a princess tale (intro)

Helloooo everyone. I have already written some ff’s now I got an idea to write one more ff which will be not like the rest. So I m starting this new ff. it’s a historical love story. And this story revolves around a beautiful princess and her love story. I hope u like this ff and I need ur support like my previous ff. so today I m going to give brief introduction about my characters. Here are they…

Abhishek / chandraditya – prince of vatsa kingdom, who is daring, dashing and handsome.

Purab/ chandradev – prince of vatsa kingdom, brother of chandraditya/abhi and younger son.

Pragya/ avanthika – princess of Avanti, elder daughter who is beautiful, brave and brilliant.

Bulbul/ aanandini – princess of Avanti, sister of avanthika and younger daughter.

Tanushree – tanushree, princess of gandhara.

Chandrika – queen of vatsa kingdom, mother of abhi and purab.

Devangana – queen of Avanti, mother of pragya and bulbul.

Adityanandanan – king of vatsa, father of abhi and purab.

Amaranaath – king of Avanti, father of pragya and bulbul.

Friends these are just imaginary characters they are not inspired from any ancient history. I hope u like these characters and rest of the characters will be introduced in the story. And sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.
Guys this ff is a historical fantasy with love story. I wish u can understand the theme of this story. I hope u like this ff more than my previous ff. so please comment your opinions whether I have to start this ff or not because without your support I can’t continue this ff. if u don’t like it just say it frankly so that I’ll stop here itself. But I wish u guys support me to continue this ff…just say your opinion…if you are interested then I’ll start it in the second week of june as I have to manage my other ff…thank u guys… I will wait for your comments..byee…

Credit to: well known person

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