A piece of silence season 2 {episode 3}


Swara sitting on a bench of her lawn stared at the stars. Stars ….. which she never cared for….. she had always been full off positivity! She never had thought of love! She never believed in! But days came when she had to accept! Accept that she was in love! Love with Laksh Maheshwari, her senior, her love and her husband, her soul mate later. Stars had a significant role in her life! Whatever she had craved for was always snatched from her. She lost her mother when she was two. She had always craved for a mothers touch. But after so much of struggle she got her mother in her mother-in-law, Annapurna Maheshwari. She was her mother her savior always. Little did she know the most happiest moment of her life or the happiest moment of every woman would ruin her life. She lost her soulmate! Her love, her life! She did love him too much. Theirs was a normal yet sweet love! They love each other since 7 years and ended up tying the knot.
Swara was in 12th standard when she met him. He was an handsome hunk, but not a flirt well behaved. He had lost of things hidden in his eyes. Soon she started bothering him. They fought, crushed and finally fell in love. She had been his fascination, his attraction and ended up loving her. Marriage was though a family affair. It was two months of their marriage when she knew she was pregnant. Her happiness knew no bounds, overwhelmed she hugged him. “ah! It’s an amazing feeling!”
Laksh’s mother, her mom left to temple for this happy news along with Laksh. But later came the news, news of being no more. No more to stay with her to accompany her! He promised… promised to be with her always and ever till his last breath! But unfortunately she lost both.. both who mattered her the most her MOM and her LAKSH. Durga Prasad Maheshwari, Laksh’s father,not able to bear this heart break ended up in hospital. He has been in coma since 2 years. Her father took her away to his home but that wasn’t enough! He wanted her to get married! Get married and forget her Laksh?? No, she cant do that! She cant forget the person who enlighted her life. Can’t forget her life! She still had his blood in her! THEIR CHILD. But… her father asked her to marry his business partner’s son, Siddharth Roy, her childhood friend. But the condition was specific! To abort! how could she? It was her love’s sign! She cant do this! Not even in her wildest dreams! Why would anyone bother about a child when it wasn’t his own?? This world was selfish! She knew it……
So so she fled away …. From her home. Finding no place to stay she moved to Maheshwari Mansion. She needed a shoulder to cry upon but none was there. She wished for her mom! But she was unluckily neither did she have her ma nor did her mom to soothe! She was alone once again!
She joined office to cool her down as a business consultant but her company, her Laksh’s company was on a weak stand! This company was his life! She wanted to make him alive! She turned out to be the next business head of the company! But she faced many difficulities. But she was a stubborn one being the only child of her parents. She started being tough! She made herself the one she was never before! She lost herself in this world! This huge diplomatic world!! She established herself as a great business woman keeping herself away from the whole world, staying awake the entire night, she lost herself! The whole hearted, lovely, bubbly-chubby Swara! A girl who dreamt of being a pilot but resisted after knowing how weak she was in physics! Ah! She hated that subject! Then came another hurdle her height!
What all she didn’t try? HORLICKS, BOOST, BOURN VITA , COMPLAN, etc.yuck! but nothing worked… she was a CHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA! That was what Laksh called her ‘DHAMAKA’….. she has lost herself completely now! She was no more the Swara anyone knew! Her sleepless nights were the once who drew dark circles on her eyes, sunken eyes, red eyes. She tried to sleep but nothing worked out! she thought of takking sleeping pills but she couldn’t till the little one was inside her. Her nights were disastrous! And days just passed. She pulled up herself when she heard her PA shouting.
PA- Mam! We need to leave tomorrow morning for an important meeting with Mr. Maheshwari! It will be better if you take a short nap?
Swara – yeah! You don’t worry I am leaving.
But her chain of thoughts didn’t break!
Is this the ending? Of course not! It’s the beginning beginning of her new life. We often miss something and get something else. One thing we should do is to keep hope and move on! Will Swara find her love again? Or will she be shattered! Will someone come in her life to keep her away from those sleepless monstrous night? Do you want anyone to enter or let it be? Lets hope for best! Lets see who will fall for this changed Swara? Who dare’s to break her 1st love and get back the real Swara who was the shining star among her family and friends.
I hate these lines….
To know more keep reading!!!
Good night!!!!….
SANSKARHOLICS sorry for making you wait!

Credit to: Jaf

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  1. Awww awesome but sometimes responsibilities make ourselves lost somewhere but nevertheless its said na that show must go on just like that our life must move on….

    1. Rent! Definitely Swara is facing the same problem! She needs someone to console her but she has lost every one! She has lost herself! But she will get back after our Sanky baba comes ?!

  2. it was awesome n heart touching

    1. Thank you chandu! I am glad you liked it!.
      I think you are a silent reader? Na?

  3. Awesome but sad one. Waiting for sanky.

    1. Sorry darling making you wait for sanky! ??
      But don’t worry he’ll come soon!

  4. awesome waiting for sanskar ☺

    1. IREENA where is your ff?

      1. You don’t have to wait dear he’s coming in the next part!

      2. Crazy little love story was what I loved it but it’s been months you have posted! When will you post?

      3. sorry dear but I just wrote that ff when I was free I was not serious about that ff. ?

      4. IREENA but I loved it! Pls continue na! Pls??????

  5. wow amazing vse I also don’t like that dialogue …chalo we r ready for our real hero’s entry

    1. Thanks Tanu! Yeah! Sanky will come bCk to bCk! ?????

  6. heart touching n emotional…

    1. That Tani! It’s great that you liked it!

  7. Well written jaff its so good ……i think many people will relate to this chapter ❤ it

    1. Thnx asheeyana???
      I hope so!

    1. Thnx anu ?

  8. Amazing n heart touching

    1. Thnx Myra! For liking! ????

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