A Journey of Love(Episode51)


The episodes starts with all four girls sit on ground and ask for buttermilk. The waiter look at Arnav and Arnav look at him and nod his head in negative direction.
Radhika:Hey kushi…look at there.Four four Arjun sir’s walking there.
Kushi:I saw only two Arnav’s..Then what about remaining two Arnav sir’s.
Amaya:How can we know kushi? You go and directly ask him about remaining two.
Ishu:For me also only two Ramans…
Amaya:For me too only two Mantus…
Kushi:We three saw only two then how you saw four Arjun’s.
Radhika:How can i know Kushi..but one thing i know..Now he is angry on me. I check that which Arjun sir is angry on me.That Arjun is mine and remaining are not mine.
Ishitha:Then ,I also follow your idea.

Ishitha:Bcoz Raman is also angry on me.
Kushi:Ha..Ishu.Arnavji is also angry on me.
Amaya:What you three can do yaar? Why are they angry on you?I am not like you…I only angry on Mantu…
Mantu:See yaar..It is very difficult to handle them.
Kushi:Bhayya, muje sirf ek glass dedho na…plz
Amaya:Kushi..wait..Bhayya,They called you for buttermilk.You go and serve them.
The server look at that direction Amaya took two glasses from there and give it to Kushi and Radhu.

He again look at Amaya and ask her whom did call me?Nobody are not there na?
Look at there…at that side..Again he turn his head..Amaya took another two glasses and give one to Ishitha..
They four again go with cheers and drink…
Arjun:Really they didnt know they drink bhaang..
Raman:Def they didnt know..
Arnav:First think how to stop them without doing any mad jobs..
Mantu:How can you stop yaar..look at them.
The four drink again another glass. They form a circle by holding their hands…
Radhika:Now it is time to play,Sing and dance….
Kushi:Yes,We sing Ringa Ringa Roses…. and parallely we play and dance for it..
They sing the Rhym and play for it and all sit down.
Amaya:We play another game…
Ishitha:Which game we can play now?
Both Radhika and Kushi:We play hide and seek
Radhika:I count 50 numbers you people can hide near by me only…ok na..Then i find you people.
Remaining three nod their heads.
Shr opened her eyes and saw Arjun stand infront of her…Automatically tears roll dwon on her cheecks.
Radhika:Yeh,now i saw only one Arjun, What about remaining three?
Arjun:Stop it Radhika…Come with me.
Radhika:Leave me Arjun sir…I want to play with my frnds..I tell one sceret to you..come to me.
Radhika very slowly tell him,help me Arjun sir where they can hide then i buy chocalates to you.
Arjun:Just shut up your mouth and come with me.
Radhika feel drowsy and said him no i wont come with you its time to play… By saying this she sit on bench under a tree by putting a puppy face.
Kushi hide behind a big tree…Arnav came there and ask her what are you doing here..
Kushi:I am playing hide and seek here.
Arnav:Oh…With whom you play madam.
Kushi:With my frnds Arnavji.
Arnav:Just stop it and come with me.
Kushi:No…I want to play..I want to play…
Amaya sit beside canteen wall and close her eyes..
Mantu:Amaya…Why are you sitting here?
Amaya:I am not sitting here..i am hiding here…
Mantu:Why you close your eyes…open your eyes…
Amaya:I am playing hide and seek na.. i hide by closing my eyes..Now nobody are visibile for me.Then how Radhu can find me..
Mantu:wow..too intelgent you are… ok.. first you come with me.

