A Journey of Love(Episode49)


The episode start in park all four sit under a tree and feel happy.
Raman:I think it is time to express our decissions infront of people who related to us. We announce our decissions in dhi engagement function.Otherwise our office staff go with different gossips. What abt your opinions?
Arnav:We are always with you Raman.
Mantu:Yes Raman…your decission is final.
Arjun:Actually Radhika miss her parents…To forget that pain she try to engage in work.Last night also she didnt eat anything….And he tell total story what happened at night.
Mantu:Yah….It is better to solve her problem.After that only we put them happy.
Raman:Arnav,Kushi want to tell something to you abt her past..you listen to her…
Arnav:I think you are correct Raman. She came to me last night….
He open up infront of his friends what happened in last night..
Mantu:You two guys open ur scerets very sincerely….then how can i….. Actually yesterday night i am also with Amaya…
Mantu share his moments with them.
Raman:Arey yaar… we three are there in that house….Even though we didnt see each other…How can it possible?
Remaining three at same time….. Raman you with Ishitha bhabhi …..
Raman nod his head…..FB starts…..
Raman come from washroom and slept on bed.
Thoshiji:Raman eat this and then go for sleep beta.
Raman hold thoshiji hand and ask her to sit.Thoshiji ask him what happened Raman?Raman tell her about subbus parents and meeting them with Ishitha and how he maintain relation with them….Thoshiji:It is good Raman… Even though why you feel dull?
Raman:I am worried maaa.
Thoshoji look at him…..

Raman:Haa maa.Exactly one month back these four girls enter into our lives.I know we are happy with them. They bring lot of joys in our lives.. Till now we four friends are happy in another directions bcoz of these girls we came near to family.I am worried that is our comming days also go like this only na…They are good from heart, efficient in work, They know how handle situations and take care abt people.We want to go with Anjali dhi marriage…So many things happened in one month….only in one single month.Maa you tell our past incidents to them….We know abt tbeir past…They didnt know anything abt us…You talk with those girls once…Plz..
Thoshiji:Dont worry…I have confidence on my four sons…I can talk with them…and i trust those girls thry keep my son in happy mood only….
Raman slept on bed and his phone continously rings.He took it in to his hands and look on screen…..
It displays Ishu calling……and time was 11:00pm…Raman pick the call..
Ishu:Hello…Ravan kumar….How can you leave me….Actually i miss you…
Raman:Actually i also Miss you Madrasan…
Ishu:Then come here….I want to see you Raman.
Raman:Now…It is 11:00pm…
Ishu:No problem…I want to see you now only….Come here…Otherwise i only come there…
Raman:You dont do any risks in this night….I will come in 15min…
Ishu:Ok..I wait under mango tree.. Back side of our house.
Raman stop his car back side of Ishu’s house and jump the backside wall. By hear the sound Ishitha turn her head and saw Raman standing there.Ishu run towards him and hug him. He find something different in her hug and look at her face.Raman cuped her face and look into her eyes..He ask her why u hide ur tears from me.What is the reason for your tears?
Ishu:You only Raman.You left me like that…You can do so many things for me…but i didnt do any thing for you. Yoy love me more and i didnt do anything…You stood my feelings and you clear all my doubts and fears from my mind and pain from my heart.. But i didnt try to understand you properly…I think i am not good lover like you.So i feel sad that i didnt take good care on you…
Raman:Ishu dont think like that. You bring love,happiness and gloary to my life.Its bcoz of you only.I just try to clear you guilt from your heart and brain.If those things hurts you…Then i am sorry…

Ishu:You clear all my doubts.Now i am very happy…Day after tomarrow onwards our PG classes starts.I feel nervous..
Ishu:Can i handle my studies and family…PG in medicine means…I am worried for thar also..
Raman:Can we postpone our marriage for two years..We go with after completion of your PG.
Ishu:No..Raman…I am not able to live without you.If i am not able to manage means i just drop my PG…Nothing is not important to me than you Raman.. So…i drop my PG….
Raman:No,Ishitha.Now it is my goal.. I want to see my wife as a good pediatric…I have confidence on you that you can mamage…
Ishitha hug Raman and they both walk towards the bench under the mango tree and sit on it.Raman put his hand around her waist by his right hand snd hold Ishitha’s hand by his left hand.Ishitha put her head on his shoulder and look into sky.
Raman:You close your eyes snd take rest…
Ishitha:I dont want to closr my eyes. If i close means again you leavee me and go….So..I dont want to sleep.
Raman:You look like restless.I promise to you…I didnt leave you until my last breath..
Ishitha:Dont talk like that Raman. If anything happens to you… that thinking only made me scared. Plz Raman…you know all and you still talk like that.
Raman:Sorry meri maa…Next time i dont repeat it.
Ishitha look into his eyes and ask him Raman as early as possible i want to be yours.plz……Raman didnt control himself and hug her tight.She also hug him.He gently start kiss on her lips and slowly start from bothsides. They unlock their lips when they feel it is hard to take breath…They look into each other eyes….Ishitha hug him and put her head on his lap and slowly went into sleep.Raman sit there up 4:30Am…and ask Ishitha to go inside her room.But Ishitha didnt want to go…He pleased her and send her inside the room…..FB ends..
Arnav:Our first work is attend Holi celebrations today in our medical college grounds.Already i infrom all important people and all our staff to attend with their families.I think it is better place to announce Anjali dhi engagement date..

Mantu:Hello jiju….You here….
Shiva:I came for jogging and i saw you people here.so….
Arjun:Jiju tomarrow we want to go with your engagement.Is this ok for you.
Shiva nod his head…
Mantu give contact numbers who are important to you….
Arnav:Yah it correct…your relatives and friends…..
Shiva:Nobody are there for me. Anandhi’s parents are not here.They are in US.For me i am alone..
Raman:Dont said like that..we are with you.
Shiva:I am sorry Arjun….not only Arjun for all….
Arjun:Sorry….for what?
Shiva:Yesterday night….I came to your house….
Shiva narrate them complete issue.I want take permission from you but i forget it and stay in your sister room untill morning…..so…..plz….
Mantu start laughing and remaining three join with him.shiva looked with confusion…Then Arjun tell him what they do with their girls…Shiva also slowly joined with them and they five continue their laughing..They are ready to leave park……They walk togeather…..
Mantu:Why cant you take responsibilities of medical college. We change our principal to dean position. So…I think you go with principal position….it is my thinking only.. Decission is yours..And physcology department…no good faculty also.If you handle that means it is good na.
Arjun:Think about it shiva…Actually you know My dhi completed her Adminustration and law PG…If she is intrested we assign her as a company lawyer and advisor…and with your permission only…..
Shiva:Give sometime for me to think… For Anjali it is completely her decission only….Raman:Ok…Join with us for holi celebrations in medical college grounds.
All leave to their places in their vehicles…They put msgs to their girls about holi clebrations and ask them to join with family…..

Credit to: Subhadha

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