A new bonding (swasan) – episode 24 ( brothers)

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An unexpected turn in life, can change a person to core. That’s what happened with swara. Her life become a hell within few days. She lost everything she had, her dreams turned to a joke for her. And that two faces stop her from taking a wrong step, she knew she is going in a wrong path of loneliness and her saviors are getting hurt by it. Both ram and laksh did their best to take her out of that trauma, but nothing was getting success, whenever they came to meet her she was once again get those beautiful memories and she is again taken to a dreamland where nothing is seemed to be in its places.

Same time ranveer, varun and laksh came more close. Even though laksh is their pa, but they treat him as a friend. They gave freedom to talk freely and they enjoyed their friendship with thr office work.


Ranveer and varun was sitting at the bench and some kids playing nearby them.

Varun : help me na yaar, she is too much angry!! How will I convince her? She will listen to u , talk na

Ranveer: no way! This time no help from my side. Convince her and take her for practice.

Varun: she is not even ready to talk to me, then how we will do practice with her?

Ranveer: u do anything! Its ur mistake only, u knew she is sensitive about being an orphan, and u hurt her by making comments on that.

Varun: atleast u understand me yaar!! I was just having fun with her, seriously I didn’t mean wht I said, that I said in that flow! Please ranveer help me !

Ranveer: no, I wont

Varun look towards the kids playing nearby them and signal them to come .

Varun: sonu, please go and call ur didi

Sonu: varun bhaiya, she is too angry.

Varun: I will give u choclates, go and call her

Sonu runs from there where ranveer and varun was waiting thr

@after sometimes

A girl wearing a simple suit came to garden followed by sonu, her face was serious, but her eyes are still twinkiling. Varun stood up and walk towards her.

Varun: Sandra, Sandra please talk to me na!, im so sorry for what I said before .

Sandra walked towards ranveer, by ignoring varun.

Sandra: take him (point towards varun) and go from here

Ranveer just look at her blankly, as he is watching this drama from long.

Varun :Sandra, my love please na, im sorry
This time she straightly look at his face and he just looked down, volcano is ready to burst

Sandra: u knew wht u said?? And now where u r standing?

Varun: (in soft voice) ur home

Sandra: no u r standing at an orphanage, and thr I live. I came here when I was 3 , like this kids, im an orphan. And u are not unknown to it.

Varun: shut up Sandra! How many times I need to explain u, u r not an orphan, u r mine and im there for u, then how u bcm an orphan!

Sandra stood silent!

Ranveer: guys, come with me!

Ranveer walked towards parking area where varun and Sandra followed him.

@ car

Varun: bhai , where are we going? Don’t give any suspense

Sandra: ranveer we are sorry to fight like that, where we are going now?

Ranveer: to our home.

Varun: home? But for what!

Ranveer: shut ur mouth and sit.

@ r& v mansion

Vinod and sandhya( parents of both varun and ranveer) already knew about the varun’s relationship with Sandra. And they both are happy for their kids.

Ranveer: mom, dad.. they are going to get married!

(ranveer said casually where Sandra and varun stood in shock)

Vinod and sandhya too was equally shocked at a sudden decision!

Vinod: but u r elder na, what about u then?

Ranveer: when I find my girl, I will marry her! But now we need to get them both married

Varun: bhai! But what happen now?

Sandra: yeah?

Ranveer: u r his love, u cant be an orphan when u have everyone! Here is ur parents(point vinod and sadhya). And myself standing here as your brother and an idiot husband there!

Varun: idiot?

Sandra chuckled

Ranveer: dad, mom get them married. Otherwise this both will kill me with these stupid fights.

And by that varuna nd Sandra get married. It was a register marriage. So officially Sandra bcm varun’s . she was no more an orphan. Here varun was on cloudnine.

@some days after

Laksh was checking some file just then varun came with Sandra followed by ranveer.
Laksh: good morning laksh, ranveer and ,,
Varun: Sandra!. My wife
Laksh: oh. Yeah, nice to meet u. anyway I need a party.

