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Summary ‏(in case if anyone forgot or lost grip)

It starts with a girl who is a reporter. Her name is Twinkle Taneja. She has a happy family and is content with her life. She hates business tycoon for a reason which is not revealed yet. Kunj was a business tycoon. He smiles outwardly but deep inside he is not. His relationship with his family is not so good. He will happy and himself with his niece whose name is Riya and his best buddy Uv.

There was a event on best business tycoon of the year. Twinkle reaches that event as Mahi her best friend and coworker got caught up with some work. Kunj also reached there with his dad and smile. Twinj have their first encounter in lift, where they suprisingly admired each other inwardly. Event went well and it won by Manohar Sarna father if Kunj. In the same event came Udishth Mehta, who seems not to tolerate twinkle’s presence.

Twinkle reaches room no -102 as she felt her coworkers needs her help.


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5- Though day.

Kunj Pov.

As that man entered the room. I kept my hand in between to prevent door from getting close. When I opened the door, I was shocked. That man was trying to keep that handkerchief forcefully while she is trying her ever best ounce to defend herself. Don’t know why by seeing her in this condition my blood boiled. How someone can misbehave like this? Without any other thought I started punching him.

At a sudden he pushed me back. I tried to get hold of myself, in this process he ran from there through window. I looked at Twinkle, who is quite shocked by present situation. I went towards her.

“you Ok? ” I asked her.

She nodded. There was a wound on her left arm. So, I took my handkerchief and tied it around to stop bleeding. I looked at her. Her eyes held fear. I gave her a warm smile. I was about to take a step back, when I felt a hard push on my back. I lost my balance and fell on bed with Twinkle beneath me. Exact after five seconds, door got open with a thud. There stood all reporters. They started clicking pics. It took me a while to digest the situation. When everything is getting into my brain, I started worrying for upcoming consequences.
I looked at Twinkle who is equally shocked. I stood up in half second and Twinkle followed me. Here starts the rubbish.

” just now we found the son of famous business tycoon ‘Manohar Sarna’ is found with one of the reporter ‘Twinkle Taneja ‘ in a single room. ” said one of them.

“seems like they both are in a relationship. Let’s ask them. ” said another. All turned towards us. Twinkle is still in shock, that she is not even blinking her eyes. I looked at them.

“what do you want to say Mr. Sarna? Are you both in a living relationship? “

“What are you both doing in this room while event is going in another floor?”

“why are you silent? Do you want to keep it as a secret?”

“does your father knows about her? Or it’s just a hidden relationship?”

“why don’t you answer Miss. Taneja.? “

“what you are thinking is complete wrong. Nothing is going between us. ” I tried to explain.

“then why you are lying on top of her? Is she yours one night stand or a who*e? ” he asked me. That’s it. I lost my control. I punched that reporter on his face. All looked shocked.

“don’t you dare. Don’t you dare to say a word from your filthy mouth of yours. You have no right to say anything, when you don’t know anything. Specially, blaming a woman. Shame on you. ” I shouted on top of my lungs.

“why do you care about her, when there is no such thing between you two? What’s making you worry for her? ” asked a lady. Is she even real? Being a woman, how can she blame about some other woman. I was about to answer, when an answer came.

“yes, they both are in relationship and are going to marry soon. ” came a voice. All turned towards source and there stood my dad.

“yes my son is going to marry her sooner. I was about to announce but now, it seems like, it’s not needed. ” he said ever so calmly. He came towards us. He gave me a glare which I cannot ignore for sure.

“I hope you all got your answers and you” pointing towards that man who just said ill words about Twinkle. “don’t you dare to say a word against my to be daughter in law. I won’t tolerate it. And if you try to, then trust me! I’ll make sure you will be behind bars for rest of your life. ” he said. And here, now the most hot and streaming topic will be ‘ours. ‘ I sighed.

“dad. “

“don’t. ” he gave me a disgusting look.

“drop her and come home. We need to talk. ” he said and without saying a word he left. I looked at Twinkle.

“Twinkle. I’m sorry. It’s happened because of me. ” I apologised.

“don’t Kunj. Instead I should be thankful to you for saving me from that man. ” she said genuinely.

“come. I’ll drop you. ” I said and she followed me like a lost puppy. Ride was silent except her telling me route.
When we reached her house, I called for her.

“Twinkle. “

“hmm. “

“don’t worry about my father’s words. I’ll talk to him. ” I assured her. She gave me a thank you smile and left. It will be hard for any girl to go in such situation.

I entered my house. There was a complete silence. As I took some steps there came voice.

“so finally you are here. ” said my mom.

“I’m ashamed of you Kunj. You played with that innocent girl. ” dad said. How can he think like that? I know they won’t love me, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t even trust me.

“but dad. ” before I can protest mom said

“I don’t want to listen anything. Marry that girl. ” she said. I was beyond shock.

“mom. How can I? I don’t even know her. She is a mere stranger to me. ” I said.

“you should think all these before pulling such act. ” dad said.

“dad. I had not done anything. I’m innocent. ” I tried to explain. Dad laughed sarcastically.

“innocent and you. I don’t think so. ” he said with anger. I stood there rooted.

“dad let me explain. ” I begged him to listen. I can’t marry her. Especially not after what I did in my past.

“I don’t want to listen anything. You are going to marry her and it’s final. It’s good for you both. Let’s go to her place. ” with that dad and mom left. I stood there. This is not happening. Please god.

End of Kunj Pov.

Udishth Pov

Today I met that stupid reporter. That Twinkle. How I hate her! Because if her I went to jail. Poor girl! She forgot who I am? I’m the ‘Udishth Mehta ‘ and no body tries to mess with me. But this girl, she did it. Now she will face consequences.

I sent one of the waiter to send Twinkle to room no- 102. And that stupid girl, obliged. I had already sent one of my man to kidnap her. But in nick time, that Kunj Sarna came and saved her. My man ran from there. But, will I let her go easily? Nah. I already asked media people to come to room no-102 and before they can reach I pushed Kunj on Twinkle and I hid behind curtains.

As expected, media people came and they were talking in a way too nicely. So, I came from behind without anyone’s notice and mumbled somethings’ about Twinkle. One of the stupid reporter asked it straight away and earned a punch. But that oldie Manohar Sarna came on time and saved his reputation. But, I’m sure he will get distracted for some days and I can take it as a opportunity to make my company no-1 . Because of that oldie I lost this award. How the hell on the earth I’ll be leaving him. I closed my eyes in satisfaction. Now, it’s the time for show.

End of Udishth Pov.


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