A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 11)



All pack up their stuff and leave for their respective destinations but suddenly out of nowhere sukku and umesh pop in front of viru and kabby offering them help………. And out of utter surprise and shock they gave to our royalians they get pushed and slapped poor sumesh they just wanted to help …….. but when the royal people realized whom they pushed and slapped .We see sumesh on the floor with their cheeks red and obtained the royal hand impression and their not so properly healed green wounds (taazey ghaav/fresh wounds) became greener( here I mean they fell down and as their wounds were not properly healed and due to the impact their wounds open or get more worse) .The royal people apologize for their doing and offer sumesh help in getting up and for sumesh it’s a great moment they got the hot matter to boast about in the college and cook up a story according to their own sweet will……… They get up with their help and as they stood up they smiled trying to hide their pain.Vasundhra and Viraj enquire their state and well sumesh (sukku + umesh) is sumesh they can’t let a chance go off to impress the famous personalities and with a weird smile trying hiding their pain they look at viraj who is fit and have a 32 inch chest while sukku & umesh bro’s protruding fat belly is more than that…..well this chance gone but their secret weapon is still there their killer smile and the secret cousin charm. They smile and say they are fine and if any help is needed they are ready. Just then, nisha enters the room she sighs seeing her brothers foolishness .She enters the room and asks sumesh to come with her as all are waiting outside for them they tell her to leave and they will come ………..nisha softly mummers that she knows the truth their body is all frozen and they should stop their show off …..or else their false image will shatter in a moment.Sumesh look on and say how will nisha do it?? They won’t let this happen their hard work go in vein…..and do a useless try to threaten nisha not to do this but end up being threatened by her. She says she won’t do all will be done by them only sumesh have a chill running trough their spines and at once agree to go with her and wave good bye to viraj , kabir, and vasu…. All three of them take a sigh of relief and leave ………….. all again meet outside at the hospital gate and vasu and roopan share angry looks and they all move their respective ways. Nisha again thinks that she have forgotten something and tries to recall what is it and then nisha says oh crap!!!! Everyone in the car ask what happen she says where is jwaloo and all eyes wide open snd then stare at roopan and mohan who try to escape the stares but fail and mohan say she is in the other car with dada g.The car stops by and they call the driver of theother car and enqire about jwala and she is not there……….
**********to be continued
sorry for a short chapter & mistakes but i hope you all enjoyed it lol 😉 plss leave ur feedbak

Credit to: fan writer

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