Hi everyone we all know that there will be no more happy sequences in skr so I wish to post a fan fiction. I also have a great respect for our great epic the Ramayana. It’s just an imagination on my part about what could have happened if the vanvaas was not there in ram’s life not to hurt Anybody’s feelings .Here is my first update .Criticisms are almost welcome

[After the swayamvar sita and her sisters are sitting in their room]

Urmila: Didi finally your dream came true today. I’m so happy for you. [Suddenly Urmila realizes that sita is not at all listening to her]

Urmila: Didi

Sita is still drowned in her own thoughts and is looking at the moon Urmila and Mandvi laugh at her.Sita comes to her senses

Mandvi: Urmila looks like didi’s dear one is on the moon [Sita feels shy and runs from there] look Didi is blushing

Shruthkeerthi: I have never seen her blushing like this before

[Sita runs to Sunnaina. Chandhrabaga is also there Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkeerthi come there]

Sita: Look ma they are teasing me

Urmila: Didi we are your sisters and we have the right to tease you. You can’t stop us

Mandvi: Didi we will tease you as much as we want because we can’t tease you after your marriage as you will be going to Ayodhya leaving us here

[Sita gets sad thinking about the separation Sunnaina asks them to go and sleep as it’s getting late. Next morning Chandhrabaga comes to sita’s room Mandvi is sleeping there]

Chandhrabaga: Mandvi you haven’t waked up yet. Come on wake up now [Mandvi gets disturbed and shivers in sleep] what will you do after your marriage if you continue to sleep like this in your in-laws house? [Urmila comes and stands by the door silently] There is no use in arguing with you wake up whenever you want.

[Chandhrabaga goes out. Mandvi begins to sleep again Urmila comes and stand besides her she pulls the screens and bedspread off .Mandvi wakes up angrily]

Mandvi: Urmila why did you disturb me? Don’t you see I was sleeping? Don’t you have any work to do rather than disturbing me?

Urmila: Raksashi do get ready now. Father has called us all to the court.

Mandvi: Why didn’t you tell that before?

Urmila: Did you give me time to say anything?

Mandvi: You should have interrupted me [Shruthkeerthi comes in]

Shruthkeerthi: Didi you haven’t got ready yet please do hurry up its getting late [Mandvi gets ready and they leave for the court]

Mandvi: Where is sita didi? I haven’t seen her right from the morning

Shruthkeerthi: She is already in the court. She went with father seems he is going to make some announcement today

Urmila: Then I’m sure it’s about didi’s marriage hurry up I’m so excited

Mandvi: So am I come on let’s go fast [They enter the court]

Janak: You all know that Maharaja Dhashrat’s son raghukul’s ram has won the swayamwar and hence is a suitable life partner for sita
Sadhandh ji I want you to look after the arrangements of the marriage. Please send a message to Ayodhya informing Maharaja Dhashrat about yuvraj Ram’s victory in the swayamvar. Make sure that it reaches Ayodhya at the earliest.

Sadhanandh: Sure Maharaja [The court disperses. Janak writes the letter himself and keeps it under the feet of Mahadev .He gives it to a messenger.]

Precap: The messenger reaches Ayodhya. Dashrath became happy hearing the news. He tells the news to his queens. Kaikeyi locks herself in her room

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  4. Thanks WW actually it’s ur comment which motivated me to do this once u commented on the ff Mandvi -Urmila that u wanted to know how ram’s life would have been if vanvaas was not there once I read that I thought of posting a ff myself but was busy with my exams thanks for supporting me once again

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