A Reporter and a Business Tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode – 7

7- Lonely.

Twinkle Pov.

As some of women from my neighbourhood came, Dad left with Kunj and Mr. Sarna to a room to talk. My mom welcomed those ladies.

“what was that Leela? ” said one among her.

“what are you taking about? ” my mom asked baffled.

“we can’t allow such people to live in our society.” said another lady from the group. They were nearly of seven to eight.

“what you all are talking about? ” asked my mom.

“about your girl. ” said another one. I got it what they were talking about. I’m sure they gonna create a hell now.

“today’s event showed your true faces. What kind of values you gave her? I don’t know this was your upbringing .” said the first lady. I can’t help my anger anymore. What my mom had to with this? Where does her upbringing come in this? It was just an incident, a dreadful one. She don’t even have any idea about it. It was unintentional.

“you don’t have any right to blame a person when you are not aware with truth. ” I said. Some ladies looked at me disgusted. I don’t know why people jump into assumptions when they know nothing. I just hate such attitude .

“what kind of a girl you are? After going such thing you had the audacity to say a word. ” said one.

“when I had done nothing wrong then why should I fear? ” I replied back. I’m not going to give up. I’m not at fault. I haven’t done anything wrong, then there is no point to get scared.

“such a shame Leela. Chi. I never thought your daughter even disrespects elders. ” said one. I was about to say a word when my mom looked at me with pleading eyes. I know this was too much for my mom to handle. So, I kept my mouth shut. Already her health is not good and I don’t want anything to happen to her, specially because of me.

“such a cheap girl. ”

“don’t you have some shame. Because of you, your parents’ head are down. If I had a daughter like you, I would have killed her with my own hands. ”

“don’t know how you are standing after doing such a thing. I don’t think so you have left any self respect inside you. ”

They were just blaming and abusing me. I kept silent until those words of that woman, which broke my heart.

“you know what people call a woman like you. ”

“a who*e.” I looked at her. My mom and Mrs. Sarna where also as shocked as me. I looked at her in disbelief. Is she even a women? How can she say such a cheap word to other being. Don’t she feel disgusted to use such words? That word touched my self respect. I felt like I’m all alone in spite of presence of others. A pain rose in my chest and my vision got blurred with tears. I felt numb. I wanted to run, but my feet gave up on me. I can’t. I want to cry but no I’ll never cry in front of such cheap people.

“ENOUGH. ” I heard Kunj yell. He went towards temple and took vermilion, filled my hairline with vermilion. I looked at him shocked while he too. He composed himself from it and looked at those ladies.

“you said enough words and Twinkle heard enough. And you ” he pointed towards one who said who*e “dare you say such words to my wife. ” he said and I looked at him.

“no one has any rights to say such words to my wife else you will face worst of me. ” he completed.

“I think you are here to abuse Twinkle for no reason but,  I can’t tolerate a single ill word against my daughter in law. ” said Mr. Sarna. All those ladies left.

“Mr. Taneja. Let’s make their marriage legally after two days. ” said Mr. Sarna. This was too much for me to digest. I ran from their to terrace not able to handle myself.

“such a cheap girl. ”

“don’t you have any shame. Because of you, your parents’ head are down. If I had a daughter like you, I would have killed her with my own hands. ”

“you know what people calm a woman like you ”

“a who*e.”

These words are continuously ringing in my ears. I closed my ears and yelled. “ENOUGH. ”

Someone kept their hand on my shoulder and I turned around to look at that person. There stood Kunj with a pain in his eyes. I can’t take this anymore.

“you heard Kunj what they were saying about me. They were saying I’m cheap and my parents should be ashamed of me. Even, one of those called me wh..” I can’t complete and broke down into tears.

“shhh. Twinkle. It’s OK. ” he tried to sooth me but it had no effect on me. I cried hard not listening to whatever he is saying. In seconds he pulled me into hug. I hugged him and cried in his chest while he rocked me to make me feel better. I felt like I’m safe. I don’t know why, maybe because he supported me today. I cried my heart out. Irony is I wished my parents will come to console me but here this stranger, who is now my husband though not officially but, he is on my side. Seriously, dad thinks it as my fault.

