that she is shivering due to cold weather. I was about to getup to close windows but Twinkle kept her head on my chest and her hand around my torso. I froze. My brain and heart are debating. My brain asks me to leave her as I will only cause her pain but my heart is begging me to let her be. I went along with my heart and wrapped my arm around her waist. She hugged me a little tight more seeking warmth from my body. I thanked god for this weather because of which my love is in my arms. I sighed feeling content obvious with me leaving. I looked at her and the sight was breathtaking. She slept with a cute pout on her face and due to moonlight her face shined more even if that possible. I tucked her hair strands behind her ear which are disturbing my heavenly beautiful wife’s face. I kissed on her forehead.

For next two hours, I just laid down with Twinkle in my arms by looking at her and taking her every feature detail. It feels so right with her in my arms. I looked at watch and found it to be 3:30am. I slowly parted myself from Twinkle without disturbing her sleep. I went in washroom and got ready. I’m leaving for London for some project. Actually it’s for bhaiyya but I requested him that I will deal with it. I need to be away from Twinkle. I came out and took my already packed luggage which I asked Pinni to do. I went towards bed and bent a little so that I can be face to face with Twinkle. I slowly yet gently stroke her face and in between she took my hands into her and hugged it tightly. I looked on shocked.

“I’m sorry Kunj. Please forgive me.” she mumbled in sleep. This made me smile at her cuteness.

“I’m not at all angry with you Twinkle. I’m just upset but I think I don’t have time for it. I love you and take care.” I whispered and kissed her forehead. I untangled my hand from hers and headed out after glancing Twinkle again.

I reached London and the first thing I did is to call Pinni. I gave her a letter to give Twinkle in which I wrote rudely about me leaving and asking her not to contact me. I think it’s stupid but she should be away from me and I can say that Twinkle thinks that I’m her true friend at least and I want to break it. Pinni answered my call and said how heartbroken Twinkle was. But it’s for best. Pinni tried to convince me to think my decision again about divorce and my reply was same. She said I’m making big mistake of my life. Well, I’m I know. But I want Twinkle to be happy, I don’t want to drag her into my mess. She deserves a happy life.

Days went and it’s one and half week. As I wrote Twinkle didn’t called me nor texted me. I thought I will live easily without her but every second here is torturous. Only thing on my mind is Twinkle and divorce. I’m getting fed up day by day. Why is she obliging me? Why I’m waiting for her call? Will I even survive without her in my life? My phone rang bringing me out of my reveries. I looked at caller ID and heart skipped a beat.

“hello Twinkle.”

“Kunj.” her voice. I was dying to hear it. My heart swelled with happiness.

“How are you?”

“fine.” her voice croaked.

“are you ok?” I asked in concern.

“I hate you Kunj. You left without informing me and even ordered me to not to call you. Do you know how it feels when someone avoids you? You are avoiding me for such a mistake. I know I did it but you also no less, you left without informing me. I hate you and I’m not gonna talk to you again.” with that she hanged call. I sat there shocked. Everything stroke me.

She just came to my house being my wife. Hardly she spent two months there and I being the jerk I left her to deal with it. She came there leaving her life, her family and friends behind only for me. She trusted me and what I did? I just left her. God knows what must be her condition. I know my family members, they will give more preference to work then relations. God! You are so stupid Kunj. Wasn’t that enough that you didn’t informed her before hand while leaving. How she must have felt when she gets to know about her husband from others. I’m dumbest creature ever. I should have thought in this way. But being stupid selfish idiot I’m,Β  I left her. Why didn’t I thought it in this way? ‘Congratulations for realising it so early.’ mocked my subconscious. I ignored it. Next thing I did was to book my flyte to India. I just hope she is ok. Kunj now you should face her wrath and apologize her.

End of Kunj Pov


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