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a mother’s love


this is a small article dedicated to mothers so please read it

When we say mom 2 dosas will be enough for me she will bring u 4.
When u r out she will call u once in an hour .
When there r 3 apples and ur family has 4 members mom will says i don’t like apples
When u go to sleep wid no blankets u will definitely wake up wid one
When u r going away somewhere she will pack u bunch of snacks specially made for u . then she will tell u don’t give all snacks to ur friends . eat it urself
Gonna study at midnight ? don’t worry . mom will make u tea coffee . the best thing is she will never complain about loosing her sleep

At times u may not like her
U may get irritated by her
U may even abandon her


Dedicated to all the lovely moms on earth and in heaven
Happy mother’s day

If u have not thanked her for what she did so far go and thank her now .
Also comment what u feel about ur mom and how this article was

  1. Hi varshini it is awesome..evrythng u write abt a mother is right..she is d queen of sacrifice…

  2. S absolutely true varshini.She will do anything for us

  3. ohhhhh dr its damnnnnn true tgough I collect all the words available in dizzz world to describe my mom nd my lve fr her I vil nt be able to confess bcoz words arent enough to describe our moms lv nd duty towards her children A MOM’S LV IS PURE LV WHICH NVR XPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN ALTHOUGH SMETIMES WE R HARSH ND HURT THEM STILL THEY STAND UP FR US WithoUT ANY OFFENSE LOADS OF LOVE FR ALL THE MOTHERS IN DIZZ WORLD DIZZZ SINGLE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH TO TELL WAT SHE IS FR ME ME CMMTNG MYSELF MY LIFETIME AT HER SERVICE MOM LV U A LOT ND DR HEART TOUCHING ARTICLE R I SAY UR LV FR UR MOM

  4. Its true, I really luv mom.may 8 & may 9 rthis year r very special for me aa may 8 is mother’s day & may9th is my parls marriage u mom .

  5. Silent Reader

    Simply Superb. Golden Words..!

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  7. Awesome, very beautiful words…happy mothers day to all moms. you loads 🙂

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