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Here is the first part of this ff.

Let’s start with a smile.


1- Twinkle Taneja.

Twinkle Pov –

“This year’s best channel award goes to ‘F NEWS CHANNEL’ ” announced host.

“let’s give a big round of applause for Twinkle Taneja – CEO of ‘F NEWS CHANNEL ‘ ” completed host.

I got up from my seat and headed towards dias. Everyone were clapping for me. I advanced my hand to collect my award. Before I can there was a sound. I scrunched my brows due to irritation.

I opened my eyes due to continuous sound. I adjusted my eyes according to light and it’s when I realised it.. It was the same dream which I dream about and which I want to come true.. I sighed and turned off alarm.

I got from my bed and headed towards washroom to get ready.

After good 30 minutes I came out of washroom wearing a yellow colour floral top with green legging. I braided my hair. I applied eye liner and lip gloss. I went down.

I went inside kitchen, only to find my mom cooking something .

“good morning mom. ” I greeted her.

“good morning dear. ” she greeted.

“wow mom. Smell is so tempting. What are you preparing? ” I asked her as the aroma of a dish hut my nose.

“aloo Partha. ” she replied.

“OK. You go and wait at dinning table. I’ll be coming. It’s almost ready. ” she continued.

I went out and took my seat. I picked up newspaper and was reading news but my brother snatched it from me. I groaned.

“Ever heard of asking paper Riyan.” I asked him.

“nah. ” he replied. Riyan my elder brother. Don’t think that why I’m calling him by name. It’s his order to call me by his name. Reason? Well if I call him bro then my friends do call him same, and my friends friends also do. So he don’t want to become brother India. Not my words, it’s his. Anyway he is only one and half elder to me. So not a big deal.

“again dreamed same dream? ” he asked keeping newspaper aside.

“which? ” I asked.

“getting award as best channel. ” he said.

“how do you know? ” I asked him startled.

“you dream about it daily, besides you don’t have any other thing to dream about. Not even a boy friend. So it’s common sense. ” he tried to reason. I rolled my eyes.

“it means that you do dream about Rashi daily? ” I asked him with a teasing smile. Rashi is my class mate and unfortunately my brother’s girlfriend. But my parents are unaware about it and her’s too. First Riyan wants to get settle then he will talk about their love life with my parents. Currently he is working in one of the best company and earning good salary.

“shut up. ” he said with a blush.

“you.. ” before I can complete, dad came.

“good morning dad. ” we greeted.

“good morning. ” he greeted back. Mom came with aloo parathas. We all had it as usual by having fun and we both siblings having silly fights.

After completing breakfast I bid bye to my parents and brother.

I reached my office in half an hour. I work as a reporter com journalist in ‘P NEWS ‘. I went straight towards my cabin.

“Hi Twinkle. ” greeted Mahi.

“hi Mahi. ” I greeted back. Mahi is my best friend. From school life we both are together. We are more like sisters from another mother. She knows my every little secret and same goes with me. Even I know every bit of her. She is an anchor. She just nails it. No one can do in the way she can. With her this talent she grabs everyone attention. She had taken interview of many great persons. She knows how to handle everything politely. We started with our work.

It was lunch time. We both headed towards canteen.

“Twinkle. Will you please do a favour to me?” she asked with puppy eyes.

“anything for you sweetheart. ” I said without thinking once.

“will go to a press meet in place of me? ” she asked. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“you are talking about which press meet? ” I asked her even thought I know answer. I just expect my assumption to be wrong.

“Business press meet. Tomorrow they are going to announce best business tycoon of year. So I want you to go. ” she said. That’s it.

“I’m taking back my words. ” I announced.

“why? ” she asked.

“you very well know the reason. ” I replied.

“common Twinkle. ” she said. But I don’t want to go that business award. All business men, especially young one are spoilt brats. I just hate this people.

“Mahi.” I warned her.

“Twinkle. Please. Tomorrow I’m going to meet nani. I just can’t skip it. On top of it, who will understand me besides you. Only you are the one who can understand me. ” here, she started her emotional drama.

“fine. ” I finally gave up.

“really. ” she chirped as she got her favourite thing after lots of struggle.

“yeah. ” I replied tiredly.

“thank you so much. ” She hugged me so tightly.

“easy girl. ” I said. After completing our lunch we went to complete our work for today.

“tomorrow day going to be long. Hope I won’t mess up with anyone. ” I thought.

“you better don’t . ” mocked my inner self.

With that I completed my work and headed to home.


How was it?

Hope you all enjoyed it.

What you think about Twinkle hating business men?

Will she create a mess at press meet?

Do share your views.

And thank you so much for those precious comments.

Love you

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  1. I m very happy to be the first one to comment on ur ff and it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome ple yaar next wala post karna I realy want to ple yar I want to see kunj soon ple yar next wala jadi post karna ple??☺☺????????☺☺????????????????????????☺☺?7?

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much

  2. SidMin23

    Nice and I feel twinj will meet a press meeting will hope twinkle won’t crest any mess their pair soon.

    1. Ramya

      Thank you so much.
      Let’s see what will happen

  3. Fenil

    Amazing chappy.
    Aap hi jano aapki kahani ke kirdaar hain…ab siyappa karna hain ya nahi woh bhi aapki marzi.lol.waiting for next.
    F se P news channel

    1. Ramya

      Thank you bha

  4. It was awesome!superb ………
    Twinkle khin jaye or syappa na ho it’s not possible…
    So she will definitely create a mess..
    Post next soon waiting for kunj
    Luv u ???????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Dii

  5. Kya tha yeh?
    Thik hai epi was nice nd good???????
    But itna chota
    Thoda bada hota toh aur accha hota dear

    Please ?

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  6. Presha

    Loved it

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Preshu

  7. It’s really coool

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  8. Superb episode
    Loved it excited for the next part for our dear hero’s entry plz post soon…cant wait for it

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  9. SSK

    Beautiful episode. This was Twinkle’s entry now Kunj’s entry please. The episode written was amazing. Please post asap because I really want to read more. 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  10. Twinj2000

    That was so beautifully written ❤️❤️
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Twinkle ll meet kunj there I guess ?
    Let’s see what fate has for her
    Eager to read more
    Post soon??
    Waiting ??

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  11. Kiya1234

    Superb episode yaar ❤️❤️❤️❤️..
    loved it everything.. twinkel part too. Waiting for kunj part post soon: different things .. interesting too.????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  12. Superb episode.
    Totally loved it…Loved twinkle’s pov..
    WAiting for kunj’s entry..
    Well,I don’t know why she hates business men??
    And I am sure,that she is going to create mess as she is siyapa queen???
    Do post soon plzzzz
    Love u??

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  13. Unheard-Of

    Brilliant!!!!! I so loved the concept?
    Hope to see the next one soo…

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  14. Ananya_DSK

    Ramya… Such an amazing beginning… The story seems so realistic, which is what I love most about your stories… Twinkle seems to be really ambitious and hardworking, really nice… The scenes with Riyan were great fun!!! His reasoning for Twinkle not calling him bro was so cool?? I can’t wait to see what Siyappas Twinkle may land herself in coz I’m sure she’ll definitely do something wrong? Absolutely loved it!! Fantastic!! I’m really excited for Kunj’s introduction now…

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  15. Baby

    uski classmate rashi ??
    well rammiee u nailed it ?
    loving it ?
    love ulods

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