A random love story! (KKB) Part 13

Abhi “Is this the place they lost her?” He asked by looking around the park.

“I think so…They said they came for a picnic over here. They were playing hide & seek as a family” She said.

Abhi “That means she went missing while playing the game.”

“Haan….don’t know where she ran away.” She replied.

Abhi “Why should she run away?”

“She is a teenage girl na. Nowadays girls run away to be adventurous in life!” She said.

Abhi smirked hearing it before saying “What if she is kidnapped? That’s also common nowadays.”

In response she gave a shocked expression which made Abhi ask “Why chasmish is not smartish in this situation?”

“Now what do we do? I really hope she isn’t kidnapped. It’s terrible to be kidnapped & tortured.” She said in a alarmed tone.

Abhi “You look around for any clue. We might get any trace of her things. From there we can try to track her whereabouts. I also hope she isn’t kidnapped.”

She followed Abhi’s instructions of searching the place for any clues. After searching for sometime, Abhi came behind her.

Abhi “Found anything?” He asked.

She was taken aback by his sudden unexpected presence behind her. Abhi saw her about to stumble but he never let her fall as he grabbed by her waist.

“I don’t understand why do u always have to stand behind me all of a sudden!!! It gives me a shock attack!!” She complained.

Abhi “That’s my style. Now tell me did u found anything chasmish?”

She looked around as if to see anyone seeing them. Abhi also looked at the directions she looked.

She whispered “Actually I found this….” Abhi saw her holding onto a keychain.

Abhi “Oye chasmish! For this you are telling as if it’s something secret!”

She frowned in return by giving a pout. Abhi find it as a very cute reaction of hers but he know now it’s not the time to compliment her cute reactions.

Abhi “Pass me the key chain. Let me take a look at it.”

“But first let me go na…you are holding me very tightly! Do u know how difficult it was to even show u this keychain in your tight grip?” She said making him let her off.

He smiled a little thinking of how comfortable he is when holding her waist. The feeling of holding her was like as if holding his guitar.

She adjusted herself & gestured him to look at the keychain instead of looking at her.

Abhi looked closely at the keychain & asked where did she find it. She asked him to follow her.

Abhi realized it was near to the roadside of the park that she found the keychain.

Abhi “If u realize chasmish, the key is not here in this keychain….”

“I know but how this can be a clue to find the girl?” She asked.

Abhi looking at the roadside was thinking of how to find the girl.

“What are u looking at?” She asked.

Abhi “Opposite attracts…”

“I know I am attracting you but is this the time for u to tell me that?” She asked making him shake his head as no.

“No? It means I never attract u?” She asked with disappointment.

Abhi shrieked “Meri Maa…look at the opposite side. It’s a dense forest!!! I was thinking what if the girl is over there!”

“Oh…tell that clearly na…” She said.

Abhi “Anyways your words about attraction are not wrong too but now come with me!” He said by holding her hand. Both were walking towards the direction of dense forest.

She smiled thinking of how he admitted she does attract him.

“I hope he tells I am attracting him openly to me. He also attracts me. I have to tell that to him as soon as possible. Maybe after this I will tell him” She thought to herself.

Abhi whispered “Chasmish, don’t start your smiling session over here. Be serious yaar.”

She in return tried to look serious which made Abhi smile.

“This is unfair! When I am serious you are smiling away!” She said by stop walking & removing his hand from hers.

Abhi “Your serious look are the most funniest look I have ever seen!”.

He continued to walk smiling continuously.

She on other hand walked with heavy steps which made Abhi alarmed.

Abhi “Oh chasmish, please walk silently. What if anyone gets alert of your footsteps?”

“I don’t want to come with u! Why are u keep on saying don’t do this & that! I am not a kid to be controlled!” She complained.

Abhi “My dear angrish chasmish, I will buy for you lots of chocolates when we get home. But please don’t be stubborn here.”

“Okay but I don’t like chocolates….” She said.

Abhi “What do u like then?”

“I like chocolate cakes. Homemade ones is my first preference” She said with excitement.

Abhi “Done! I will make sure u get that when we return home. Now please walk with me as silent as u could.” He pleaded making her smile at him.

Both walked further inside until they noticed a house.

“It looks scary to me…” She said.

Abhi in a shivering tone “Me too….”

