A Little More Than Forever (RagSan SS) CH-02

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Chapter 1

She woke up with a jerk and sweat droplets traveling down her neck. Her breathing was fast. Looking around to realize whether she is out of her dream. A dream which is making her nights sleepless from six months for an unknown reason.

She doesn’t know if that was anywhere connected to the reality because it always felt so real. Only the face was a bit unclear. What amused her was she has been seeing herself kissing a guy whom she has never even seen in her life. She has been searching her memory if she had watched any movie of his or is he any celebrity.

She moved her palm over her forehead wiping the sweat and turned to the table to take the glass of water. She gulped the water and sat blankly looking at the wall. She was trying to analyze why is she seeing that weird dream from so many days.

After her pub adventure of which only thing she remembered was she puncturing Jack’s nose. When she woke up in the morning Sheena had arrived to the hospital and they had walked out without even checking over Jack as Sheena was too heart broken and she wished he better die.

They had been admitted in their college which was unaware to Jack which acted as a advantage for Sheena as she wanted stay away from him as much as possible. Ragini wanted to be her support system in this difficult time.

Pushing the quilt over her body she walked to the washroom to freshen herself. The hot water refreshed her mind and she was making herself ready for the new day at the college.

Finally she reached the college after driving for twenty minutes or something.

“Hey” she hugs Sheena who hugs her back with a wide smile. Truly said there is no better thing than being with your best friend and Ragini was the lucky one who had been having the same best friend from years. Even after the pub adventure Sheena believed Ragini but not Jack.

“First day sucks” Sheena flips her hair back. And Ragini as usual is lost and bumps into someone. “Oh I’m sorry” she apologizes. “Fresher?” the stiff voice makes her to look up. His grin over his lips indicates what she has landed herself in. “Gini we were supposed to avoid the seniors” Sheena whispers nervously.

“I will handle this” Ragini assures her. Sheena knows Ragini is stronger compared to her and even mature. So when she assures something then she is sure of what she is doing.

Ragini walks forward not giving any heed to him and the person hold her elbow to stop her. Fuming at his act she jerks his hand and slaps him across the face hardly. So harsh that his lip starts bleeding and he holds his cheek shocked. The people around stop and watch them. It hurts his ego and he makes a run from there not wanting to face the audience.

“Don’t you think that was too much of a reaction?” Sheena is still shocked what just happened. “And that’s how my limbs react to people who misunderstands me as weak” Ragini scrunches her nose and walks inside and Sheena follows her still in the state of disbelief.

“Hello” a guy waves at Ragini and Sheena. “You are in literature?” he asks and they nod their heads. “Oh hi. I’m your new classmate Johnathan” he forwards his hand. ‘Jeez hope Gini doesn’t twist his hand’ Sheena closes her eyes. Ragini shakes his hand and gives him a wry smile.

“I thought you will bend his hand in the opposite direction” Sheena asks confused. “Because I have a jerk alert system which helps me to sense the jerks and non jerks” Ragini tightens her lips looking at Sheena who still did not understood what Ragini exactly said.

“You look new to Manhattan?” John sips the juice in his can while they walk to the parking. “We kind of shifted back here after years” Sheena walks with a bit nervousness in her mind. “Um. Then you will definitely want to tour the city don’t you? Or you have already done it?” he asks throwing the can in the dust bin.

Er. Yup actually we aren’t so good with the road and maps so had been postponing the idea from a long time” Ragini opens the car door. “Anyways from tomorrow the boring life of Uni is gonna suck. So why don’t we try it today?” Sheena excitedly looks at Ragini.

Ragini knew how disturbed Sheena was from past six months and there was nothing better than tour of the new place to rejuvenate her mood. So touring the newly found old city made sense. John joined agreeing for the role of the guide.

They had been roaming around the city from more than an hour. “I’m starving to death” Ragini complained outside a book store. “Alright there is cafe nearby and it’s Indian. So we can stop there for the food” said John. “You like Indian food?” Sheena looks at him surprised.

“Yup. My fifth girlfriend was an Indian and she had taken me on a date” John walks and the girls follow him giving a nod. “I’m going to take the order” Ragini places the bags on the seat when Sheena and John were still settling down on the chairs in front of her.

“Bhukkad” Sheena nods her head with a smile. “Bhu…what?” John asks with a cocked eyebrow. “I wonder your Indian girlfriend did not teach you Hindi” Sheena mocks him. “No.. Um actually she was not so good with Hindi as she was from South India” he said leaning back to the chair.

Ragini stands at the counter waiting for her order. As the waiter hands her the three full plates she turns. Her movement stop finding someone close to her. She holds the slipping plates and looks up.

“Don’t tell me morning dose wasn’t enough for you” she glares the senior who was beaten up by her in the morning. He smirks at her and two to three men slide beside him who were hefty and scary and Ragini’s eyes scan them.

She places the food on the table and blows a whistle in her signature tone. Sheena looks back at her and her eyes go wide looking at Ragini and the men in front of her. “Oh no” she speaks nervously when Ragini signs her to take the plates.

“I will see” John is stopped by Sheena who nods her head looking at him. He looks at her confused. He turns and looks at Ragini. Ragini smirks at the people standing in front of her and runs from there and they chase her. She jumps over a railing which acts as a blockage for the people following her.

She reaches outside the cafe where she stops at the stair flight which is heading down. “Oh Vertigo?” she hears the man’s voice and she turns to him still smirking. “Must appreciate your courage. I would love to punch this attitude face”one of them smiles.

He charged at her and she bent and kicks his back and he rolls down the stairs and reached the road where a car screeched in front of him and he covers his face scared. She stops a hand which approaches her face and flies and greets the person’s face with a back leg kick and he lands on the ground wincing in pain.

She blocks a blow from the senior and punches him on his face and then on the stomach. He holds his stomach dropping on the ground wincing in pain. She senses a hand moving behind and bends. The man hits the rod in air and she hears a scream.

She looks up to find a lady holding her head and the man now turning to Ragini. She holds his hand and snaps his hand on her knee breaking the bone. He also drops on the ground. She turns to the lady concerned and prevents her from falling backward.

She walks to her immediately and tries to console her. “Aunty… Aunty are you okay?” she asks looking worried. “Anyone is with you?” she looks around. “I’m so sorry Aunty” she tries to talk to the lady.

“Em. It’s hurting. Actually my son is around. If you can call him” says the lady and recites the number. Ragini dials the number and waits for someone to pick the call. “Damn. He isn’t lifting” she says as she gets more worried with the passing time.

“Maa” they hear a voice and Ragini feels the voice similar. She is frozen in her place. The lady stumbles and walks to her son. “Sanskar” she says reaching him. “How did this happen?” he asks her worried. “Um. I just came in between a fight” she says hesitantly.

“This is why I don’t visit you.. You get over excited over everything. Who told you to walk around alone on the streets for my favorite food. Now let’s leave” says he walking away from there. Ragini wears her hood back and turns to enter the cafe. “That girl is so brave. She fought them all alone” his mom pointed at the people lying on the ground.

“And she saved me from further getting injured” she gives him a smile. “Excuse me” he turns and Ragini stops her steps.

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