A reporter and a Business tycoon. – A Twinj story – Episode -19

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Episode -19

Kunj Pov-

I stood a little far from Dolphin’s nose point. There stood everyone whom I don’t know except very few, who have attended my marriage. I looked at view and it’s a true heaven. Everything is painted in green, just so beautiful. There was a slight rain at last night and it’s effect on nature increased it’s beauty. Water droplets are falling from leaves whenever there is slight breeze. I looked at my in-laws relatives, who are mine’s also now. Some are busy in taking selfies, some are busy in admiring nature, some are busy in chit chatting, some are busy in taking group photos. My eyes searched for only person whom I want to see and have a talk. My eyes landed on her. She stood there in all her glory, lost in something. She is looking at void, oblivion to the world as she forgot she is with someone else. An automatic smile took birth on my lips when I observed her cute frown. I took some steps and halted when one of her cousin came to her.

“Di. What’s wrong? Why are you standing alone?” she asked her.

“nothing Rinky. Just not in a mood.”

“Liar! You love such places and there is no such thing which can stop you from enjoying it.” said Rinky.

“do you believe action hurts more than words?” she asked. It didn’t take me a second to realize that she is referring to me. Maybe truly my actions hurt her more than I have intended. I so regret my actions. I want to apologize and explain myself. I took two steps and all off a sudden Rinky got pushed by someone and that cause Twinkle to loose her balance. She was about to fall down into well but I held her hand and pulled her close towards me. Our faces are mere inches apart. I can see fear of falling in those eyes but now it changed to something unreadable. It’s like some pain and disappointment. She pulled away and I did the same. Rinky stood there shouting at that person oblivion to Twinkle’s fall.

“are you OK? ” I asked Twinkle. She nodded her head. I looked at side and it has railing so she wouldn’t have fallen into well yet she could have got hurt. I know it’s stupid but when it comes to Twinkle and her safety, my brain runs thousand thoughts per second.

“what are you doing here? ” she asked, her tone cold.

“came to visit Dolphins nose point. ” I answers innocently.

“but I said you are not coming. ” she replied irritatedly.

“I got bore being there alone. “

“elders were there. ” she asked narrowing her eyes. I can’t say I came to meet her as she will mock with more other answers and will make sure I will from here. From the time we are together I can say not to mess up with Twinkle when she is mad. Now she is!

“I’m waiting for an answer.” she asked bringing me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know any of them and top of that it’s your responsibility to make me meet them. So, I came here so you can make me meet them. ” I replied and I felt little proud of my answer.

“oh really! How come? Till I remember you are also one who don’t take such responsibilities. Do you? Then how can you expect such from me. ” all proud got inside well. I looked at her. Pinni said that some of our relatives came to house and at that time, only Pinni and Twinkle were at home. I got to know my aunt mocked her. She is of some old custom woman and never thinks before speaking. Maybe she should had said something as she stayed overnight and it’s quite hard to bear her as she gets on other persons’ nerves with her so called rules which she have kept. I don’t know why people still keep such rules which hurts others.

“look who is talking about responsibilities,  the one who walks out without fulfilling his own’s. ” whispered Twinkle but I heard her quite clearly. Rinky with some other cousins came to us.

“so he is your hubby and our jiju? ” asked one of them. They are up-to twelve with four boys and eight girls.

“yeah and he is Kunj. ” said Twinkle.

“and Kunj they are.. ” before she can continue they stopped her and introduced themselves.


“Aryan “

“Ricky “

And other names. God it’s hard to remember their names in once. I trailed away at third name because they are little confusing. It’s like I’m playing some rhyming words competition. Boys excused themselves and went away with some other girls as they want to have something. Only three girls left and they dragged me with them before I could protest. Twinkle stood there all by herself and I want to go but these girls are busy in talking and teasing. With time even I got involved with their conversation.

We left for hotel after a hour and I’m still with Twinkle’s cousins. They are cute and funny. I’m having great time. We all sat at terrace, enjoying cool breeze and chit chatting. Some of her cousins went.

“Jiju, you are so handsome. I wish I would have met you before then I would have married you.” I think her name is Jiya and she said dreamily. I felt little uncomfortable at that comment. I looked from corner of my left eye, Twinkle standing there and trust me, she is in anger. Jealous! cute. I played along to irritate her more. So, I said

“I wish but we cant do anything.” I said sadly. I want to laugh looking at Twinkle’s expression but I controlled. Jiya started flirting and I did the same with her. After correctly ninety ninth second Twinkle came to us.

“Mom is calling everyone down for dinner.” I can sense anger behind her voice.

“ok. Let’s go guys. Let’s go Jiju.” said Rinky. Both Rinky and Jiya stood on my either side.

“wait!” we all halted.

“You all go. I need to talk with Kunj.” she said. I was glad.

“oh di. You have Jiju for your life long. Let him be with us for a while.” with that Jiya dragged me by linking her arm with mine. She is nothing but a sister figure to me but by the look Twinkle gave, I’m sure I would have burnt if fire could really come out of her eyes.

We settled down and I looked for Twinkle but she is nowhere in sight.

“Mom, where is Twinkle?” I asked Leela mom.

“she isn’t feeling well so she said she don’t want to have dinner.”

“what happened to her?” I asked her in concern.

“she said she don’t feel like eating.” Why will even she say that? Is it because of me?

Kunj don’t. Just don’t jump into conclusions, already you are facing consequences because of it. I warn you to not repeat your mistake.” said my self conscious and I agreed with it.