Sandra smiled at him with a little confusion!

Sandra: u r laksh,isn’t. they told me about u. and by the way laksh, did we met before?

Laksh had no idea and said no!

Varun: yaar. I too felt same. That we met him somewhere.

Something strike her mind.

Sandra: we met at orphanage??
Laksh look at her a bit surprisingly! He don’t know what to answer he kept quite when his sisters face came in front of his eyes! His eyes become wet!

Sandra: u used to visit that girl in room no: 14??

Laksh dropped files from his hand!

Varun: hey what happned lucky? R u fine
Laksh look at them!
Ranveer: u want to talk something?

Laksh nods

Ranvver gave him water, and he take it.

Varun: who is that girl Sandra?

Sandra: we don’t know anything much about her! I didn’t evn meet. She was there from last few months, her identity is kept secret. She never came out of that room, never interact with anyone. She is a mess that’s it!!

Laksh: stop it! If u don’t know then don’t talk!

He shout at her!

Varun: u knew her lucky?

Laksh cried and said everything to them. Everything seemed like dream to them, they felt pity for her!

Laksh: we killed her! Killed her brutally! Our shona is no more. U knew she always used to play with us! Last time when I met, she didn’t evn look at my face. Her face was fixed to photo frame of her love, my brother!. That day if we step bck from shifting to delhi, we could have save her! Now what we can do? My dad is dying, he cant watch her like this. We are loosing our hope ..

Varun: hey don’t cry lucky, now u r not alone!

Ranveer: we will meet her tomorrow !

@new morning

Ranveer, vaurn , laksh and Sandra came to orphanage. They walked towards room no: 14.

Laksh was knocking the door, but no reponse was there.
“shona! Its me open the door” laksh said casually

After sometimes the door was opened.

There stood a girl,lifelessly. Her face was not that bubbly one, those eyes loose it charm! She looked at others who r standing there with laksh, her body shows she is uncomfortable. She moved inside the room, where others too followed her! She didn’t turned, she kept looking at the floor!

That room make them shock expect laksh. Those walls was filled with sansakr’s photo frames. Some books were thr, ranveer goes through it only to find single name written in all its page “sanky”.

“shona! This is my frnds this is…”

“why they are here?!” swara asked cutting laksh in between.

“we came to meet u shona!” ranveer stepped forward to her!

“then u can go!i don’t want to meet anyone” swara said coldly

“wont u look at us even for once” this time varun speak

“I don’t want meet anyone. Laksh please go from here!” swara said bit loudly

Laksh become upset and look at others!

“shona! We are here for u!” Sandra go to her and touch her shoulder

Swara jerked her hand!

“I don’t want anyone! Get lost” she almost screemed!

“ we wont let u live like this sister!” ranveer said while others look on, varun smiled.

“ u little sis, u cant scare us by ur cute angry voice” varun said to light up the situation.
Swara look at them without any clue!

“arey kiddo! Why looking at us like this! Am I looking weird?” varun asked while checking his body from top to down

“yeah! U always look like gorilla!” Sandra snapped bck

“u idiot! Why u called me gorilla? Its u monkey!”varun jumped to her

“oye!! To whom u r jumping at? Keep distance u fool!”Sandra again said

Making swara to get more confused at this boys!

Ranveer slowly walked to swara , where laksh was trying to slove the tom and jerry fight.

“they are like that only shona! See u kiddo, u cant live like this! U saw ur chotte? Ur papa? How they will feel while watching u like this? U want to hurt them?”

Swara shook her head while lisning to ranveer , and others kept silent.

“then why r u doing this?” a tear dropped from her eyes which ranveer wiped and cupped her face.

“ u cried enough shona! Its enough! Now live for those who r caring for u! for ur papa, ur chotte and for us!make them happy, wont u do that?”

Swara cried while nodding, ranveer hugged her and she didn’t opppsed.

“shona” varun called from behind!

Swara look at them!

“happy rakshabandan sister” varun said with a sweet smile.

Precap: teddy and bears, a new start

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