A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 56)


Recap : Harish Aasha , shashi garima to get divorced.. Baby kick inside stomach..

20 days later…

Shyam : Good news everyone.. Divorce sanctioned today.. Now all 4 are free..

Everyone get happy

Kavya : wow.. Now we can get them married na..?

Aasha : kavya.. Shut up..

Payal : but why..

Aasha : its not our age to get married.. I mean.. We’re old..

Kushi : really babuji are you old..

Shashi : no no.. I’m still young & fit..

Arnav : ok then I’ll make all arrangements..

Aasha : but..

Shashi : Aasha..

They both look in each others eyes as if talking through them..

Aasha : ok.. But a simple wedding in Lucknow ok..

All in unison : ok….


Malik mansion

Sheetal : maa.. Papa.. ( she scream getting inside house )

Harish & Garima come to her.. She hug them tight..

Garima : how was your flight

Harish : my princess is soo happy today..

Sheetal : of course I’m.. After all my parents are getting married officially.. I’m soo happy today.. I can’t believe.. I’m so excited..

She hug them again….

Garima : this is all for you my baby..

Sheetal : ah. Liar… Khud itna pyaar karte ho ek doosre se aur bahana mera.. ( you love each other so much & telling marrying for me)

Harish & Garima blush..

Sheetal : oh ho.. Dekho tho sahi kaise laal ho rahe ho dono.. ( see how you both are blushing )

10 days later..

Harish garima , shashi Aasha got married 5 days back.. Everyone is happy..

Lucknow – Sheesh mahal

Nani : muhurat agle hafte ka nikla hai.. (Priest have noted next week’s time )

Anjali : nani hum soch rahe the.. Godhbharayi yehi sheesh mahal mein hi kare.. Kushi is bride of sheesh mahal & maa ka bhi yehi hua tha na ( nani I was thinking let’s do baby shower here in sheesh mahal.. Kushi is bride of sheesh mahal & even mom’s was also done here )

Kushi : nice idea di.. Even I don’t want to travel all back to Delhi in this state..

Anjali : ok then… Chote..

Arnav : don’t worry di I’ll arrange everything..

1 week later..

Kushi & Lavanya’s godh bharayi ( baby shower )

Kushi is getting weird thoughts since morning.. Everyone’s happy.. Engaged in preparations but kushi is feeling something’s not right..

Arshi room..

Anjali : kushi.. Here how’s this saree..

Kushi : nice di..

Anjali : this is mumma’s saree.. Chote loved this saree..

Kavya : what’s the need of it now di… Bhai is already mad for bhabhi..

Anjali : he’ll fall in love with her all over again

They giggle but kushi is lost in her own thoughts..

Anjali : kushi.. Kushi are you fine..

Kushi : ah.. Haan di I’m fine.. Just feeling bit tired..

Anjali : take care & call me if you need anything.. You’ve taken tablets right

Kushi nod & Arnav enter..

Kavya : oh di.. Why are you taking tension… Look medicine has arrived now we should leave.. ( she tease & both go out )

Anjali : ( whisper ) she’s bit tensed look through it chote..

Arnav : why is my princess worried.. Is it because you got know its little prince inside you & you’re worried that you’ve to give birth to 12 more princesses.. ( he tease)

Kushi : Arnav.. ( she hit him.. )

Arnav : kushi.. Whoever it is prince or princess I’m happy.. Because I know… He or she will definitely have your qualities.. That’s enough for me…

Kushi : thank you soo much..

Arnav : but will have my brain.. ( he tease to cheer her )

Kushi just smile.. Without back answering

Arnav : what happened.. Something’s bothering you.. ?

Kushi : don’t know why I’m very scared today..

Arnav : why are you scared when I’m here..

He hold her hand..

Arnav : feeling better now..

Kushi : yes.. Never leave my hand.. Especially today…

Arnav : ok deal.. But what’s profit..

Kushi : ( confused ) profit..??

Arnav : I mean where’s my gift..

Kushi : sudhroge nahi aap.. Kuch tho sharam kijiye.. Abhi Kuch dino mein papa ban ne wale ho aap ( have some shame you’re gonna be father in some days )

Arnav : so what.. Won’t fathers get gift.. I still remain your husband kushi.. Now don’t waste my time give it fast..

She kiss twice..

Arnav : where are other 12 gifts..

Kushi : what for.. ? Only 2 one from me & other from baby..

Arnav : oh kushi you left my 12 princesses very bad ha..