Ishitha hide behind a statue.Raman goes towards her and ask her..
Raman:Why you are hiding here?
Ishitha:I playing hide and seek..you sit down Ravan kumar…Otherwise,Radhu can find me.
By saying this Ishitha pull Raman down.Raman sit beside her and ask her come with me.Your condition is not good..
Ishitha:what happened to my condition?I am perfectly alright…
Raman:You drink bhang instead of Buttermilk.
Ishitha:No Raman..we drink buttermilk only…It is very tasty.come lets go we drink another glass…
Raman:Stop it Ishitha.Come with me.
All four girls are not in their senses and they didnt obey their heros words to go with them.
Thoshiji saw Raman sit there and ask him why are you sitting here.All are bussy in holi clebrations na…
Raman tell her how theze four girls drink bhang instead of buttermilk and said her we leave this place without any noise.You inform papa to close the function after completion of all formalities.Thoshiji nod her head and control her smile seeing her sons and how they cover their partners..
Raman maa plz help me..Ask papa to manage here.I will assign Aman(right hand to four frnds and best frnd to them) to manage here.
Thoshiji:Ok my son…you people carry on…Ramam msgs to remaining three about it.
Raman:Ishitha..come with me.We just move from here.
Ishitha:I am playing hide and seek na.
Raman:We hide in our car it is best place and nobody didnt find you.
Ishitha:ok,lets go…we hide in your car.
Arnav:kushi,come with me.We go from here..
Kushi:No,I didnt come with you..I want to play.
Arnav:Shutup kushi..You drink bhang and you try to play in this state.
Kushi:Again you scold me…from day one onwards you scold me…Khadoos.
Arnav hold her hand and darag her towards his car.Arnav make her sit in the car and left from that place.
Mantu:Ammu can we go and hide in some other place.
Amaya:No,I wont come with you..You scold me infront of unknown persons.
Mantu:They are our guests..
Amaya:Then,Who am i?

Mantu:First come with me..I will explain..Amaya:No…I wont come..
Mantu lift her in his arms and place her in his car and left from that place.
Arjun:Radhika,Come lets go from here.Radhika:Till now i didnt seek anybody in my game.(She put a puppy face towards him).Arjun:I know where they are..I help you to find them..
Radhika nodded her head and forward her hands towards him.
Arjun hold her hand and pull her up.
Radhika:If you hold my hand like this entire my life Arjun..Plz dont leave me.Plz dont be angry on me Arjun. She hug him and say I Love You more than Icecreams..
Arjun got iritated by her words and put his fingers on her lips and stare angry look at her and said really you are mad radhika…..
Radhika:I am playing here Arjun.I dont come with you.
Arjun:I know where they hide.Come with me i will show them to you and i buy icecreams for you.
Radhika really..then i come with you…
Raman stop his car infront of his house and open the car door and ask her to get down.Ishitha:You said that we hide in the car na. Then why you ask me to get down.I didnt come.
Raman:Arey madrasan…just get down. We together hide in another place.Ishitha:Ok…i get down from car.. show me where can we hide.
Raman took her to his bed room and ask her to sit on bed and he go to kitchen and prepare lemon water for her.When he enter into the room he saw Ishu covered the blanket and close her eyes.Ishitha(murmed):Raman dont be angry on me.This day is holi na.. plz apply holi color to me.I am waiting for playing holi with you only.Bcoz all çolors in my life is gifted by you only Raman.Happy holi Raman.By listening this Raman got tears in his eyes.He controled himself and ask Ishitha to drink lemon water.He hardly try to bring senses to Ishitha.
Ishitha:plz Raman.Forgive me.plz..plz..
Raman:Dont talk like that Ishu.. mistake is mine.I only behave like a kid. First you drink lemon water and next we apply holy colors.We both can enjoy our holi…
Iahitha:Promise…Then give that glass..
Ishitha drink lemon water and give the glass back to Raman.
Raman:Ishu go to wash room and wash your face.Then you feel better.
Ishitha went into washroom and raman cut the color packets and arrange them in small cups.Raman hold red color in his hands to apply her. Suddenly he hear Ishitha shouts loudly…
Ishitha:Raman Raman..come fast Raman.
Raman worried about her and enter into bathroom..He is shocked and stand like a statue.
Ishitha:Raman see Rain is comming in bathroom also.Come on Raman we play in rain.

