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Hello Friend , I am a long time follower of this forum and a great fan of abhigya. I donot wish to reveal my personal identity and coming back to my first story

There was a woman standing at the water’s edge.

Pragya, a lachrymose lady in the full bloom of youth, stood alone on the beach, gazing over the ocean-colored water with her despairing milky globes. Her emerald hair danced lightly in the ocean breeze. She tried to deny the stirrings in her heart, resting her cheek against one hand as she traced a finger along her silver necklace. She wore an opaline embroidered robe, folded once over her chest and kept in place by a sash at her waist. Her olive hair was bound back from her face, complementing her haunted ochre visage. A prominent scar stood out on her russet skin. She stood, awaiting her love.

It must have been fate in mortal form that brought them together. She knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that they were meant to be. From then on, Pragya was sometimes needy and close, but then suddenly cold and fearful. Abhi tried his best to hide his pain, but it was plain in his crystals. That was how it was to this very day.

“Pragya,” Abhi said simply with an admiring look-over and a beaming grin. His pitch-dark spheres complimented his ebon hair, kept masculinely short, belying his stubborn heart. He was dressed in his usual everyday clothes. His lavender body rippled with muscle. A sable moustache brushed against his lip. An ebon growth of hair adorned his chin. As Pragya drew nearer, she caught a note of his familiar scent, a mixture of earthiness and sourness that was uniquely his. Her globes softened. It always reminded her of the time they shared.

“Abhi. I feared you might not come,” Pragya whispered.

His eyes widened. “Of course I came!”

She shook her head. “Everyone else abandoned me.”

“That’s awful,” Abhi mumbled. “I swear I won’t.” He affectionately reached out to her, and carefully she wrapped her fingers in his. With that, they began to walk along the beach. As they proceeded tenderly down the shoreline, Pragya’s pools mused over the doubts that haunted her, trailing her like a mournful shadow. Her lips softly parted from the confessions that welled up in her throat, only to be swallowed back in grim defiance. Pragya struggled to keep together her fragile composure.

“I’m… glad I was able to see you today,” Pragya whispered, steadying her tremulous voice. “While I still have you here, that is…”

A faint blush tinged Abhi cheeks; he turned his face away with a nervous laugh.

“Heh, me too, Pragya!” Abhi didn’t pick up the hint of foreboding in Pragya’s tone. “Uh…so… what’s on your mind?”

Despite the enthusiasm in Abhi’s reply and his grin, Pragya’s heart sank like their feet in the ocean-kissed sand. What would Abhi think about her? Would he recoil in disgust? In fear? In ridicule?

But Abhi was different from the rest. Under that charming, outgoing exterior, there was a truly kind heart. Although duty and obligation bound Pragya, with Abhi by her side, she could abandon her anxieties during those precious moments they spent together.

Pragya shook her bowed head slightly at the thought. She was lying to him; Pragya wasn’t worthy of his kindness. Pragya was … Inextricably tied to the burden of commitment. Pragya was undeserving.

Please let me know your views on my new ff and I would surely proceed only after getting atleat 25 comments

Credit to: Fan of Abhigya

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