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2- Kunj Sarna


Kunj Pov –

“Sir. Tomorrow we have award function for best business man of this year. ” said my Pa Raj.

“yeah. I remember. ” I replied. I took the file which I had asked Raj to bring. I was surfing the files when my cabin door opened with a thud. I paid least attention as I already know, who it is?

“hey buddy! What’s up? ” said Uv and Raj took leave from my cabin.

“ever heard of knocking? ” I mocked him instead of replying.

“I don’t need permission to enter your cabin bro.” he said and stopped for a while. His lips twitched into a smirk.

“unless you have a girlfriend or you got married then I won’t come. ” he said. I sighed.

“why you will show me mercy after my marriage? ” I asked him. Mischief is hidden in his eyes.

“you will be romancing, if you have a girl in your life. I don’t want to disturb your romance and on top of that I’m a good boy. ” he said. I, at first got irritated when he said about marriage, but as soon as he said as a good boy, I started to laugh.

“hey. What’s wrong? ” he asked out of confusion.

“you and good boy. Oh my god this is the universal joke. ” I said when I was done with my laughter.

“huh. Very funny. ” he said being irritated. I smiled at him.

Uv is my childhood buddy, my only best friend I have in my life. I can trust him so blindly and he is the only person who had not deceived me. When we are with each other, we will behave like a college going students instead of CEO of some company. No. no. I’m not CEO, I’m still working in my father’s company. But yeah for definitely, Uv is.

“on serious note. ” said Uv while I waited him to continue.

“why don’t you marry? ” he asked me. I had expected this question.

“you know answer Uv. I don’t want to spoil someone’s life. ” I replied coldly.

“but things may happen in different way Kunj rather than your thinking. ” he said. I closed my eyes to calm myself.

“forget about me. What about you ha? ” I asked him.

“I didn’t felt for anyone, any special feeling like they show in movies. ” he said.

“if you will flirt with every women who comes into your life, then you won’t. ” I retorted.

“I’ll definitely find out my girl when she will come. But I pity your girl, as you will never gonna accept. ” he said and I rolled my eyes. We talked for a while.

“what you think, who will win award tomorrow?” he asked me.

“the best. ” I replied. With that we talked for a while, later Uv left not before warning me to attend award function. Precisely, I’m not much interested.

It’s 4:00pm. I was engrossed in my work until my phone rang. By seeing the display ‘dad calling ‘ made me happy. I took my phone and answered it immediately.

“hello Kunj. ” said dad in a serious tone.

“hello dad. ” I chirped.

“I want to talk to you. So, come to home early. ” with that he had cut the call without waiting for my reply. I got on my feet and marched out. I met Raj out. He followed me.

“Raj. I’m leaving home because of some reason. So mail me if there are any important works. Is that clear? ” I asked him.

“yes sir. ” I reached out of office.

I reached home.

“Kunj. You came home so early today?” asked Maya bhabhi wife of my Anand bhaiya.

“got some work with dad. ” I marched towards Dad’s study room.

I knocked on door.

“come in. ” said Dad. I entered. Dad looked up from the file he is reading. By his looks I can say he is amused.

“you here? ” asked Dad.

“you have said to reach home early. ” I replied.

“but it doesn’t mean that you had to leave all your work behind. ” he said harshly. I felt hurt. Instead I replied.

“Dad. Almost, today’s work is done. It’s just left a little, which I can handle from home.” I replied.

“whatever. I don’t want any problem because of you in my company. I had built it with all my sweat and hard work. So be careful. If something happens, I won’t spare you. ” said dad. I thought may be today, he will talk with me other than professional. But seems like my hope has already drained into vain.

“yes dad. ” I nodded trying my best to not to show that if effected me.

“yeah. I had called you because, I’m hoping that, this time also our company will get best business award. I already had a talk with Anand and he is quite positive about the hard work he done. So I hope the same with you. ” said dad. I and my bhaiya, we both are handling two different sections in same office. Bhaiya will take care of interior design of buildings while I do take care that they will get execute the way they had planned.

“you may leave. ” said dad. I sighed. I came out where I met my mom.

“mom. “

“Kunj. You came pretty early today. Great! Hope you met your father.”

“yeah mom. “

“then do take care about what he said. Company’s reputation is his first prior. Do take care. “

She left inside to give my dad coffee.
“will they ever talk to me, like a family does? “ I thought.

you are the sole reason for it. ” mocked my inner voice.

I marched towards my room and took a long hot shower to calm my head which is aching so severely. I got myself into my night clothes.

“chachu!” yelled Riya. A smile broke on my lips. I opened my arms and she ran to me. I lifted her up and made her sit on my lap.

Riya-daughter of Maya bhabhi and Anand bhaiya. Out home’s little angel and charm. She is fully loaded with cuteness. She is of 5 years studying in her kindergarten. Playing with this little bundle of joy will release all my stress. I kissed on her cheek.

“how does my Riya day went?” I asked her.

” It was alesome. I hal lot of fun. ” she said in her cute baby voice.

“really. What you had done? ” I asked her.

“I went to school. I evel learned poems too. ” she said. She sang her poem. I started playing with her.

There was a knock on the door.

“come in.” I said. There came Anand bhaiya.

“hey Kunj. “

“hi bhaiya. “

“all set for tomorrow?” he asked.

“yep. ” I replied.

“great! “

“come princess. Mom is calling you. ” said bhaiya to Riya.

“OK. ” she said and kissed my cheek. They both left. I looked at my phone. It’s 8:15 pm.

I took my laptop and started checking mails. Indeed tomorrow’s day is a big day.


Hope you all liked it.

Why do you think, kunj’s parents are behaving weirdly?

Well it will be disclosed soon

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  1. Epi was awesome

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  3. Finally u post it i was waiting for it alot
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  5. Ananya_DSK

    Hey Ramya!! You’re doing a fantastic job with this story, and I absolutely loved it so far… Kunj’s character seems to be revolving around a lot of mysteries: why he doesn’t want to get married, his father’s rude behaviour, his mom’s indifference, why he blames himself for this condition, why he isn’t interested in attending the award show… But all the mystery is only making me love the character and the story even more… And you’ve done an amazing job portraying it!!! Absolutely loved it!!

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much Anu.
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      Slow down girl. This many questions.
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  6. Hi ramaya was missing it ff slot thank god I posted the episode was awsm eager to know kunjs past and twinj meet plsssssss post soon

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  8. SSK

    Brilliantly written Ramya…I really wanted to read further as why his parents are behaving this way and why Twinkle hates businessmen. Really looking forward to read more episodes.
    I have fell in love with the plot. Please post soon 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thank you So much Sakshi.
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  9. It was awesome ramya .
    Interesting,full of suspense , .definitely there will be some reason for this type of behaviour towards kunj.
    No need to apologise dear we know this is exam time & every one is busy.
    Keep smiling always

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  13. Superb episode..
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    Don’t know why kunj parents are behaving luke this kunj..
    Eagerly waiting for next episode..
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