A Love Rekindled (A Swasan FF) (Epi-2)

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Dadi : have you thought marriage and divorce is all so simple

Swara shook her head i am sorry  she said

Ragini was shocked “was this really swara ???” she thought , if it would have been her this would have been correct , but swara stopping right there and apologizing to her dadi was something unexpected . swara was a person who would take a stand for herself

Dadi :  i dont say your decision is wrong , i am just saying that you should have told us before taking this big decision…..

Shekar stopped his mother , he said : bas ma , stop it right now

He held swara’s hand and took her inside

“go freshen up and come for lunch , no more talks” he said looking at his mother

Swara was thankful they did not talk more .

swaragini came to their room . ragini tried to divert swara’s thoughts

Ragini : swara , we will finally stay in the same room after so many days

Swara : you need not make me feel comfortable ragini , thats fine , guess you were getting ready to go somewhere  , you go i will take care

Ragini felt a little hurt, she  became sure that swara was completely broken , otherwise swara would never ever talk  to her  like this

Laksh  met ragini in the cafe

Ragini : laksh , swara is back

Laksh : wow thats great , how is she and her husband

Ragini : would you do a favour to me , is it possible for my sister to meet sanskar bhaiya

Laksh : sanskar would never want to talk to swara , he was so angry with swara when she left him for higher studies

Ragini : but she is not her true old self , from the time i saw her talk about her divorce

Laksh : what ???swara is divorced ??

Ragini : and only one person can talk and make her talk , is sanskar bhaiya , after all they were best friends ,i know  swara did not have any best friend after she went abroad to finish her higher studies

Laksh : that is true….and sanskar’s last best friend was she only . he never made any close friends after swara left India

In maheshwari house a boy was sleeping fully covered with blanket

a beautiful middle aged woman came.

she pulled the blanket and said , sanskar , its 6 in the evening  and you are sleeping now

sanskar smiled and said , kaki , i came back from work only at 3 o clock , i had a sleepless night Yesterday

Annapurna : tho kisne kaha itna kam karo ?

Sanskar hugged Annapurna and said kaki , how much you care about me. What to say , our business is in a level where nobody can reach , is it not our responsibility to maintain that , laksh also came now only , but dont know where he went?

Annapurna : yeh ladka bhi na , kahi na kahi jata rehta hai

Suddenly laksh hugged her from behind .

Sanskar : you and i came together , i am sleeping here and you went somewhere

Laksh : sanskar , i went to meet ragini . and you know sanskar ,ragini’s sister swara , your childhood best friend . she is back in india . wont you meet her .

Ap : woh pyari bacchi , jo America chali gayi thi , wahi ladki na , jo hamesha sanskar ke sath rehthi thi ?

Laksh : han ma , that girl only

Sanskar : oh , thats good

And he went away  , the mention of his best friend made him remember many memories of theirs , ofcourse nobody knew that he always loved swara, not as a friend….but he could not forget that she left him so easily. He no longer loved her as he knew she was married . Now  he did not actually know how to react on swara coming back

to  be continued…

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