Kushi : Arnav get out…

Arnav : what.. Now only you said not leave your hand & now asking me to get out..

Kushi : I’ve to get ready for function na..

Arnav : so.. I’ll help you

Anjali : no need I’m here you may go now..

Arnav frown & go out…

After an hour..

Both kushi & Lavanya are dressed in beautiful red lehengas.. Baby inside them has added extra charm to their beauty…

Anjali & kavya bring Aman & arnav blindfolded & open them.. Making kushi & la stand infront of them..

Aman : Wow Lavanya you’re looking awesome.. Just like a fairy who just landed from heaven..

La blush & aman take her down..

Arnav is just awestruck by seeing kushi in his mother’s saree..

Anjali : how’s she looking chote..

Kushi : Arnavji…

Arnav : Just like mumma

Anjali : in this way.. Both of them got mumma’s blessings too…

Arnav : Thank you soo much di & kushi.. You both complete my life & make it better everyday..

Anjali : so sweet now take her down…

Kushi hold arnav’s hand.. He could notice that little fear on her face.. He hold her securely across shoulder to make her feel better..

Both kushi & La are made seated arnav is standing just beside her.. Assuring her nothing to fear… All rituals are completed & guests are giving gifts & dinner is taking place..

Akash : bhai minister is here.. You meet him once

Arnav about to go but kushi hold his hand.. & nod not to go..

Arnav : just 5 mins kushi I’ll be back..

He go.. Kushi look on….

Anjali : aap dono andhar chalo.. Tak gaye honge.. Kamre mein khaana kaalo ( you two come let’s go in. Must be tired na.. Have dinner in room)

Kushi : di Arnavji..

Kavya : bhabhi.. He’ll come.. You’ve dinner first..

½ an hour later…

Arnav : di kushi kaha hai ( di where is kushi )

Anjali : she’s resting in room chote..

Arnav : no di.. She’s not in room..

Anjali : what.. ? Where will she go.. Check properly chote…

10 mins later..

Everyone has searched kushi in whole sheesh mahal but she’s found no where…

Arnav recall kushi telling..

Kushi : don’t know why I’m very scared today..

Never leave my hand.. Especially today…

Kushi holding his hand when he was about to go & nodding not to go…
Her scared face come in front of him…

Arnav : damn……

He scream & hit his hand on glass table which breaks making his hand bleed…

Anjali : chote..

Everyone tend to him..

Precap :

Kushi tied in a dark room..

Kushi : Why are you doing this..

Man : You’ve no idea what I’ve gone through because your so called husband & his father.. Now its time for them to repay..

I’m ending this fiction in next part.. My new ff ‘AJNABHII’ will replace this.. Tomorrow I’m posting it’s prologue… Ajnabhii will also be exclusively Arshi ff.. Thank you for all the love & support everyone has given to this ff

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. i love it

  2. Noooooooooòo
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    I just loved this
    But its ur wish i will not force
    Best of luck for ur next

  3. Veronica

    Superb yaar……Waiting for ur new ff

  4. U r ending ds:-(
    M really sad but happy at the same tym bcoz a new ff is coming our way
    Thanks yaar fr allowing us to relive the arshi moments
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    Keep writing
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    How abt ur xams?

    1. My exams went well.. Finished today..

  5. Thank you soo much lucky, kajal, Veronica, vaishali ..

  6. I don’t want to drag a story.. I feel every story has its own limitations.. Hope you all enjoy my next story too..

  7. Fanficoholic

    Wonderful anaya. Am sad that tis awesome ff is gonna end. Bt waiting fr ur new ff. Sorry cld nt comment regularly.

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    Awwwww???itx so amazing❤️u r ending it but no problem happy to know that we will get a new Fd of urs?

  9. Hey Anu, what???? I was soooo shocked….. Why u want to end this??? ?? it was my favorite ff.. This is not fair ???

    1. Every story need to end naa… It was planned for some 50- 60 parts only.. I don’t want to stretch it unnecessarily.. I’m posting new ff ‘AJNABHII ‘ as soon as this ends.. It will also be exclusively Arshi ff.. I’m posting prologue today.. Let me know how it is..

  10. Thanks a lot Fanficoholic & Amanigatta

  11. Send the prologue’s link once uploaded

  12. Linkbto AJNABHII prologue : http://www.tellyupdates.com/ajnabhii-character-sketch/

    Check it out & tell me how it was.. I’m waiting.. I promise this story will also be as promising as Majbooriyaan was..

  13. Superb yaar

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