A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 12)



Where is Jwala they shouted in shock, all staring at Roopan and Mohan they both too looking shocked and confused, Mohan stares back at Roopan she signals him that she also don’t know anything…….. they both avoid the stares from others and hide their face, the car stops, and suddenly Mohan says she might be in the other car with dada gi and others .But Nishan remarks that she haven’t seen her since they left the hospital…… and Ramesh who is driving the car suddenly applies the breaks and all are pushed forward as a result. Mohan gets out of the car and calls virender who is driving the other car, they enquire about Jwala and she is not there….. OMG! Jwala has gone missing!! What will we do now?? Where will we find her??? There are some mixed reactions from the gangwals……they all start their journey towards the hospital and meet up at a point and discuss the possibilities where could jwala be??
our over smart Bunty thinks of what will happen if that Jwalamukhi (VOLCANO) bursts when she comes back and he gets Goosebumps and says that he saw her coming out of the hospital and ……. Roopan stops him and say you just leave it Bunty you can’t even take care of your elder sister and starts scolding him …….. all sigh and Nisha mummers wow great way of hiding your fault and all attention shifts towards her when Roopan starts scolding her and then cries thinking about Jwala suddenly a car stops by and guess who it is?? It’s Viru and Kabby’s car all are surprised seeing their car Sukku and Umesh start daydreaming they say that looks the royal prodigy is impressed by them both Nisha breaks their dream by saying look who is in the car ………. They see a frustrated and a more angry Jwala seated beside vasu and vasu consoling her all look at Jwala in fear as if they are seeing something really scary.
Roopan runs towards Jwala and hugs her tight , Jwala tries to get free from her grip but fails …… seeing Jwala in pain vasu somehoe frees her from Roopan , Jwala looks at her and smiles ……..
Now Jwala is coming out of the car all with a tashan and a scary aura of , red and purple colour surrounds her and bunty shivers and almost about to faint but sukku supports him ,who himself is fearing and his legs are just shaking like anything without an earthquake ,well looks like he is gonna unmetal the part of the road he is, standing on with just his legs and a small rock from the metalling have already come out and his legs continue to shiver and rubbing hard with the road.
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Credit to: fan writer

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