“You don’t be scared. I Will go inside & check if it’s a safe.” She said confidently by walking ahead.

Abhi pulling her back to him said “Are u mad? What if there are dangerous people inside? I can’t afford to see you missing again!”

“But….you are scared na… how will you go in?” She asked.

Abhi “Yes I am scared but not scared of this place. I am scared of leaving u alone here.” He said which made her look at him with surprise.

“You mean I am staying here? I am not coming in with u?” She asked doubtfully.

Abhi pulled her near to the back of a tree. Abhi “You just stay here chasmish. If anything happens whistle. Ok?”

“But….I want to come with u…” She said in a low tone.

Abhi “Chasmish, it might not be safe for both of us to go in. Wait for me to return in 30 minutes. If I never return then make a call to the police. At least one of us should be safe.”

“Why do u tell as if it’s very difficult? You are making me nervous now.” She said in a tensed tone.

Abhi “I am telling what I feel chasmish. It’s good to be prepared in advance.”

“I think u don’t go now. I don’t want Rock STAR to be action star now.” She said adamantly.

Abhi smirked before saying “It’s too late chasmish. Now I am in the mood of ACTION STAR!” He said by walking backwards in the direction of the house.

“Take care. Be safe!” She said with concern which made him wink at her. He then quickly turned and headed to the house.

“Silly me. What have gotten into my mind that I pushed him into doing something risky like this? Oh god! Pls make sure he is safe inside & don’t make anyone harm him too.” She prayed hard for his safety.

Abhi slowly made his entrance to the house through one of the windows there. It was absolute silence & he had to be extra careful of being silent in his footsteps.

Abhi,It feels like nobody is here. Just a waste of time to visit a dark lonely house.

He was about to move towards the door when he heard door opening sound from one of the room. He quickly managed to hide behind a cupboard there.

“This girl is unconscious now. It will take 2 to 3 hours for her to regain consciousness. I think it’s better for u all to shift from this place now.” Someone said in a hoarse tone.

Abhi, That means a girl is here. Not sure whether is it the girl we are looking for but definitely this people sound dangerous.

Another man “We are waiting for the car to get inside the forest. If we go out carrying her it’s risky. Already we took the risk of kidnapping her here.”

“whatever it is do it fast. I don’t want the police to track us too.” someone replied.

Abhi, Now what shall I do? How to bring the girl out safely from here?

As he was thinking, he heard more footsteps.

Abhi, It means there are more than two people here. Think Abhi! Faster think of something!

Man 1 “I am going out to buy food for all of us.”

“Ok. Two of u all stay inside the room. You go with him to buy food but try to find the situation outside. As in what her parents are doing now.” Someone said.

Everyone agreed to his words. He then walked up the stairs.

Abhi after sometime came out & realized they were purposely in a dark place to make sure nobody gets doubt on them.

He went near the room where the girl was. He then stepped back & walked back to the place he was hiding.

Abhi, Chasmish? Why do I smell her perfume now??

He looked around to see whether she was around. She was actually sitting on the sofa thinking of where he could be.

Abhi who managed to see her covered her mouth & carried her forcefully to inside the cupboard.

In the process of this, she had bitten his hand.

Abhi still covering her mouth “mish..chas…why are u here? I asked u to stay outside na…”

She replied “Sorry!!! excitement overloaded. Couldn’t hide there for very long but why are u calling me in some other language?”

Abhi in a fraction of second closed her mouth with his so that others can’t hear.

She was frozen to shock of the sudden kiss. She wasn’t expecting a kiss from him.

When Abhi broke from the kiss she stood there like a statue.

Abhi “You were too loud. There are 5 men here. The girl is kidnapped and is unconscious now in the room.” He told her seriously.

But poor chasmish, she was still in the shock of his kiss. Unable to reply properly she simply nodded her head as yes.

Abhi “Now just do like what I say. But we need to wait for a while. Ok?”

She nodded her head as yes again.

“Leave that girl! Now we got another one who is much more worth it.” He said. Abhi looked around to see where chasmish was. He then noticed she is being made unconscious by the men.

Thank u everyone for your valuable time in reading, liking and commenting. I am glad that u all liked it. But don’t know what makes u all like it though. I think I know but would have forgotten sometimes due to brain overload. Hopefully I can remember it some time soon.

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