A reporter and a Business tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode -10

10- Reception.

Twinkle Pov

They borh turned towards me and noticed my presence. Kunj gave me a warm smile which I returned back with my own, while that cutiepie is looking at me with her big eyes. I went to table, which is placed infront of couch and placed breakfast tray on it. I turned towards them.

“hi.” I said to that little girl.

“hi.” She replied cutely.

“I’m Twinkle.”

“I’m Riya.”

“Twinkle. This is Riya, daughter of Anand bhaiya and Maya bhabhi.” Kunj said picking up Riya in his arms. He stalked towards me.

“umm. What should I addless (address) you?” she asked.

“Chachi.” I replied. Kunj got a call so I took Riya in my arms, while he went aside to attend it.

“so?” She asked me.

“so?” I repeated.

“I’m hungry.” She said with a pout.

“is that so, then I already brought breakfast. Let me feed you.” I said while she nodded. when I opened plate that is covering the breakfsst, she scruched her nose.

“I don’t want to eat that.” She said.


“Who eats that boring veggies. I’m tired of it.” She replied dramatically making me smile.

“oh. But I listened from my mom that, who won’t eats veggies will fall ill easily.” I said.

“still I don’t want.” I signalled her to come close while she obliged.

“I even brought Carrot halwa for you.”

“really?” She asked making her eyes big.


“Chachi you know it’s my favourite.” She said.

“but what will I get in return?” I asked her. She kept her finger on her chin and tapped few times then came closer to me and pecked on my cheek.

“that’s so sweet!” I exclaimed.

“but you need to eat veggies first. deal?” I forwarded my hand. She looked at me and said

“deal.” and shook my hands. I brought her closer and tickled her, she laughed heartfully. My gaze went on Kunj , who stood their smilingly. What I asked through my brows. He nodded his head in no. He came and sat beside us.

“Chachu. Chachi is so nice.” said Riya to Kunj while he smiled at her.

“I liked her alot.”

“achaaa.” asked Kunj.

“I’m hungry.” she said. I and Kunj looked at each other and laughed.

“come. Let’s have breakfast.” I said picking up breakfast tray. I gave Kunj his plate and took mine. I took seat beside Riya while Kunj already sat other side of Riya. In a way, Riya is between us. We both started feeding her, while having our’s too, listening to Riya’s continuous talks. Atlast, they completed. I gave them Carrot halwa. Riya beemed with excitement making me and Kunj laugh. I fed her first spoon.

“It’s so yummy. Who made it?” she asked. I smiled at her and said.


After completing, she ran outside not before kissing me and Kunj on cheek. I looked at Kunj who is already busy in staring me.

“you are a great cook.” he complimented.


“and I think you will become a great mother.” I looked at him wide eyed. Now his eyes turned wide. I looked down as my face became scarlet. From corner of my eyes, I noticed Kunj who is rubbing his nape. His face also turned scarlet.

“i..i me..” before he can complete there was a knock on the door. There came in mom and dad. Mom had some covers in her hand. They came towards us.

“Today is your reception and I hope you haven’t forgot it.” taunted dad. Kunj’s face is void of any emotion.

“I know.” was his reply.

“These are the dresses for the reception.” said mom handing me covers.

“thankyou mom.” I replied.

“media will be present there and I don’t want any scene.” said dad while Kunj just nodded his head. Maybe they are just angry for that incident on event. I shrugged it away.

“see you beta.” said dad and left with mom. Kunj sat on couch and took his laptop. I went towards cupboard and started arranging my clothes.


Time went and it’s already 6:00pm. I took my saree and went inside washroom. After taking a good shower, I took saree and draped it. I went outside and looked at my reflection in mirror. Saree is of pinkish red with heavy embroidery. It’s just beautiful. I blow dried my air. After combing them, I left them open with some curls at end. I applied minimal makeup. Everything was done except mine necklace, it’s giving me hard time. I just can’t hooke it. I sighed. Door of room got open and stood there Kunj. I looked at him. He is wearing a brown pink armani suit, matching my saree. His hairs are gelled up perfectly. He is looking devilishly handsome.

“ohhhh.” said my inner sense. He is still looking at me.

“Kunj.” I said.


“am I looking odd?” I asked him.

“no. Infact you are looking beautiful.” he said and a blush crept up my neck. He cleared his throat.

“ready?” he asked. Reception is held in function hall. So, we need to leave there.

“yeah but this necklace, I just can’t hooke it.” I replied tiredly because of my failure attempts. He came forward and gave his hand.

“may I?” I gave him and turned towards mirror. He sided my hairs towards my right side and hooked it. A slight shiver ran down through my spine when his fingers brushed with my skin.

