A Love Rekindled (A Swasan Fanfiction) (Epi-1)

A beautiful girl came out of the airport , she looked elegant in the beautiful saree . she went and sat inside a taxi

On the other side in a big house a beautiful girl was getting ready , she opened her hair and left it loose , she went and prayed to god that her first day in the office should go well

Suddenly her phone rang

She went and picked it up .

The other end : can i speak to Ragini Gadodia ? this is Mr Maheshwari from maheshwari industries

Ragini was surprised to hear laksh’s voice

ragini : laksh ! when did you buy a new mobile phone , i never knew

Laksh : haha you have forgot me totally , how will you know my number and yes , do you even remember that in this world you have a boyfriend , who is waiting for you since so many years

Ragini (laughing): laksh , stop doing drama , lets meet at steam beans cafe , sharp , 5 o clock ok ?

Laksh : leave all that , i know you remember me and love me a lot and lets meet today for sure . i called you to wish you good luck for your first day at office

Ragini : love you laksh , love you so much , how is

Suddenly somebody pulled phone from laksh , it was myra , laksh’s younger sister

Myra: ragini di , got to know you are joining your office officially today , all the best

Ragini : thank you so much cutie

Myra : so ab sab kuch settle ho hi gaya hai , when are you both getting married?

Ragini : myra , tum bhi na and blushed

Laksh : god ,why did u even made this chuhiya know about our relationship , myra , meri ma , dont go on telling anybody about us . meri ma tho shock mein chali jayegi , ki ragini jisko mein apni dost kehta hoon , woh meri dost nahi girlfriend hai

Myra : ok , ok , now give me my 2000 rupees aur mujhe chuhiya kehna nahi

Laksh : why will a 15 year old need a 2000 everyday .

Myra : maaa…..bhaiya

Laksh closed her mouth and kept 2000 rupee note in her hand

Myra smiled at him and said : keep doing this everyday , this truth will never come out

and went away

Laksh smiled as she went , he thought if the same thing went everyday ,one day he will be left with no money in his wallet . yet he loved to pamper his younger sister

The beautiful girl entered her house . she saw her house and got teary eyed . she was here after 2 years .

Ragini came running and hugged her . she said swara , i am so happy to meet you after so many days

Swara smiled

Ragini : so where is jiju , you told me that you are coming today , I thought jiju will come with you

Shekar with his mother came there

Shekar smiled seeing swara . Her dadi too was happy to see her

Swara’s dadi went near her to hug her

Swara : ragini , you were asking me where your jiju is , he is no more your jiju , stop calling him jiju

Dadi : what do you mean swara ?

Swara : i divorced him six months back

Dadi was shocked and angry , she slapped swara in anger . shekar was shocked

Precap : Sanskar’s entry , raglak meet


here is a quick character sketch on the characters introduced

ragini : loves laksh a lot , has recently joined her father’s business officially . 23 years old , her world revolves around , laksh , elder sister swara and her father shekhar

laksh: loves ragini a lot , he loves to pamper his younger sister Myra , his family is his utmost priority .

myra: myra loves her elder brothers a lot . the only person except raglak to know about their relationship . loves to trouble laksh

this is my 3rd ff on swasan , i will surely give importance to raglak . this is a simple story with not much of twists . do give a like and drop a comment on what you felt . thank you so much for spending some time in reading my story

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  1. Diya543

    I’m waiting for the next update it was so awesome and waiting to know y swara divorced sanskar ?

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much

    1. Varshini

      thank you

    1. Varshini

      thank you

  2. Pravee

    waiting for next

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much , i will be posting the next one tomorrow ?

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    1. Varshini

      thank you

  3. Sandymsdian

    Very nice start dear.i love this concept.

  4. Sandymsdian

    Update next part soon

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      thank you much ? , will post the next one tomorrow

  5. Jasminerahul

    i’m surprised to see a swasan raglak ff from u.I’ m so happy.these days I was craving to read on
    them n u posted one.Ragini Laksh’s conversation was cute.very pure love.Naira as Laksh’s bubbly sis was so cute.Laksh Naira scene was cute n funny.Ragini Swara relationship is so lovely.Shocked to know that swara divorced her husband.Is Sanskar her husband?Waiting 4 Sanskar’s entry.beautiful pics

    1. Varshini

      thank you so much

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