A Journey of Love(Episode48)


The episode starts shiva..He feel not comfortable in his bed room.He remember things happened between Anjali and him in his room.A small smile appear on his face.He rub his forehead and get up from his bed and pick his car keys.He drive his car and stop infront of Arjuns house.He observe that gate is opened.He park his car side and enter into Arjuns house.The main door is slightly opened. He think why they didnt lock the door. By thinking this he enter into Anjalis room.He is shock bcoz Anjali didnt sleep yet…He look at bed.. Ananya sleep on bed with comfortable pose.He look at Anjali who stand in balcony.He slowly walk towards her and put his hands on shoulder and move his hands from shoulders to hands and hold her hands and fold hands across and put his chin on her shoulder and ask her why you didnt sleeo till now…Already it is 11:00pm.
Anjali still feel it is her dream and contiue her smile and answer him…How can i sleep?You disturbed me my sleep and now also i feel your presence that you hold me and hug me….Bcoz of this disturbance i am not able to sleep. Shiva realise that she think about him and she feel the reality is also her dream.He slowly pinch her on waist and said it is not dream….it is real yaar.Anjali feel pain for his pinch and turn towards him.she look into his eyes and ask him when did you come? How can you know that i think about you?
Shiva:Bcoz my heart is with you..It give the msg for me that my pretty queen is not feeling well…So i come here to give a pleseant sleep to you.
Anjali:Oh….How can you give pleasent sleep for me?
Shiva hold her hand and ask her to look into his eyes.Anjali look into his eyes.He hold her hand and walk towards the bed.He made her sit on bed.He cup her face into his hands and look into her eyes and ask her can you feel me.Anjali nod her head.He kiss her on forehead and look into her eyes.He ask her you need another one…Anjali ask her not one…i need more….He smile for her answer and ask her to close her eyes.He kiss her on eyes and then move his lips towards her cheecks and then her chin and next her neck and finally he slightly give a kiss on her lips.Anjali feel shy and hug him and ask him can i sleep on your lap.Shiva nod his head and he also sat on bed and ask Anjali place her head on his lap.She put her head on his lap and close her eyes.He put his hand on her head and move his fingers on her head very comfotable. With in 5mins she went into sleep.Shiva also put his back to bed and adjust his position comfortable and feel happy for Anjalis presence and slowly went into sleep.
Parallely The scene moves between Kushi and Arnav….
Arnav:Kushi…How can you be here at this time?
Kushi:What can i do Arnavji….I am waiting for you from mrg onwards to talk with you….You didnt give time for me….Thats why i am here in this time…
Dadhi:Arnav still you are not slept… What are you doing beta?
Actually she questioned him outside of his room.Arnav replied him….
Arnav:Nothing dadhi…I just want to drink water….I switch off the light… Gudnite dadhi…..By saying this he switch of the light and walk towards the door to lock it.
Kushi is scared for darkness in the room.She feel that she is alone and feel tense…and ready to fell down. Arnav know that she is scared for drakness….So he hold her and made her to sit on his bed.He light red and white color pot shaped candles in the room and open the balcony window slightly…..and close remaining all widows by curtains.The A/C is running in his room and wind enters into the room from window….He walk towards kushi and sit infront of her on his knees…and took her hands into his hands and look into her eyes.
Arnav:Can you do one thing for me.
Kushi:Anything thing for you Arnavji..
Arnav Give one cover to her and ask her to wear it.
Arnav:Yah…now only…..Actually i want to plan a romantic date with you…Now i think it is perfect time for date….
Kushi look at him and look at the dress and ask him how can i wear this Arnavji.Till now i dint wear this type of dresses.