“mom can you please send mine and Twinkle dinner to our room. I’ll have with her and will also make sure she will have hers.” she simply caressed my face and left. I left to our room.

I opened our room door and Twinkle sat on couch reading her some book. She lifted her head and looked at me then resumed her work.

“why didn’t you came for dinner?” I asked her. She ignored.

“Twinkle I’m asking something.”

“Why should I answer you?” she mocked me.

“Twinkle.” I took her palms into mine but she retreated harshly.

“Why do you even care? Go and enjoy with my cousins and yeah sure, go and marry Jiya. You have my permission.” Her face held anger but she looked like kid which made me smile at her.

“so you are jealous!” I exclaimed. She frowned.

“no I’m not.” she retorted.

“common you are. Now be a good girl and accept it.”

“no I won’t because I’m not.”

“yes you are!”

“oh, If I’m then why would I give you permission to marry her.”

“because you are jealous.”


“wait. I’ll show you.” with that I took her to mirror and showed her face.

“see your face is telling that you are jealous.” She looked at her reflection and said.

“no. I’m not and what are you, a face reader? “

“no but I can read you easily.”

“you can’t .” she whispered but I heard it.

“so you are not jealous?” I asked her.


“you wont mind if I flirt with anyone.?”


“you wont mind me going back and spending time with Jiya?”

“no.” stubborn girl!

“ok fine then I will leave.” I turned on my heels and took two steps. All of a sudden Twinkle held my arm and turned me harshly. I didn’t know that she is that strong. She held my shirt from my collar.

“how dare you to go to her? how dare you to flirt with her? I will kill you if you will move out from here.” she literally yelled.

“but you only said to go and it doesn’t concerns you.” I replied innocently.

“so you will go?” she asked and I nodded my head in yes. Slowly tears started to fill her eyes and I panicked looking at her. I’m just teasing her, I have no such intentions to hurt her. Neither now nor ever.

“Twinkle I’m just…”

“you are so bad Kunj. You always do this. You always leave me. Not only today but also on that day, you left to go London without informing me. I got to know it from others. Do you know how it feels?” she asked me. I know I hurt her. I’m just so dumb and it is the stupidest decision I took ever. I nodded my head in yes even though I don’t know how much it would have hurt her. I want to listen it from her and to know it I need to say yes.

“no you don’t.” she left my shirt. She glared.

“you don’t know how it feels when you gets to know that your husband left for another country without informing you. You don’t know how it feels when other person says you about his whereabouts. You don’t know how it feels when he asks, sorry orders you to not to contact him. you don’t know how it feels when everyone asks about your husband and when he will come. You don’t know how it feels when the person who said is your friend behaves like a stranger.” she said. I know it would have hurt her but I didn’t know this could have hurt her this bad. I feel so bad and I so regret my decision.

“I know Kunj. I know I said all those words to you but I never meant them. My day didn’t went well and in anger I just said everything on your face. Although I know you don’t do such things yet I said in anger. I never have control on my anger and I will say whatever comes to mind. You know that right?” she said. I looked on.

“I know I never have any right to accuse regarding something but … I’m sorry Kunj. I tried to apologise you but you never listened. I thought I will ask your forgiveness at morning but guess what you gave me a surprise. I hate you.” she said eyes filled with tears, her lips trembling, tears are flowing down. Her face held nothing but pain and disappointment. I know her this ‘I hate you’ means nothing but her disappointment and her trust which I crushed it down.

“Twinkle I’m sorry. I truly am.” I wiped her tears and held her palms. This time she let me.

“I’m truly sorry Twinkle. I just took it in wrong way. I wanted break from everything and this London thing came up suddenly. I don’t know why I did that. I’m just insecure and I’m not in my right mind. That is stupidest decision I made ever. I never thought it would have hurt you this badly. If I had known it before then I would have never do that. Please forgive me. I promise, I will never ever do such thing again. I promise I won’t take any decision without discussing with you. ” she closed her eyes and more tears fell.

“please forgive me Twinkle.” she nodded her head in no.

“I wont forgive you. You hurt me a lot.” she said and started punching me on my chest with her fists. It doesn’t hurt at all. It likes she is weak which she is not or she is drained out physically and emotionally. I held her fists in my hand.

“please.” next thing I know is she hugging me. This is the tightest hug ever that I shared with Twinkle. I don’t think so that air can pass between us. This hug is that so tight letting out our emotions. I closed my eyes feeling contented. I was waiting to take her in my arms from the moment I left to London. This hug is not just physical contact, instead it is much more. There is a knock on the door, we broke our hug and I went to open it. There stood waiter with our dinner. I thanked him and took it inside.

“Let’s have dinner.” I said.


“Twinkle if you don’t then trust me, I will really go and have with JIya.” I said seriously.

“dare you take a step and I will kill you.” she said more seriously and I gulped down. She came little closer.

“I don’t share my things with anyone either it is a thing or my husband.” I liked her this possessive side.

“possessive much.” I asked her.

“yeah I am.” she replied proudly. I laughed at her.

“don’t worry even I don’t like to be shared.” I winked at her and she blushed. I kissed her forehead.

“you look cute when you blush.”

“enough let’s have dinner.” we took our seat on couch. I’m having my dinner with her after more than two weeks as I can’t count her making my special dishes day before of my London departure as at that time nothing was right. I missed it all.

End of Kunj Pov


Here I end it.

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