A Journey of Love(Episode47)


The episode starts with Raman and Ishitha went into hotel and they walk towards the table alloted to them. Already one couple seated infront of that table she is not clear with that faces in dim light but she follows Raman.There she saw the couple faces and Ishitha will be in shock. Raman hold the other person hand and wish them.Ishitha is numb she didnt hear anything…..She stand like a statue. Bcoz they are subbu’s parents. Ishitha dont know how to react.Raman ask her to sit but that statement didnt reach to her…Subbu’s mother hold Ishithas hand and ask her to sit.Then isitha came into senses and ask them….
Isitha:Hw are you aunty and uncle?
They said we are fine Ishu…Hw abt you?
Ishitha:I am good aunty..Actually…..
Subbu’s mother:We are good Ishitha.. Atlast you try to move in your life… It is good step and Raman is so nice. You know Ishitha def subbu is not like Raman. God took onething from us means he give best one than previous one.I dont tell this to convence you.It is true.bcoz Raman took permission from us before he confess you. It is not important for him to took permission..Even though he share his pain with us.We know about you…Why you didnt try to move in your life…. But Ishu what god wrote on our fate it will happen.You love is pure…but god think you need much better than that ….That better thing is Raman. You dont feel nervous and guilty.

Subbu’s father:Actually when Raman talk to us abt you we are happy. Four days back he ask us to come India.Bcoz he ask us once you talk to Ishitha… we understood his feelings. Actually we also think abt that….but my son Raman implement it…..You clear all doubts in your mind and heart.
Raman:Papaji it is my responsibility to share everything with you. Bcoz i dont want and guiltiness or something in Ishitha’s mind after marriage. She need all blessings whole heartdly and i want to see her happy always. And more over i am your son who need always your blessings.
While they are talking like that one women hold 5years kid and stand Infront of the table.He laugh while he look at Raman and ask him Bhayyaa where is my choclate.Raman lift him and give one choclate to him.The small boy look at Ishitha and ask Raman,Is she my babhi…? Raman answer him yes my little brother.
Subbus mother look at her and told her that they adopt him in US.We need an activity to forget Subbu and lead our life.So we adopt him and name him “Subramanya Annad”. He is very active and he accept Raman and they are good friends now. From this one month onwards every day they spend one hour in skype and that time is his happiest time for my annad.He ask me abt Raman from mrg to evng…Ishitha look at Raman…He played with him…..

Subbs parents:We are happy for you Ishitha.You dont think abt society. Forget all about your past and go through your future.Raman is so nice and caring. He try to establish his business and ask us to handle that in US.Actually it is not mandatory for him.We know that he want to tie a relation with us.He didnt leave us alone.We are also happy for that.
Raman:Maa and papa why you are leaving today only.Atleast stay upto dhi marriage.
Subbu mother:Anandhi parents are also with us.My sister is not feeling well.She need my help beta..After that i stay with you when we have holidays.
Ishitha feel relaxed and she is very happy.They complete their dinner. Ishitha play with Annand and he always talk abt Raman bhai…..Now he is frnd to Ishitha also.They bless Raman and Ishitha for their upcomming life and give some gifts to them.Raman give so many gifts to his little bro and request them atleast we drop you in airport agree for this papa.They agree for it and move from there.Raman sit in driving seat and beside him subbus father. In back seat subbus mother,ishitha and cute little Annad.He sit on Ishithad lap and continuosly chit chat with Ishitha and Raman and all four spend a quality time.Raman and Ishitha return back after give sendoff to them. Raman drive and didnt talk anything. Ishitha look out from window and slowly she went into sleep.
Raman look at Ishitha.She sleep very pleseant and a cute smile on her face. He drive to Ishithas house and stop infront of her house.Raman get down and open the door for Ishitha.Raman lift her in his arm and enter into house.All sit in hall and chit chat with each other.When Raman enter into hall all looked àt Raman and worried for Ishu.He said nothing happened to her.She just sleep in car.I am not ready to disturb her.So……
Radhika:Then that is the way for her bed room.
Raman walk towards that room and put her on bed and put one kiss on her forehead.He leaves from that place. Madhu and Buaji happy for Ishitha… bcoz they know how Raman love her and took care abt her but today they see that.

Radhika msg to Arjun:
Radhika:How r you?Hw is the pain?
Arjun:I am ok ra.Dont worry abt me. Had your dinner or not.
Arjun:Arju promise……
Radhika:No no…Radhu promise…..
Arjun:Why Radhu promise…why not Arju promise…? Come on tell me.
Radhika:Bcoz…I dont tell lie..when i promise on you.
Arjun:That means you didnt had your dinner…right?
Radhika:plz Arjun….I dont want to eat…
Arjun:ok… bye….

Radhika put N number of sorries but no reply from Arjun.After 20mins he put a msg to her come out.I am waiting for you….
Radhika read that msg and run towards him.Buaji saw that and she look out through window.She saw Arjun stand infront of his car and Radhika run towards him.She run towards him and hug him.He also hug her and patted on her head.Buaji feel happy for that and she feel that Radhika hide something from us.I want to know that and support her to get out from that pain and left that place.
Arjun ask her to sit in the car.They both sit in the back seat.Arjun open a pack and feed her.He bring Aloo paratha and gulabjamoon.He feed her by his hands.Radhuka said him enough Arjun….My stomach is full…I eat mire i become fat….Arjun:Dont worry….Then also you look pretty for me…Then also “I Love You”untill my last breath. Radhika put her fingers on his mouth and ask him dont talk like that and i eat what you feed to me….but talk about last breath..Arjun nod his head and ask her to complete food after that he pour drink in glass and ask her to have it.Radhik drink it and look at him.He put uce cream infront oh her.She eat that strawberry icecream complete family pack.while Radhuka eating ice cream he just look at her. After that he try to wipe her lips with tissue paper.
Radhika:You are unromantic Arjun.
Arjun:You feel that i didnt know how to do romance.You think i am Khadoos?

Radhika nod her head with smile.
Arjun cup her face with his hands and licked the icecream around her lips by his tounge.Radhika feel shy and hug Arju very tightly.Arjun ask her you said that i am unromantic na…When i am romance how dare you hide from me by hugging me.He adjust her hair behind her ears and again cup her face and kiss on her lips.Radhika fist close her eyes after 5sec she supports him and they both kiss passionatly and relive themselves after 30mins. Radhika put her head on his chest and sit comfortable and hold his right hand.Arjun hug with one hand around her shoulder and put his chin on her head and close his eyes.Slowly they both went into sleep.

Credit to: Subhadha

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