A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 33)


Next morning, Rish woke first to see Maya on top of him. He blushed so much and made her to lie down. He got up and looked at her who was very cute. He apologized in his mind for suspecting her the previous night. He promised that he would never ever hurt her again. When he was about to leave, Maya holded his hands in her sleep and said, “please don’t hurt me by making me to remember that monster..” Rish got tears in eyes due to guilt where a drop of tear dropped on the cheeks of Maya. She woke up by that tear and opened her eyes. Rish wiped his tears off. She smiled broadly and wished good morning.

She looked at clock which stucked at 8 AM. She hurriedly rushed up to take bath. Rish fought with her that he got up first so he should take bath first. Maya tricked him somehow and went first. Next Rish took bath and they both got ready. When they reached dining table, they saw all their favourite dishes on the table. Chandhu and hia girlfriend Mona entered from kitchen and shouted surprise. RiMa felt happy seeing them. Chandhu gave a happy news that his parents and Mona’s parents agreed for their marriage. RiMa was on cloud nine hearing the news. They hugged Chandhu-Mona and congratulated them. Chandhu asked them to have breakfast first.

All four had a wonderful time while having breakfast. Rish said that she would arrange the best wedding planner for their marriage. But Maya asked, “why some unknown planner? Chandhu and Mona have parents, relatives and friends.. let us all unite together and arrange their wedding.. how does the wedding planner know about Chandhu-Mona’s relatives and cousins? Some may be jovial, some may be akdu type.. we should take care of them until the marriage gets over.. from the date of engagement to marriage, we should be very careful about everything and everyone.. from welcoming guests in the entry, their seatings, their every needs, their food, their accommodation arrangements till their return, we should take care each and everything of each and every individual..once the marriage gets over, all the relatives and cousins should tell proudly that Chandhu and Mona’s wedding was really awesome.. would any wedding planner treat guests like us?”

Chandhu, Mona and Rish super liked the idea of Maya’s plan. They all appreciated her.
Rish: how do you get such ideas?
Maya started her scene and said: It is my style and no one will get such ideas.. super nah?
Rish: you know how i see this?
Maya asked how
Rish: just like the alien’s entry into the earth..
Maya was confused and asked what
Rish: very very verh rarest
Maya searched something to beat him but Mona calmed her by saying that they should never fight till their marriage gets over. Rish agreed but Maya didn’t. She knew she could never be able to withstand Rish’s imperfections amd stupidity. She managed the situation by saying that she got late to go to hospital.

Mona and Chandhu understood that she is managing the situation from making promise. They smiled thinking that Maya is a crazy girl who looked hard to understand but easy to love. Rish and Maya then left for their respective works.

In Rish’s office,
Staff members were in hurry. They informed Rish that they got a high profile case to handle and publish. Rish was excited about it but staff members warned him that it is very risky. Rish coolly said that journalism is very risky and he would never miss this chance of bringing out the truth to people. Staff members were encouraged by his words and shouted, “we will do it, sir..” Rish started to search the case history.

In Maya’s hospital,
Maya recalled the previous day which was so happy day. The day with Karthik as his daughter made her to cherish the moments. She texted Karthik about Chandhu-Mona wedding. Karthik informed Ashwin about that. They decided to celebrate.
Karthik-Riya-Ashwin-Rithu-Maya-Chandhu-Mona planned a get together. Maya tried to contact Rish but he was so busy in his work that he missed to notice his mobile. Maya felt bad.

In the evening, everyone except Rish arrived at Karthik’s home to celebrate. Boys asked permission from girls to drink. Girls first denied but later agreed but warned them to be in limits. Maya was physically present but mentally absent. She tried and tried and tried to call him but he didn’t pick. She texted him about their wherebeings but still no reply. She constantly looked at the entrance door for his arrival. Karthik noticed this and signed Ashwin to look at Maya. They both felt happy seeing Maya’s relationship is growing closer.

Suddenly Rish made a heroic entry wearing 80’s costume. Maya showed all her 32 teeth after seeing him but controlled herself that she should react angrily for not attending calls. Everyone laughed at his 80’s dress and asked why. He said, “Chandhu is a type of 80’s person.. thats why..” They all praised him. Actually he wore that costume to surprise Maya since he knew she would be angry at him. His eyes searched for her. Maya was hiding herself under the table. Rish found her but he didn’t show it off. He said soundly, “Chandhu.. you know what? today I was so busy.. i got a new proposal from a top model in the industry.. I am her crush since the day i got her interview.. today I was dating her.. she is so adorable and smoking hot and especially she doesn’t fight with me for the pizza with extra cheese..”

Maya felt jealous on hearing that. She bited her nails angrily and came out from the table. She started to drink alcohol angrily. Rish stopped her but she didn’t. She started to lose her stability. Suddenly she made Rish to drink the alcohol forcibly.

Precap: drunken Maya and Rish

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