A Journey of Love(Episide46)


The episode starts with Uma leaving with her husband.All four give a send of to her in airport.Thoshiji hide her tears and bless her.Dadhi kiss her and ask her give updates regularly.Any problem to you just inform to us & take care.Uma’s husband promise to dadhi that he will take care about Uma. All feel happy for that.They took blessings from elders and leave…..They fly…….
Raman sit in his cabin and call to Ishitha.
Raman:Ishitha are you free now?
Ishitha:Two days i am on leave na… so many kids are here…..and more over today is wednesday na….Free vaccination day….Is anything urjent?
Raman:Actually i have a surprise for you.Yesterday only i want to give it.. But…..
Ishitha:stop it Raman.You only hug me and forget about remaining things.
Raman:oh… you also hug me and didnt leave me….
Ishitha:Ok ….can i do my work or not…
Raman:Evening sharp 4:00 i pick you from your house.We go out for dinner. There i reavel the surprise.
Raman cut the phone and bussy in his work.
Radhika sit in her cabin and bussy in her work.Arjun put 10 msgs to her to come to his room and he is waiting for her.But Radhika’s phone is in silent and she didnt see those msgs.Arjun got angry on her and he only go to her room.Radhika didnt observe that Arjun stand behind her. Radhika is bussy in design a building plan.She put one pencil in her mouth and the point for that pencil is very sharp.Another pencil behind her ear.By using one pincel she do her work.He look at her for 2mins and ask her how many times i ping msgs to you Miss.Radhika Mishra… By hearing Arjuns voice she turn towards him.The pencil in Radhikas mouth hurts Arjun on his cheeck.Arjun sounds with pain. Radhika put all things on table and put her fingers on the place where she hurt him.Arjun look at her….Radhika is crying and look at the wound only. Actually it is small wound.The pencil point is sharp na so it hurt his cheeck and a little bit of blood is there.Arjun look at Radhika….
Arjun:Dont cry Radu…Nothing happened to me.It is a very small one.
Radhika cried like a kid and her eyes were turn into red and her face is turn into pale….Radhika open her hand bag and took cotton,a small sprit bottle and bandage.Arjun look those items and ask her what can you do with these things?
Radhika still crying and ask him to be clam.I do first aid for you.Just 5mins.
She slightly bend on his face and clean that with spirit by using cotton at the time she put sprit on his face he feel little bit pain and hold her waist… She clean it and put bandage on it.she still cry looking at him.He hold her around her wait she didnt recognise it and didnt feel it bcoz she was worried for that little wound.They both forget that there are glasses for Radhika’s cabin.Remaining employees are observe that and control their laugh.

