A piece of silence season 2 (episode 2)


Guys you all are constantly asking for SWASAN Or SWALAK?? Can’t you all just wait! Don’t you all trust me? I saw my last part today only! Mou & Shaun seriously?? You both have been reading my ff since so long. Let it be hurdles or I am weak coz of love! Or piece of silence season 1! Then what happened today? I would just you all to keep reading! I hope your misunderstanding gets cleared today!
So let’s begin I hope your things get cleared.
Swara got up with a jerk sweating profusely. Her breath audible. Sooner she had tears. She his her face in her palms & yelled “LUCKY”

She was talking deep breaths as she thought she was going to die soon. But something was there she always stopped from. Someone who always soothed her, supported her…… His blood. She is 2 months pregnant by now. She wants & needs to be cared & loved but she has distanced herself from the whole living lot. She has made her self stiff after he left her. Not letting anybody enter her life. She needed a head to cry upon but it was useless none would provide that. Why would anyone? Who will take up else’s responsibility? When he himself backed off? She was none to anybody! Her parents wanted to abort this child of hers. But how could she do that? Being a mother was a huge responsibility. She needed to understand. But she was determined. She has learnt to deal relations as she dealt business. So according to her if she can manage such a big business of Maheshwari’s why can’t she deal with this? Though she was quite young but she has taken up the responsibility of the whole Maheshwari empire as well as the house. The house they lived in was now just a cottage nothing else. She & her father-in-law live here. Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari, the ruler of business world was now on his bed ‘half alive’

She had tried her best to move him out of the shock but there was no improvement. He was ‘paralyzed’ .
Now Swara had her responsibility. Responsibility of the Maheshwari empire, responsibiliy of the house, her father-in-law & her unborn baby. She had to look after all these things after her mother-in-law passed away in an accident.
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Rohan (Swara’s PA) – Mam actually we have a meeting with Mr. Roy but for that we have to travel to Mumbai. Mam I know you refused to move out of the city for few months. But it’s really important for our company because of constant loses after Laksh Sir left…..

Swara-Rohan if it’s really important then definitely I am going. So when should we go?
Rohan- Tomorrow night. But what about DP sir? He is not well enough.
Swara- I know that’s what I’m keeping Rosa to take care of him. He may need something. So let it be. I’ll personally talk with dad. I know he’ll understand. OK bye Rohan see you tomorrow. Bye.
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Sometimes we don’t know whether what’s happening is bad or good? But we should encourage ourselves & try to leave in our present & think about our future. Leaving pain behind. Here same goes for Swara! The bubbly – chubby fun loving girl is no more. Will she be able to heal her wounds? Will she let anyone enter her life? Will she be able to give her life a chance? Will she find a person who will never leave her & be with her ? Let’s see who will enter….. ?

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤SANSKARHOLICS get ready…….
Coz I am getting ready for my cutie pie……
OK don’t ask me more about Laksh you will get to know more about him in further chapters.
Do comment.

Credit to: Jaf

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  1. yipee I knew it bcoz I know u r swasan fan as u wrote many swasan ff earlier …I m so excited for sanky ‘s entry

    1. Tanu! You are a real friend! U know me so well thanks! So much ????

  2. Jaf.. I think this is not the continuation of season 1.. Is this a new story.. Plzlet me know

    1. Minu! It’s not the continuation of season 1! Sorry for not informing!

  3. update next part soon

    1. Tani when I saw your comment I did really check the nxt part which I had written but unluckyly it got deleted! ??? what to do now! I wrote it with so much effort??? ????

  4. jaf main apko hurt nahe karna chahata.if u hurt to my word.then sry forgive me.but sry to say one thing… main swasan ka huge fan ho.main ajtak ek fiction bhi nahe para swalak ka.even ragsan ka nahe para.Aap jab new fiction sath back kiya tu main bohot khush hua.bt jab mujhe laga yeh fiction swalak hai.tu mujhe hazam nahe hua.main kabhi juth nahe bolta.main swaragini serial dhekna start kiya jab swasan pair hua.I hate swalak n ragsan.

    1. Sorry yaar! For what I said I was a bit angry! Mou I didn’t mean to hurt you!
      I too love swasan more!
      Swalak though was my favorite! ???

  5. Nice I love swasan more than any other couple i TV world

    1. That Ria you liked it!

  6. A piece of silence 1st seasons ka main bohot bara fan ho.apne jab 1st season khatam kiya mujhe bohot dukh hua.honestly speaking Aap jab nxt seasons ke sath back kiya,main sabse jada khush hua apke phir se ane ka.bt main swalak ko kabhi bhi hazam nahe kar sakta.

    1. Mou I won’t say much but I do hope, I can keep up to your expectations!

  7. it is very awrsome waiting for next part.

    1. Thnx IREENA????

  8. Awesome

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