A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 17)


WE see the children brining chilled water for all the elders and Sukku notices something strange. He tally’s his observation with the cousin party and gets a mixed 50-50 answer and the other 50% shift their favor to his side seeing Roopan smiling in a hot sunny day where on their picnic all is not going well…..they now decide to go till the root cause behind Roopan’s smile .They get to one side and plan something.
All children/cousin party come to the table where all the elders are seated and as they put down the water bottles dada g questions why they went to the side ? Was there some important discussion on a matter? ALL children hesitate a little and answer different and all elders Except Roopan who is in her own fantacy world ………
The elders narrow their eyes and look at them and they start looking in all the directions to avoid their stares and they ask the elders to have water and take their seats ………….
And as the elders have water suddenly Roopan shouts and spits the water what is this? She said and all looked at her and Mohan enquired the matter and she says “These naughty kids they they…. They gave me hot water” all chuckle and Reopen looks annoyed……………
All look towards the cousin party and some of the elders signal them to leave. While Mohan pacifies Roopan and points out that same woman that was just like Roopan’s dupe and she just forgets everything when she sees them laughing and all her attention and frustration focused on her and her family……………………
The Gangwal elders take a sigh of relief and continue their own work they were doing before Roopan’s scene but, suddenly out of nowhere Roopan shifts her attention towards cousin party again and just to save them from her fury Ramesh and Mohan interfere and tell her that they will talk to them…..and surprising just in a split second not even a full second her attention shifts towards that family again….Her eyes burning in the fire of vengeance for them without realizing that they are sitting far away from them and that place is quite noisy, and that family is just busy in themselves and laughing from a long time ,and……… she herself is unable to hear their laughter talks , so how could they??

Hmm…….. Poor family poor Gangwals …. I myself pity them…..
Now the scene shifts towards the cousin party who are with Ramesh and Mohan and they all are at enough distance from Roopan that she couldn’t hear them they play the scolding game. The elders act scolding the children and they make some guilty type faces as if they are being scolded and that are really feeling guilty but, actually all are chuckling and ultimately making fun of Roopan and R&M thank the children for their great work as she spoilt their mood and almost the whole day and the cousin party answer them by saying that it was their work and doing a kind deed doesn’t require any thanks while in Dolly’s broken (bad/funny) English “ Dontss the thanx us on our kinds deeds it wasss our daily works” all look at her and correct her in a low pitched voice so that Roopan can’t hear them and laugh loudly . As almost half the dhaba is looking at them Roopan is still looking at the lady.

The lady also looks towards them and finds it weird to see Roopan at them and says “OH MY MY MY DARLING WHY IS THIS LADY STARING AT US LIKE THIS AM I LOOKING SO BEAUTIFUL?”
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  1. Superb superb superb……..

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  2. Is that oh my my lady gayatri???

    Nd again n awsmm epi dii

  3. thnkuu dr welll m confused myy self taht shud it be oh my my my bua g orr nott bczz of hospitalincidence all were together there buttt bandage ki wajh se recognise nhiii huiii gaya buaaa g

  4. superb richu..eagerly waiting for next part..keep gng dr

  5. suprb epi richa
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  6. Hi richu .. I luvd todays episode …… Oh my my ur story is going great richu ………. Keep going …… 🙂

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      1. colleg dr and u krishy…….
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      2. well krishy dr i thought who cud b a bettr show offf 4 roopan in competition than oh my my bczzzz both r tooo muchhh btm a bittt confused myself if m making roopan nd buaaaaa g old foes toh hospital drama hona chahiye tha??? buttt kkk she was wrapped in bandages may b ….

  7. Oh i am in [email protected] ……. :)…
    between oh oh my my bua and roopen aunty the show off war i believe that it will be so fun

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