Arjun:Why you are crying?It didnt give that much pain for me.But you cried like this na this gives more pain for me.
Radhika:How can i?bcoz of me only you hurt na….
Arjun pulled her more close…she didnt control herself by that act and sat on his lap.she wipe her tears and look into his eyes.Radhika:Really sorry Arjun. Arjun:No sorries…only punishments…
Radhika:Any punishment from you…
Radhika:Yah Radhu promise…..
Arjun:No..Go with Arju promise…..
Radhika:Ok…Arju promise….
Arjun:Then kiss me where you hurt me?
Radhika:Kiss…??? that too in my cabin…
Then they realise that they were in Radhikas cabin.Radhika get up from his lap and Arjun left from that place.
Arjun enter into Ramans cabin.Raman saw bandage on his face and ask him…
Raman:What happened Arjun?
Arjun tell total story with perfect description.Raman observe shy feel in his eyes.Raman:Nothing wrong yaar.
When a person is in love def they forget about sourroundings and situations.We can do one thing we announce our matters in Anjali dhi engagement function.Then it is good for our girls also.Atleast remaining staff dont go with wrong gossips. We four can discuss it and declare.
Arjun nod his head and said him I just want to leave for today..
Kushi sit in her cabin and think about Arnav and her together moments. She feel happy for that.But she feel tense also…till now she didnt tell him the truth related to her.She sit like that for 10mins and finally she decided to reavel her past infront of him.She remembered yesterday event….
Fb starts….
Sashiji:Kushi come here…
Kushi:Ha papa.5mins …
After 5mins she sit infront of Sashiji.Beside Sashiji her Buaji also there.Kushi look at them and ask them what happened papa…why you are like that?Is any thing wrong happened from my side.Buaji:Nothing like that kushi…We know about you and Amaya. We also know that Arnav and you are want to be in relation.But…….
Kushi looked at them and said them dont worry babuji.I want to tell him but he is not ready to listen it.But def with in a week i share that issue with him.I know he didnt have any problem about it but it is my responsibility to expose that infront of him.You both dont worry abt it.Buaji and Sashiji mod their heads and Kushi to go and Sleep…
Fb ends……
Kushi think about it and decide to talk about it to Arnav.She enter into his cabin but he is not there.Kushi ask clerck abt Arnav.He said Arnav sir went towards Raman sir room.Kushi went think abt it and walk towards Raman room.She knocks on door and ask permission to enter into the room.
Raman:Come in…
Kushi enter into the room and look for Arnav.Raman didnt notice that it is Kushi.Bcoz he is in file.After 2mins he lift his head and look at kushi.She look at Raman and ask him abt Arnav.
Raman:just before 10min he left my cabin.He leave the office bcoz he want to took dadhi to hospital.
Kushi:What happened to Dadhi?
Raman:She is fine.Just general checkup…Why are you so dull?
Kushi:Nothing bha……Sorry.Nothing sir.
Raman:If you feel that i am your bhai you call me like that.
Kushi look at him happily and nod her head.
Raman:Now tell me…what happened, Why are you too dull today?
Kushi:Bhai…I want to tell one imp matter discuss with Arnavji which is related to my past.But every time i try to tell him…But he is not at all ready to listen it.
Raman:Ok…..you also leave it na…He loves you and cares for you na… He think your past is not mandatory to him.
Kushi:I know it….but in future it is not effected to him…and any issue related to me i want to be open it infront of him…Plz bhai….At any cost i want to discuss with Arnavji before my marriage.
Raman look at her and nod his head and ask her dont worry.Today you discuss it with Arnav…I promise it…Is it ok for you.Kushi nod her head and leave his room.
Raman think that why these four girls are so sensitive and over possesive……
In Mantu’s cabin he is bussy in his work.He feel that somebody stand infront of him so he lift his head and looks at that person.A smile appear on his face.what happened Ammu… without calling you are in my cabin. Anything important.she look at him without blinking.He ask her to sit for 5mins…then i talk to you and bend his head into file.After 5mins he complete his work and close his file and look towards Amaya.She still stand in same position and same place. He just get up from his chair and walk towards Ammu and hold her hand and make her to sit in sofa.He cupped her face into his hands and look into her eyes and ask her now tell me whats the matter…
Amaya:I ask you so many things.But after that you dont laugh looking at me.
Mantu:You clear your doubts.I didnt laugh…I promise it to you….
Amaya:I know that you love me a lot… but in future you find more beautiful girl than me….or more efficient girl than me….My babuji always said that i am not matured…You also feel like that in future…I always eat choclates. In future after our marriage you feel that i am kiddish….So,I feel that i am not perfect to you….Even though i dont want to leave you..but in case you feel bore with me and you feel that i am not suitable to you then…
Mantu hide his smile for his childish talk and said her your are my life Ammu. I didnt feel you are bore for me.I love your each and every thing in you.

I never thought you are boring for me. It is my promise from my side.By saying this he kiss her on forehead and hug her.
In Arjuns house:
Anjali and Shanta played with Ananya.Before going to confrence he leave Ananya and Shanta in Arjuns house.He told to Anjali that he return back at 3:00pm.Ananya spell Maa Maa like that when Anjali is not infront of her eyes.When they are bussy in playing Arjun get down from car. Ananya look at him and run towards him to hide behind him.She run towards and hug him and Called him Mama Mama..(In telugu mother’s brother is Mamayya…I dont know exactly in Hindi).He lift her and kiss her on her cheecks.
Ananya show her finger in some direction and ask him to run in that direction to hide.she tell it by actions and small words.Anjali walk towards him and saw bandage on his face. He explain it how it happen?
Madhu and Buaji sit in garden and duscuss abt their girls.
Madhu:I am very happy for my four daughters.Buaji:Me too Madhuji. They four are same in thinking and god give good heart to them.
Madhu:Today i talk to Radhika and ask her call her parents.From this house only we can do their marriages. Buaji:Ha it is good idea.
Madhu:But Radhu didnt talk abt her parents.I guess there is some problem to her.If in case i only do all the rituals to her also.
While they discuss like this Radhika syand behind them and listen their conversation and feel happy for her that they treat her equally to their daughters.She kiss on Madhu and Buaji cheecks and left into her room without talking a single word.They realise thay she hear our conversation….
After 20mins Ishitha came to home and tell Madhu that she went out with Raman that he ask me to come.Is there any problem to you.
Madhu:No probs.But come early…ok….
Ishitha nod her head and went into her room for ready.Radhika is in room and cry for her parents.When she realise that Ishitha enter into room Radhu act that she is in sleeping. Ishitha think that may be she is restless today….Ishitha get ready by wearing light pink color embroidary dress and waiting for Raman.Raman gave a msg to her that he is waiting oustside just come fast.Ishitha inform to Madhu and went out.There he saw Ramans car and sit in front seat.They start fro there and reach to a hotel. That hotel is also under RAAM associates only.They went inside and show his finger to one direction.She look that side and she recognise that infront of that table already there are one couple.In that dim light she didnt recognise their faces and walk towards that table.Ishitha hold Ramans hand and walk with him.The reach near the table Ishitha tight her grip by holding Ramans hand.They reach to that Table Raman smile at them Ishitha is in shock…

Credit to: Subhadha

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