Arnav:Wear it for my sake…If you need i will help you kushi..
By saying this he give naughty smile to her…Kushi get u from bed and went into wash room for change.After five mins she came out from wash room and hide behind curtain and try to put the zip.Arnsv look that side and observe kushi’s shadow….He know that it is highly impossible to her to handle the zip..He walk towards her and ask her you need any help from my side.
Kushi:Arnavji this zip……
Arnav stand behind her and put his hand on her bear skin.She feel it and close her eyes.Arnav observe her reactions from mirror and enjoy her feelings.He tickle her on neck and slowly move the zip and lock it.She feel shy for his tickling and close her face by her hands.Arnav hug her from back and remove her hands from her face and said you are like an angle in this dress kushi..
Kushi:But this type of dresses are not suitable for me….
Arnav:After our marriage you wear this type of dresses in this room infront of me.Otherwise i go for another option…..
Kushi:How can you do like that…? If i am not intrested to wear means you go for searching another girl…I am that much of boring to you….
Kushi starts crying…He ask her to calm down…but the flow of her tears were not stoped…He cuped her face and ask her first stop crying…You have no idea about my love on you.I didnt leave you kushi.you are one and only girl for me in my life.
Kushi:You only told me that you go with second option na…
Arnav:Second option related to dress..
Kushi:Oh…I am worried that you…..
Arnav put his fingers on her lips and ask her be quite….He wipe her tears with his lips and lift her with his hand and lay down on bed and he also slept beside her.Kushi:Arnavji i feel tense….
Arnav:Why …its me only na….
By feeling shy she turn towards him and hug him tight.Arnav also hug her and kiss her on forehead.He hug her with one hand and other hand search for her zip and drag it down…Kushi notice that and ask him dont do anything now….Plz Arnavji….I am already in last stage of controlling my balance.plz….By saying this she hide her tears.He observe that and put her zip and lock it.Kushi:I am sorry Arnavji.Arnav:No no….I am only sorry..
You close your eyes and take rest for sometime.Afterwards i drop you in your house.Kushi place her head on his chest and listen his heart beat…And feel that it beat very rythamic….
Kushi:I want to tell onething….
Arnav:Its time to sleep kushi…close your eyes…If you feel really it is urgent means we discuss it latter…
First close your eyes…I want to sleep….and put one kiss on her forehead….They went into sleep after 10mins….
The is running and now it is 5:00AM.
Arjun open his eyes and realise that he sleep in his car only and look at Radhika.She sleep like a small baby by put her head on his chest and hold her his shirt with one hand…
Arjun:Radhikaa……get up yaar….It is 5:00Am…
Radhika:Plz maaa.I want to sleep for another 10more mins….
Arjun:Slowly pinch her ear shell and ask her to look at him…
Radhika slowly opened her eyes and realise that she is with Arjun….
Radhika:Gudmrg Arjun sir….Why you are here?That maens how i am here?
Arjun ask her be calm and ask her to look at him.She look into his eyes.He said goodmrg to her and kiss her on forehead and ask her to go into house. Radhika get down from car and wave her hand to him..Afterwards she enter into bed room and slept brside Ishitha….
Shiva place Anjalis head on pillow and kiss her on her cheeck and put one gift packet on dressing table and left from that place……
Arnav ask Kushi to getup and ask her to change her dress.But Kushi is in deep sleep..He dont know how to handle her.He lift her in his arms and slowly come out from his room and walk towards his car and place her in front seat and he sit in front seat and drive towards her house…
Meanwhile Amaya wake up and saw Mantu in her bed room and remember what happened at night….
FB starts….
Kushi:Ammu…I want to meet Arnav sir and i decide to tell him the truth….
Ammu:Good decission..
Kushi left from that room by hug Amaya…..Amaya phone rings and she lift the phone.It is from Mantu.. She explain that kushi went out to Arnav’s house to tell one imp thing.Mantu:Ok… dont scare for little things.Ok….When you stay alone means anything can happens.Dont be afraid…If you feel scared means call me…Ammu:I am not scare for silly things.Gudnite dear… Amaya went to bed but she start scared….Bcoz she is not strong girl.. and from childhood onwards she was scare and fear to stay alone….

After 15mins she hear a sound from balcony.She getup from bed and walk towards balcony door and open it. There she saw Mantu standing there. She run towards him and hug him and ask him….
Amaya:How you will be here?
Mantu:I felt that you are alone….So i came here to entertain you….
Amaya:Ask him to come into the room.
Mantu:I dont come into the room. Already i control many feelings on you. If you ask to come inside means…. what ever happens i am not responsible for that….
Amaya:What happened when you enter into room….Dont be silly Mantu….Come in…Already it is breez outside…It is not good for health.
Mantu enter into the room from balcony and hold her hand…
Mantu:Why you didnt sleep till now?
Amaya:Really i am scared mantu.
Mantu:Yah…i know it and i feel it….
Amaya:you stay here untill kushi reached….
Mantu:Wat kushi reached home….Def she stuck with Arnav….He didnt leave her in this time….
Amaya:I feel sleepy matu….
Mantu:I know you are not sleepy…He turn her towards him and ask her why you feel shy infront of me…
Amaya:Bcoz….today…and at this time…I dont know…
Mantu:Ok…if you feel uncomfortable then i leave from here.
By saying this he leave Amaya and turn to left from that place.
But Amaya hug him from his back and ask him not to go.He hold her hand and pull her infront of him.He cuoed her face and look into her eyes.They have an eye lock and they both stay like that…Suddenly a lighten thunder appear with big sound….By hearing that sparkle sound Amaya hug with jerk…By that jerk both lost their balance and fell on bed.Amaya is on Mantu and Mantu is on bed…Amaya closed his eyes by her hand ans ask him dont look like that.Mantu turn slightly…Now Amaya is on bed and Mantu is on Amaya….Mantu look at her and hold her hand with one hand and another along her waist and slowly move his head towards her cheecks and then towards her neck…There he bite her suddenly and Amaya scream with loudly…Mantu close her mouth by his lips by changing his position slightly.They have an eye lock and release themselves when they feel hard to breath…..After that Amaya turn towards him and place her face on him and put her hand slong her waist and went into sleep…..
FB ends….
She getup from Mantu and ask him to getup…..He ask her plzz Ammu…I sleep for another 5mins na….Amaya:Then buaji enter into my room and she do my marriage….Mantu:Yah it is good idea….We go with marriage.Amaya:My marriage is not with you….It is with stick and the stick dancing on me….. Plz get up run from this place…. Mantu open his eyes and pull her towards him and ask her slowly….. Mantu:can we plan it today night also….Kushi:Dont talk all that now….. First leave from here…… Mantu getup from bed and getdown from balcony and leave from there….
Arnav stop his car infront of the house and ask kushi to getup.He open water bottle and sprinkle water on her face….She open her face and look at Arnav and and ask him how i am here?
Arnav:First get down and goto your bed room and think about how you are with me….
Kushi get down from car and run towards house and go back side of house and climb up by using windows and her chinni tied there and wave hand to Arnav from balcony….Arnav also wave hand to her and left from there and smile himself… bcoz now he know how kushi leave the house like theif…..Arnav(Himself):Crazy girl…..
All four went for park for their morning walk…..All look at each other….Their faces reflect with joy and happiness……..All four feel that…….

Credit to: Subhadha

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