A random love story! (KKB) Part 11

Another boring update from my side and there could be errors. Sorry for that:

Abhi looks around in the house for her. This was seen by his Ma who was grinning away. She couldn’t believe he is searching for his wife with a lot of impatience.

Abhi finally unable to find her asked his Ma “Where is she? Do u know where she went? I even called her! But she is not picking up my call.”

His Ma ” She doesn’t need to carry a phone to the Garden.”

Abhi “Thanks for the information!” He quickly ran out of the house to see her.

Ma “Never even talk to me properly. Only she can make him talk to me like before.”

Abhi saw her plucking flowers and placing them in a basket.

Abhi scared her from standing at her back. She stumbled seeing him in such a close proximity.

“Can’t u see a person is working?” She asked in anger.

Abhi “Plucking flowers is not a work. Anyways I have a important work to be done and I need u to come along with me.”

“ME? FOR WHAT?” She questioned in surprise.

Abhi “Will u come or shall I call Tanu to accompany me?”

“NO WAY!!! I AM COMING!” She said firmly by giving the basket to him.

She walked away saying pass the basket to his Ma as she have to change to come along with him.

Abhi made a grumpy face by walking back and saw his Ma looking at him weirdly.

Abhi “Why are u looking at this way?” His Ma “I never see you having flowers on your head before. This is the first time I am seeing u in this way.”

Abhi “What nonsense are u talking?” He asked by touching his head and found flowers to drop from his head.

Abhi screamed “Chasmish!!!!!! How dare u!!! Ma take this basket! Let me go and kill that chasmish now!!!”

He stomped in anger to see her as his Ma was laughing at their bonding which felt he was having a fun time with her bahu.

Abhi knocked the door many times and asked her to open the door as he wants to kill her for making him look funny with flowers on his head.

She was smiling as she was getting ready.
This Rockstar is such a funny guy. He thinks he looks funny with flowers but he actually looked damn cute in them.

She opened the door finally when he said he is leaving with Tanu as she is taking too long to get ready.

Abhi who saw her in a red saree was awestruck of her beauty.

He had completely forgotten to scold her for making him look in a funny way.

He was standing there still looking at her curves and most importantly her face that was glowing like never before.

“Don’t every time use her name to irritate me!” She said sternly by folding her arms.

Abhi “Who is the she?” He asked still mesmerized by her beauty.

“I don’t even want to utter her name.” She said looking away.

Abhi “Hmm….shall we go? It’s getting late sweetish chasmish…” He said in a husky tone that made her feel very good.

Whenever she hears his deep and husky tone, she don’t know but she felt he is being romantic.

She smiled in return taking her wallet. Abhi asked her to walk in front first and she too followed that.

What she didn’t know was he wanted to follow her to admire the back view of hers.

This was noticed by Ma who saw him as he followed his chasmish.

Ma smiled to herself thinking that her bahu had made his son completely weak by her looks.

In the car…..
Abhi “You know today u look really beautiful. Words are not enough to express your beauty today.”

She smiled hearing it. “Do you want any beauty tips?”

Abhi “Nah…it might not work out for men right?”

“You can try before coming to a conclusion that my beauty tips are only for women….” She said.

Abhi “Ok tell me!” He said by starting to drive.

She on the way explained that her beauty lies in her happiness. She never really uses a lot of beauty products but always wears a smile that brings her beauty out.

Abhi “Smartish chasmish, not revealing her beauty tips….”

“I am telling the truth this is my beauty tips to everyone. A smile is enough to make u look beautiful.” She said.

Abhi “I know….even Ma looks beautiful in her smiles. I used to say she is a fairy when she smiles.”

“Even now she is a fairy….” She added.
Abhi “She is always a fairy. It’s just that I am not telling her now.”

“Still angry with her?” She asked.

“I am not at all angry or upset with her. I am just teasing her.” He said making her look shocked.

“Teasing her??” She asked.

Abhi “Ya if not what’s the fun in life? She teased me into getting me married to u. Now it’s my turn to tease her in making her think that I am upset with her.”

“Unbelievable!!!” She said by shaking her head.

Abhi was about to say something when he suddenly applied the sudden break. He asked her to stay inside as he need to make a call.

He left the car making her wonder why he never made the call in front of her.

When he came back he is shocked to see her missing and searches for her.

Abhi, where did she go? She left me alone at this deserted place. I brought her as she was like a bodyguard to me. Now I feel very scary of the surroundings here.

He keeps on calls for her as chasmish but there was no response from her.

Abhi “I am here to file a complaint of my wife missing.” Police “Tell me her name, how she looks and when did this happened.” Abhi explains to the police and the police finds Abhi amusing for calling her wife as chasmish continuously.

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