A december to remember


PIA Islamabad
dad you are sure this place is my place look how people are looking at me like I am doing a sin wearing a western dress,how narrow minded they appear,can,t we go back to Malaya our home,
father:dear della we don,t belong there I am going to start a new business give a good smile to your father ,
delima:yup sure dad good luck ,I,ll look for some good hotel u better get on deal.

a few hours later
dad:della my project failed I guess we have to go and settle somewhere else,i have some friends in Bahawalpur Punjab I guess we should check there
della:father u just need a tight hug from me and everything gonna be fine.
2 years spent in Bahawalpur,some good memories ,a lot of mishaps but there is della still standing strong,
father father where are you,you forgot it is my first day at that medical college named at some Pakistani leader I think QUAID E AZAM medical college it is,maid enters the scene
maid:madam delima you forgot your father is not here,he has gone to Germany for some deal,he left a letter for you,
della reads the letter
‘my daughter how come I have never know u had grown so young,you still have got your mother looks in you,remember you have to do much more than to be a doctor you have to be a good human,
della:maid khadeeja will u please give me something to wear I don,t wanna get late the first day.
maid::here,s mam
della: ooh my Gosh what kind of dress is this,am I supposed to wear this one?whatever It is called
maid:salwar qameez madam
della:and what kind of long headpiece is this am I supposed to sweep roads with itor dust my classroom,who brought it here anyway?
maid:madam your mother
della:ooh comeone don,t tell me that orthodox lady is here but whatever she is my mother
mother:delima!u are going to settle here you must where one of these dresses,it is people,s culture and that head piece is called dupatta dorn it over your head.
della:mother no way if I am going to have this on my head then how will I show my new hair style,i spent a lot for first day on my hair dying and streaking them,
mother:ok don,t wear it over head but you must wear this white salwar qameez it is their uniform,
delima drives to her college ,she enters her first class her dupatta falls down cause she didn,t notice as she is not habitual wearing it,a boy piclks up the dupatta and gives it to her ,she first does not understands ,before she could say thanks the boy moves away and goes to anatomy lecture hall,della thinks how rude the boys are here he doesn,t even look at me once,well who gets to see such beautiful girl,della enters her classroom,

PRECAP: at the first introduction class ,another boys blocks her path,afterward della tells her new friend that people here are so narrow minded that they think that the girl and boy are in a relation if they are standing together

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