A random love story! (KKB) Part 9

A very short update. Sorry for that.

Pragya’s POV:

Stupid! Idiot! Bewakoof!!! How many hints should I give to show that I am the chef who cooked peace fries for him! He still thinks it’s some guy and not me! Why does he have a narrow mind that chefs are men!

She was mentally scolding him by serving his favourite peace fries on his plate.

They were back to home after finishing Abhi’s ad shoot. Once she returned home she prepared peace fries for him thinking he would get an idea that it was she who was the chef at the restaurant he visits. In the end, he thought she also visited the restaurant to eat peace fries like him. He said that she liked the peace fries so much that she managed to see the chef and learn the recipe from him. She hearing to all this was finding it unbelievable of how his brain was thinking in this way.

Abhi “You know if the chef was a girl right, I would have married her! I will cherish her all my life for making me addicted to peace fries.”

“I forgot to tell you something. Actually the chef is a girl.” She said making him look shocked.

“You are kidding right? You are just telling to tease me!!”He said.

“Arrey…why should I be lying? I have seen her na. She is very beautiful too.” She added.

Abhi remained silent for a moment before saying “Not as beautiful as u right?”

She hearing it was speechless.Abhi smirked seeing her expression. He gestured her to serve more.

“Now you are kidding me na?” She asked.

“Wow! Such a smartish chasmish! You got it right!” He said making her scrunch her nose. He was reaching out to have more of the fries.

“Enough for now! Today you ate more than your limit…” She said by keeping the peace fries away.

Abhi made a sad face to which she chuckled.

“Your health is wealth. I can’t keep on give you just because it’s tasty. I need to be considerate of your health too. I don’t want u to fall sick of eating this a lot.” She said by walking away to the kitchen with the bowl of the remaining peace fries.

He looks at her as her words reminds him of the chef who wrote words similar in the lines of chasmish.

To be continued….

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