A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 9)


We see a platoon of people entering the hospital, I call it platoon because it consist of a large number of people even police who are marching at an serious note towards the hospital room where our cousin party and royal party are admitted……. Well that platoon of people is a centre of attraction in the hospital today ……. The well coordinated march past stops or takes a little breadth at the hospital reception where they enquire about the patient’s room & after that our march past continue their journey through the hospital corridor being looked at by patients, hospital staff ,attendants etc….. who gave weird expressions on looking at them some even got frightened and yes the receptionist out of fear could hardly utter any words……… finally!!! They are there after scaring almost whole of the hospital…….

They stop by at an entrance of a room and one of the cop enquires nisha about the room who is still standing at the door and watching that horror movie with much interest that the cop have to call her three times and continue repeating his question many times & ends up getting the answer in a sentence whose words needed to be reshuffled to an extent that it took him a minute to understand what she said……and another minute to convey it forward……..and then…… the mob or our platoon finally enter the hospital room and nisha is still standing at the door a woman gets out of the mob………..and hugs nisha and looks at her teary eyed and worried face ……… she asks nisha whether she is fine or not and nisha nods a yes and holds her hand and assures her that she is fine and asks her to take care of herself (the dialogues are: W-nisha tu theek toh hai na??? dekh na kitni chot lagi hai tujhe……. {Fir who aurat nisha k sharer m chot dhoondhne lagti h….aur nisha uska haath pakadti h}N- haan haan main bilkul theek hoon aur aap to theek hain na ??? dekho kyaa haal bna liya hai aapne apna…)any guesses about the lady well we didn’t hear any words like LUXMI or RELAXME !!!! so it’s not luxmi but it’s dadi g our cousin party’s granny cool who cares about each and everyone….well on other side the parents run toward their their respective children and confirm their well being and the cops stay back for some time and we see an emotional scene between the families……… we see roopan with kirti and she sees a scratch on her face and say oh no!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!! What have these wild people done to my daughter …….. all look at her and say what happen????? She says look at my young & beautiful daughter what have these brute and savage people done to my daughter’s face she has the whole life left to live how will she manage throughout her life the world will not see whose fault is it they will just remark on her taunt her call her ugly…….. ooooohhhh my sweet and beautiful daughter………..who will marry her ???? she points at other children and say you -you- you all are jealous from my daughter’s beauty that’s why you all did it intentionally to spoil her beauty so that no rich and handsome man marries her……someone coughs and another one clears his throat they are virender tau g & dada g respectively showing their shock and disappointment the other patients sweat drop and the gangwal’s sigh and mohan don’t even try to cover up for her selfishness as her words said it all…. He leaves jwala and nears her and in a low pitched voice ask her to keep quiet she says what she is worried about her daughter and he is just shielding the culprits what kind of father is he??? He sighs and ask her to look around and open her eyes wide and see the miserable condition of others they are more severely wounded than their daughter … she points out nisha and say she isn’t hurt when all other are hurt I am telling this is all their plan against us and our daughters they’re jealous of us…… mohan folds his hands and say my mother please be quiet we can sort the matter at home don’t make big issue of such a matter in front of the outsiders please for my sake just control yourself(in hindi:bas karo meri maa abhi ke liye to chup ho jayo main haath jodta hoo ki bahar waaalon k sasmne ghar ki izzat ka tamasha mat banao ere liye hi sahi tum bas chup ho jao)….

Now moving on towards others we see luxmi and ramesh sitting near bunty and sukku and viru taking a sigh of relief on sukku and umesh stopping staring at him ………….while luxmi is worried and speaking in her usual way with her shuffled sentences…….. vimla tai g is sitting near dolly’s and umesh’s bed while virender is with dada g dadi and nishu are stranding near the wall ad nishu leaning towards the wall …… while vasu standing near kabir………. The senior officer announces to them that he should start taking the statements now and he moves towards nisha to record her statement but!!!!! Roopan interferes that her daughter is hurt more and her statement should be recorded first……….and mohan slaps his head and all look at her suddenly vasu gets up and says no don’t record their statement they are the real culprits and she called them here so it’s her right to record the statement first……………roopan answers her back and say she will not let this happen vasu say do you know whom are you messing up with??? Roopan says that she know that they are the royalians but it does not mean they will take away all and suppress them ….. vasu raises her voice and say what do you mean we are…… roopan too raises her voice and say this police is public servant not personal servant and we are the common people and ask the officer to record her daughters statement…. Vasu says it can’t happen!!!! The hospital room is now turned into an arena of roopan’s and vasu’s PETTY TRIVIAL AND IRRITATING fight well all words mean the same that is useless fight ……..


Credit to: fan writer (richa)

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