A different side of saathiya (Episode 4)


Episode starts with confusion drama amid rashi and Jigar. Ahem shouts at them saying I don’t have any time for this nonsense rashi if you are done with it you can follow me. Rashi says sorry sir I am coming. Jigar holds her hand and says I’ll not leave you rashi wait and watch I’ll torture you for insulting me infont of bhai don’t worry ill join office for you. Rashi says good luck sir come soon I’ll wait. Jigar looks at her angrily and both leave in opposite directions.
In modi mansion: Ahem comes to Jigar and says what is this Jigar. He says bhai it is all .. Ahem says don’t worry I am not saying anything for that you have done. But why didn’t you tell me before that you are in relation I’ll never mind if its true love you can share with me anything you want but don’t let me down before others. Sorry bhai this will not repeat they both hug and says good night to each other. Ahem has a habit of taking with his ma every night before bed. He says to kokila about Jigar and says don’t worry I’ll handle it don’t worry this happens at this age this is just an infatuation. Kokilla says to ahem that I hope he should get involved into business as soon as he finishes his MBA. Ahem says yes maa. I’ll start the procedure soon. Okay ma good night. Kokilla hugs him and leaves but kokilla is little worried of jigar’s behaviour.
In Urmila house: Rashi asks gopi who is sharanya gopi tells her everything and clarifies her. Then rashi’s face gets pale and thinks that means Jigar sir told me correct I am finished now she is running in thoughts. Gopi asks what happened she explains her everything gopi gets into laughter you did such a big issue sorry di I can’t control. Rashi asks what I have to do now. Urmila hears all this and says don’t worry just say sorry to your boss tomorrow and now you sleep this gopi has become much of an idiot nowadays. Gopi says sorry ma how do I know di would stuck into this then immediately rashi begins pillow fight with gopi. Urmila says I can’t bear these girls ill leave.
In the early morning ahem rushes to office and finds rashi nowhere he calls her and yell at her rashi says sorry sir I’ll be in 5min . He says no don’t come to office I’ll pick you up I have to meet some important clients. Okay sir and call cuts. I don’t know what these people are doing they have to inform my assistant about the meeting but in return I am working for her I have to fire this manager firstly. He in the midway to rashi’s home realises he had forgotten his mobile in home in hurry. He have to find the address so he stops the car midway and asks a girl who is in modern attire to tell him the address…
Screen freezes as the girl takes her helmet out and she is non other than our gopi
Precap: Rashi calls ahem but Jigar picks his phone thinking I think bhai have forgot. Ahem stares at gopi then gopi waves hand at ahem and says this is my house address ahem shocks thinking Jigar is in love with this girl..

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    rashi realised her mistake n she came 2 know d truth from gopi.but will jigar 4give her or will take revenge….how will raji become a pair when sharanya is there…waiting 2 know.gohem meeting.wow

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i’ve updated pt2 of my ss ye dooriyaan

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