The wash cum bathroom is so large she turn the shower on and feel that it is rain bcoz still she is in bhang effect.
Ishitha play and jump liike a kid. Raman is not able to control bcoz she wear white dress and that to now she is under shower.
Raman walked towards her and put red color on her forehead and say Happy Holi Ishitha.She looked into his eyes and ask him dont leave me Raman.If you feel there is any mistake from my side just give a big slap for me.But dont be angry on me.Both stand under shower only… Raman apply red color to her cheecks and move his hands down towards neck followed by shoulders and towards her hands.Ishitha hug him and say thanks to him for apply holi color to her. Raman also hug her and say sorry to her.
Ishitha:Raman,I feel drowsy and headache…
Raman stop the shower and lift her in his arms and come out from washrooom and place her on bed.He bring a towel and ask her to dry her hair.Ishitha took towel from Raman and walk towards the corner of the room and dry her hair.Raman look at Ishitha and walk towards her and hug her from back side and ask her to change the dress.Ishitha how can i change Raman..Raman hold her hand and walk towards the cuboard and give one dress to her.Ishitha look at him.He smile and said that i buy it for you only.Raman wait one minute..He bring clors plate and ask her to apply holi color to him.She took green color and apply to him.Raman:Ishitha red color is for romance and love.You are my love…so i apply red color to you. Then what about green color. Ishitha:Green..It is color of life..You are my life Raman.It reprasents health and wealth…I pray to god that you will be always in good health… thats why i apply green color.. Raman:Then we complete our holi…
Raman apply all color to Ishitha in different places.She run from him and he followed her and apply colors to her.She run in that room and fell on bed Raman followed her and fell on her.They have an eye lock…Ishitha took red color from Ramans hand and apply to him and push him and try to get from bed..But Raman hold her hand and pull her back..She fell on him and he hold her by placing hand around her waist..He placed her on his lap and he sit along with her..and asked her can we go and do bath again.I think it is necessary for us..
Ishitha:No..First you go and fresh up then i go… Raman:Atleast i need a kiss from you..Ishitha put her hands around Ramans neck and kiss her on his cheeck..Raman:I need another one..
Ishitha kiss him on fore head.. Raman:No…another one. Ishitha kiss him on his chin…Raman:Arey madrasan give romantic kiss yaar.
Ishitha feel shy and look at him..He slowly move his lips towards her lips and put kiss on her lips softly..She close her eyes and tight her grip on his shoulders.Raman slowly kiss her after sometime Ishitha join with him and they both kiss passionately…..
Arnav stop his car and ask kushi to get down…

Kushi:No you cheated me and you bring me here without playing …
Arnav:First come with me…
Kushi:No..I wont come with you..I want to play holi and i want to drink butter milk there…I go back..
Arnav:What the…Kushi,Come inside.
Kushi:You scold me na…If you pamper me then i come with you…
Arnav:Pampering…I dont know how to do it..
Kushi:Yah…It is correct how can you know pamper means…Bcoz you are lord governer naa..
Arnav lift her from car and enter into his house and place her on his bed. He enter into the kitchen and look for soda.He didnt find it.Finally he prepare buttermilk by muxing lemon in it.He took it and enter into his room and shocked that by seeing kushi drink wine in his room. Kushi:Arnavji.. this water taste is not good but shape of this bottle is good.Can i take this bottle with me.
Aranv walks towards her and drag bottle from her hand and place it on table.He ask her sit calm and drink this lemon water then you feel better and relax..
Kushi:Arnav sir..You know..when i start
love towards you from that minute onwards i didnt feel better.Bcoz ,I dont want to hide any thing from you sir… plz give one chance for me to tell everything about me.I know it is not mandatory for you.But….I want to share it with you…Bcoz…I Love You Arnavji…For me you are my world.. Without you this Kushi kumari gupta is not able to live…By saying this kushi fell on bed.

Credit to: Subhadha

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