A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 15)


Sorry for very late update friends but here is the next chapter
The chapter starts with Nisha and Jwala sitting on the bed and chatting , they are talking about the vase matter and laugh thinking about Sukku , Bunty and Umesh’s condition and Jwala says that Umesh Bhaiya/bro will have to do overtime to repay for the broken vase even though it’s not his fault, and feels sad for him , Nisha says that he got a good lesson for favoring those brats and suddenly they hear a faint sound coming into their room , and it goes on increasing ………. And tey move out of the room to have a look at the matter and find the whole family gathred in the hall and playing ,the blame game with Roopan.
Roopan is saying that the vase cost much more than they have paid , while Mohan says he remember that………… but is cut short by Roopan and she says she want the full money while squeezing Mohan’s arm and in a suppressed voice telling him not to be so truth worthy person if they are getting some extra money then what’s the big deal Mohan replies that he can’t trick his brothers injustice and fake them and that too for such a big amount of money , NO he can’t ………..he won’t……….Roopan threatens him that she will see him afterwards……..Mohan swallows his saliva but continues going against her.
Ramesh says bhaiya we are with you and Viren nods but please don’t put yourself into trouble for us its no big thing/deal they will pay for it. Mohan holds his hand and says I can’t be so selfish and bias . and spoil our relationship by playing this cheap trick and favouring her in her wrong looking at Roopan who is taunting Luxmi and Vimla but more focusing on Luxmi and may ie be the fact that both her sons were involver or may be jelousy………..
Roopan says a heigh amount in lakhs and the other e;lders sweatdrop and worry how to pay such a hudge amount which Roopan was demanding all together Dada g understands the situation’s delicacy(delicateness of the situation) and interfears and asks Roopan to lessen the amount but she says”I respect you babu ji but I won’t take such a big loss…. And as Sukku and Bunty both were involved in this Ramesh should pay 80 per-cent” Ramesh gets shocked as well as others suffer a minor shock …. But Luxmi starts stumbling and stammering and speaking disorderly re- arranged sentences as usual, seeing her condition Ramesh starts worrying and says Roopan bhabhi you are lying this vase is not an antique it’s a cheap one you brought from chor bazaar…….
****to be continued
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Next update: we will see the turnover of Ramesh’s gutsy answer……. 😀
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  1. srry 4 mistakes nd 1 correction frndss it shud hav been turnoverof Ramesh’s daring answer……

  2. srry 4 mistakes nd 1 correction frndss it shud hav been ** turnout Ramesh’s daring answer….. srry again……

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