A journey to love Chapter 1

Hey I m a huge swaragini fan and a swalak fan too…i knw they are not going to unite in the real serial..but I really want them together as much as ragsan…if Yu like my ff plz comment….?

This story is based on two best sisters in the world and two brothers…the boys are from one of the biggest busines home Maheshwari group of companies and the sisters are from the upper middle class….swara Bose and Ragini Bose are the sisters and laksh Maheshwari and sanskar Maheshwari are the brothers..four of them just passed their 12th and about to join one of the finest college of Kolkata…swaragini sisters are the students of music and sanlak are the students of business…

The story started from Bose house..
Location:- badi of the swaragini house
Their mother shomi(sharmishtha) doing the tulsi Pooja and singing the aarti. Her husband Shekhar looked him from behind and smiles at her.when she finishes her pooja she comes to Shekhar
Shomi:- Shekhar why r Yu smiling at me
Shekhar:- yur voice made my day. I love to see Yu to do the pooja and sing the aarti.. Yu r the laxmi of my house
Shomi:- come on Shekhar stop praising me and Pl look after to yur daughters..i knw they both are still sleeping..
Shekhar:- ohh come on mishthi let them sleep na
Shomi:- Yu both father and daughter are same..they have to go for their college for admission..they’ll be late
Shekhar:- ohh I m really sorry..lets go and wake them up..

That both went to the swaragini room

Location:- swaragini room
That showed swaragini are sleeping so peacefully and the swargini plays…sunshine is coming from the window and they both disturbed with sunlight and covers their face with blanket..then shomi and Shekhar comes to the door…they slowly open the doors and see them sleep
Shomi:- ohj god they both are still sleeping..get up my princess its 8am now..
Shekhar:- why we are disturbing them let them sleep for sometime…..
Shomi:- Yu shut up Shekhar…its all yur fault..if Yu r strict to them then they both wakes up daily..

Swaragini wakes up already and sees their parents are fighting for them oll over again..they both shout….good morning maa-baba

Their dadi parvati listen and comes up to their room..
Dadi:- why Yu both girls are shouting like this…we are not living alone in This badi..
Swara:- see na dadi maa baba fighting
Ragini nods to swara not to say this
Dadi:- I knw what else they can do except fighting…and Yu both are still in bed and get up and be ready..shomi Yu come to kitchen

Dadi goes…swaragini comes down from the bed and huges to maa baba..and they all laughed together and swaragini plays…
Shomi:- now Yu both get ready and Shekhar Yu also get ready to the shop..
Swaragini:- yes maa…go dad go else dadi will come and says Yu all are still talking come down right now….hahaha
All of them laughed..shomi kisses to the forhead of swaragini and they both looks to Shekhar
Swara:- don’t worry if maa is not going to kiss Yu we’ll kiss Yu
And swara and Ragini kisses to Shekhar and says Yu are the best maa baba of the world..episode ends..

Precap:- swaragini stands in the admission line and sanlak came their…they saw the long line and go to break the line when swara stops them and said we are standing in this line for so long how can Yu break the line..these rules are for everyone and Yu have to follow the college rules..sanlak see them with angry faces

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  1. Hi dimpi finally swalak ff is here nice start and fighting so cool… m

  2. Loving it…. dimpy its a request plz continue………..

  3. I really request the makers to unite swara only laksh can make swara laugh with her full heart and sanskar is d biggest hypocrite first he hates swara and den loves her and laksh has loved her from d beginning until d conspiracy by Ragsan so please keep dem together it’s only fair

  4. nice start

  5. Very nice story plz continue

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