“done.” he said. He took vermilion and looked towards me. I nodded my head. He again filled my hairline.


We reached place and it is decorated beautifully, Media is already present. Afterall he is a business tycoon. Car halted at venue. Kunj got out and gave his hand to me which I readily accepted. This saree is not my thing. As I stepped out, media started taking our pictues.

“Sir, from when you both are in a relationship?” asked one.

“a year.” lied Kunj.

“would you like to share your love story?” asked one.

“It’s personal and I want it to be same.” he said.

“What do you like most about Mrs.Sarna?” asked one.

“her simplicity.” he said looking at me. And it felt like he is honest.

“and you madam ?” asked one.

“his selfless caring nature.” I replied looking into his eyes.

“Where are you planning to go for honeymoon?” asked one. It got me off guard.

We ignored rest of questions and went inside. Whole while Kunj interwined our hands and I didn’t objected. We reached inside and I met many other business people. I looked at mom and dad. I hugged them.

“how are you?’ asked dad.

“good.” I replied. Kunj took dad blessings while mom just hugged him. I noticed some tears in his eyes which he hided in next second. I went aside to have some water. I turned around only to see Udishth.

“Hi.” he said.

“hello.” I replied coldly.

“seems like you got a big house.”

“excuse me?” I said.

“I thought you as a sincere reporter but, you are a gold digger.” before I can protest there came a voice.

“I can’t tolerate a single word against my wife.” said Kunj by slipping his hands around my waist. I felt tingles when his hand came in contact with my bare skin.

“I’m just saying.” said Udishth.

“still. She is not what you are saying and I can’t tolerate such words against my wife.” he said. “excuse us” with that we went aside.

“Twinkle this is Uv my best friend.” he introduced me to someone.

“hi bhabhi.”

“hi. But please call me Twinkle.” I said. There was a dance anouncement. Uv insisted us to go and dance. Now we both are standing at middle of dance floor. Music started to play. He forwarded his hand while I placed mine in his. Other couples also joined us.

raaton ke jaage subah mile hain
resham ke dhaage ye silsile hain
laazmi si lagne lagi hain

Do dilo ki ab nazdeekiyan

Kunj placed one of his hand on my waist and with another one he held my hand. I placed my hand on his shoulder. We started to move with beats. I looked at his face and he is already looking at me. I not dared to avert my eyes.

hmm dikhti nahi hain par ho rahi hain mehsoos nazdeekiyan
do dil hi jaanein lagti hain kitni

He twirled me around. Now he is backhugging me. We moved with beats. I inhaled his scent. I’m feeling so warm in his embrace. I closed my eyes leaning for more support.

zariyaa hai ye aankhein zariya
chhalakta hai jinse ek armaanon ka dariya
aadatein hain in ki puraani
ankahi si keh de kahaani

I turned around and me eyes again locked with his. His eyes held lots of mystery, pain, longingness and many more feelings which I can’t describe. It felt like he want to share many things yet he can’t. Like something is bothering him.Now his both hands are on waist while mine both are around his neck. Our foreheads are joined.

parchhaaiyaan do juDne lagi hain
dekho hawa mein uDne lagi hain
pankh jaisi lagne lagi hain
do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan

He lifted me up and again landed me slowly. He twirled me around for few times. Finally song ended by me falling in his arms.


All aplauded and rest of function went in blur.

End of Twinkle Pov-

Kunj Pov-

After dance I went towards aside feeling restless. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Uv.

“What happened?” he asked me.

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t know Uv. I’m getting atrracted towards her. I just don’t want that. She is beyond perfect and she don’t deserve me. She don’t deserve me. I’m not right for her. I’m a bad omen. Even while dancing she was looking at me like she is reading my soul.” I said.

“Kunj just calmdown. Listen, I know you are insecure about yourself but, how long you will live cursing yourself. You are not a bad omen. You deserve the best and you are the best. Stop blaming yourself for something which you haven’t done.” he said.


“Kunj life always offers every person a second chance and it is offering you too. Don’t let her go. Just give it a chance. Maybe she will bring your long lost happiness. I know what happened in past is worst but, it doesn’t past will repeat. Break your walls and let her in. ” he said.

“I will try but, I need time.” I replied.

“now, that’s my best friend.” he said and I smiled.

” I just hope that I won’t hurt her. She don’t deserve any such. I will give her and our relationship a chance. But, I need time to trust someone again.”



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  6. Aamna_2690

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    She is such a sweetheart ??
    And kunj’s statement of ” You will be a great mother ” and their cute reactions ??
    I just loved it yaar ??
    But I am not linking kunj’s parents rude and cold behaviour towards him ??
    What sin did he committed that they are so rude to him ??
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    1. Ramya

      You will get to know soon.
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