A Little More Than Forever (Ragsan SS) CH-01

It was the chilly December morning. It was unusually cold and the snow out made it worse. “Err. The snow is annoying at times” I looked at Venessa. She was still looking at the snow outside. “Hard times for you tropical buts” she smiled sarcastically.

I know she loves snow. And to an extent given a chance she will step out now to build a snowman. “Dr. Venessa” a voice from the back disturbed us and we both turned to look at the ever annoying Dr. Gilbert. He has the worst time sense in the world as per Venessa and I don’t disagree on that particular statement of hers.

“Um. We have a patient you must hurry in” she ran in his direction without wasting time. “Sanky come help me out. It’s not gonna stop snowing for some more hours” she signed me at the edge. She was right instead of wasting my time watching that white snow which makes me feel more white I better do what she says.

Then I wasn’t aware I’m going to land myself in a crazy night over in the hospital I have been working from past five years.

“Oh my Good Lord” I heard Venessa scream and I rushed to her direction with more speed. Is there any cause that destiny plays that way. I don’t know how does it actually plays. But it must be crazy nut to crack.

“Now I’m here blinking in the starlight… Now I’m here suddenly I see… Standing here it’s all so clear… I’m where I meant to be….” the girl was dancing all across me. Suddenly I felt I’m not in a hospital but in some opera house. No doubt she was singing really good.

She stood just in front of me with her closed eyes and a bright smile on her face. She stumbled a bit and my hands moved to hold her and luckily she was safe in my hands. My eyes scanned her face. She was cute. “What’s happening here?” Venessa asked for an explanation.

I landed back in my real world and so hated to do that. I made her stand and she fell on me as she could no longer hold herself.

“She is with the patient. It’s drunk driving case.” As Dr. Gilbert was explaining the situation I gazed at her to analyze if she has had any injury. Luckily there wasn’t any. I tucked her hair strand over her face behind the ear and she smiled more.

“Gosh take her away. She is disturbing” Venessa spat and I chuckled. “What?” she looked at me. “I wonder something annoys you at least. Ms Perfectly calm and most sensible doctor of the hospital” I mocked at her receiving a blow on my shoulder. “Fine I’ll take her aside” I said stopping her and she grinned at me mischievously. “Oh I’m just helping” I dragged her with me giving a shrug to Venessa.

“Here you are” I made her sit on a bed in the nearby ward keeping in mind that she doesn’t disturb the patients. She was so loose that she would fall over if not given a hand. “Here where?” she opened her eyes and looked around.

“Here is here” I said adjusting her to lean on the bed. “Oh I love this here” she smiled again with closed eyes. “Why so?” I know I sound idiot that I was having a conversation with the girl who is hardly in her senses but it was fun.

“Because here is so cool” she hugged herself feeling cold. “You are cold” I covered her with the blanket. “No I’m not cold” she pushed it aside. “Trust me looking at you I feel you are not used to this weather” I covered her again. “You are so dumb” she hit my forehead with her cold fingers.

“I meant I’m not cold. I’m Ragini.” she chuckled and I flushed with embarrassment. “Yeah yeah smart pants” I nodded my head getting up and she stopped me holding my wrist and I turned to look at her and those sparkling eye balls had caught me in their innocence.
“Stay a little more here” she bent her head. I smiled and sat again in front of her. “You are cute” she said pulling my nose. “I’m not cute. I’m Sanskar” I smiled at her and she chuckled. “It’s such a big name” she stretched her hands and I couldn’t stop but just smile at her.

“You can call me Sanky, like how Venessa calls” I suggested. “Venessa. Oh girl friend” she teased me. “No. She is just my best friend. The one who was annoyed with you there” I showed my finger in the direction. “Oh that lady hitler” the way she said it made me burst into hysterics.

I have never admitted but Venessa is actually that. “You look handsome with those wrinkles when you laugh” she said bending her head cutely and making me blush. “Awww. You blush also?” she pulled my cheek. “Sadly I do” I looked down.

“So who’s that with you?” I asked her when there was utter silence between us. “Jack” her eyes went wide when she realized that there was an accident. “Jack” she started crying badly like a small kid. “Oh I’m sorry was he your date?” I asked placing my hand on her hand.

“No he was Sheena’s date but he was dropping me home and on the way…” she began crying again. “Oh thank God” I whispered and she looked at me. For a second I thought she heard what I said. “No. I mean” I tried explaining. “No you are right. Thank God he is in hospital on right time” she said wiping her tears.

“Don’t worry your best friend’s date will be fine” I said the most stupid consoling words I have ever told. She buried her face in my chest and I struggled with an urge to drag her more close to me. “I know he will be fine. But Sheena will rip me off if she came to know I almost punctured Jack’s handsome nose” she scrunched her nose.

“You punctured his nose?” I dragged her away and looked at her and she chuckled. “He was trying to misbehave with me so I punched him on the nose and he missed his balance hitting the pole” she pouted cutely and I smiled looking down. What is she doing to me?

“You are a brave girl” I said looking in her eyes. And again the smile the cute smile crept her lips. “And you are cute” she said with a hiccup. “I think you need water and for the sake of humanity stop calling me cute” I made her lean back and walked to the table to get a glass of water for her.

I offered her the glass with a smile. “I don’t like water. It’s so plain” she made a face. “Oh yeah no one has liked water till now and you must be the first to express your feel for water. And undoubtedly it is plain how it is supposed to be” I looked at the glass and she let a light chuckle.

“But you need it right now” I forced her to gulp it down as she was hiccuping. She made a weird pukish face after I dragged the glass away from her.

She looked even more cute now. I don’t know why she was attracting me more and more towards her with every passing moment.

“And at last I see the light…” she jumped on the bed with a sudden jerk. “Now that I see you” she bent and traced my jawline sending shivers.

“Rapunzel fan I see” I made her sit and she crossed her legs and sat with her hands cupping her face. “Yup. I love Rapunzel….” she screeched happy stretching her hands. “You know Flynn is so cute and funny” she said with her wide eyes. “And who taught you to address men as cute” I said nodding my head.

She leaned closer to me and with that I was bit startled. “Because you people are cute” she nuzzled her nose with mine and I just could watch her do so. I could feel her face turning shade when her lips were just a bit away from mine and that moment was melted in time when she touched her lips with mine and we both closed our eyes not wanting to separate from each other.

And my hands moved to her back to drag her near me and she drew patterns in my hair. I so loved it that I smiled in that kiss. We felt difficult to breath but I couldn’t drag myself away from her. I did not needed oxygen more than her.

But my lungs gave up the battle and I have to drag myself away and still managed to sit touching our foreheads. “That was..” she smiled and passed out before she could say the word which would describe our moment. I made her lie on the bed and kissed her hair covering her with the blanket.

“Stay a little more than forever with me” she whispered smiling in her sleep and I smiled at her cute face.

That was the day I met her. The crazily brave yet humble girl. The girl who calls men cute. Who punctures guys nose. That’s a bit scary. But she was a bliss when she made me lose in herself.  

I know you people are eating for guilt and it will be up soon. Till then enjoy this short story.

Thank you

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