Hyy heeloooooo frnds here m back with a few lines my first ever try of poetry………..   hope I am somewhere near it plss do tell hoz it……..

********YOU THEN AND NOW********
You were cute then, You are cute now,
You weren’t toothless then, but You are toothless now…………

You were the support then, You are need my support now,
You never stammered then but, You stammer now

You never forgot then, You forget now
You were the fresh explorer then, You have explored that now,

You were kind then, You are kind now,
You were fast then, You are slow now,

You acted sweet then, You are sweet now,
You were a fresh bud then, You are a nurturing tree now…….

You were a child then, You are old now.
You had a granny then, You are my granny now……….
You know all……… you can solve all…………. You have the most comforting touch,
You are the teacher , I am the student……..you were your parents angel then my angel now……..
I ❤ U ? GRANDMA…….

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  1. Awww richuuu sweetheart…no words…I loved it…well that’s all I can say…luv u ???

  2. Love u richa
    U Wer the friend then will remain a friend forever
    U Wer the motivator then now a welwisher
    U Wer the good then now the best
    U Wer the commentor then now a writer to a poet
    U Wer the same then will remain my creature forever…
    I liked u then but not I love u creature … Sweety pie just loved it piece of work and the poem just melodious …
    Pic is awesome ….
    As I said before u r the creator of unique innovations …. I am dumbstruck and proud of ur knowledge intelligence abilities etc etc …

    1. every lines are fit for richu,@devga…she is best amd u also my deary

  3. Really nice love it .

  4. Sachhh me acha tha kya?ಥ_ಥ rula ditta tussi
    ☺ ☺
    ♥ u all muaahh……..
    Seriusly muje nahi laga tha u all wil like it thank u ameena,devga and prarthna just thanj t thank u thank u
    raaz ki baat minnal ka chupa poet bahar aagya cridit to me \ (•◡•) / nd a hug fr u thank ya fr the b-u-(ti)-ful v knw y i put_ bcz minnal BE U FUL bchega nd b u always
    and maine acls end kal di nd u r missin nd uska part 2 chap wattpad pe h pls read nd tl ksi hai woh hero pov se h as per dia’s req read nd flw me nd last part se mising ho dono 😛 plsu read if nt read yet
    nd prarthna i like ur name 😎

  5. Diii…..what to say i hav no words except dii…..jo gine chune shbd th vo acls kha gya

  6. richu u r come again with ur magic…loved it. love u tooo 😛 😛

  7. (¬‿¬) itni taleef mat kalo me ud jaungi aur ghamandi ho jaungi Lol lov u ♥ thank u ruby thank ya dia ☺
    aiyo acls kha gya pal m to bhuki reh gayi 😛 lol tc dr c u soon

  8. O my richaaaaa,I knew that’s you…I could feel as I saw the title. ..yessss it was really youuuuu….lovely poetry…wowwww. .what a great talent my sweeeeeet friend. ..loved it very very much. ..I love my grandmother tooooooooo…i said a best poetry I ever read…with such a sweeeeeet awesome words n feel…keep it up honeyyy. ..love you loads

  9. Typo, it’s a best poetry I ever read…..love you loads and very tight hug

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