“Twinkle no one will say such words to you. Trust me. I promise you that. Everything gonna be fine. ” he said. I broke hug and looked at him. He eyes were assuring. They held sincerity. But he is wrong. Nothing can be fine.

“do you really think that everything gonna be fine? No Kunj. Everything is messed up. Our parents had fixed our unwanted marriage. My father is not believing my words and we should marry in two days. ” I freaked out on him. I know it’s not his fault but now things are out of control. Our lives are at stake. None of us wanted this marriage then how it will last? Marriage is such a sacred bond and we can’t just play with it.

“I know this time gonna be hard but we are left with no other option. ” he said sadly that’s when I realised that I’m not only one who is stuck here, even Kunj is. I looked at him but he masked his emotions well as a pro. I composed myself. This is the truth and I had to face it.

“sorry Kunj.” I said after wiping my tears. This is the first time I had cried in front of stranger I mean my unofficial husband who will be officially my husband after two days. Still he is stranger about whom I know nothing.

“why are you sorry Twinkle?  I’m sorry for filling your hairline without your consent. ” he said guiltily. I nodded my head in no. He saved my respect, my reputation. He save me from those disgusting words, those harsh glares when no was on my side.

“no. You done it to save me from those humiliation so don’t be sorry. ” I said. And I truly mean it. We went down and there are our parents probably talking about our marriage and discussing how it should be held.

“Now, we will take leave. ” said Mr. Sarna and they left. I turned towards my dad to talk with him but he ignored me and went into his room. I felt hurt. Mom came to me.

“give some time to him, he will understand you. ” said my mom caressing my head and left. At this moment, I felt so alone.

“I miss you alot bhai. ” I mumbled. My brother Riyan went abroad because of some business stuff. I’m sure he must be unaware of this incident. I want to call him but I know how important it is for him, for his career. I refrained myself from doing so.

I left to my room. I got call from Mahi.

“hello Mahi. ”

“what the hell Twinkle? Why didn’t you lift my phone. I was so freaking scared here. What happened to you? ” she scolded and all those accusations came into my mind without any permission.

“m.. M.  Ma… Mahi.” I stammered.

“I’ll be there in a while. ” she said before hanging up the call. This was our relation. Without words we can understand each other. Maybe this is called as a true friendship.

As said Mahi was here within 15 minutes. As soon as I saw her I hugged her and cried my life out. I explained everything to her and she listened to me patiently and let me cry on her shoulder. She said she will be with me. Next two days past in blink of eye with my pre -marriage rituals. All the way Mahi was with me as my support. I tried to talk to dad but he just ignored me. This was one of those worst days. Dad was always close to me but at this time, when I need him most he is not on my side. Mom is the only source in this house after Mahi who is treating me well and understood my situation.

Finally marriage day arrived and I’m in my room all ready for my unwanted marriage. I looked at myself and indeed I looked different. But I’m not happy as other brides. My eyes held sadness. My mom came in.

“you are looking so beautiful! ” she said while I forced a smile.

“I can’t believe that you are marrying. It feels like yesterday you were all small, taking your first step, speaking your first word and today you grown up and ready to leave.” she said with tears and her words brought tears in my eyes. I hugged her immediately. We both were in that position for a while before she left to welcome groom family.

Now, here is the time. Within minutes I’ll be no more miss. Taneja . I will be Mrs. Sarna, a wife, a daughter in law with new relations and new responsibilities. I closed my eyes and released a breathe.

“Twinkle be strong. Don’t give up. You can do this. ” I thought to myself.


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    1. Ramya

      Thank you

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    Awesome Marvellous ????
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    loved it lot
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    and the way he consoled her
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    1. Ramya

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      And please don’t be sorry

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  8. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Ramya!! This is seriously one of the most amazing stories I’ve read… And you are doing a great job at it from the first episode, I’ve just finished reading through the entire thing. I really like the way the characters were introduced and presented, great job! Absolutely loved it!! Fantastic!

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much anu. It jeans slot. Thank you dear

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