A day to remember (Episode 1)


Chapter 1

The story starts like the first episode with a musical competition between Swara and Ragini. Dadi said to Ragini: You should show that Bengalan Swara, that you are better than her. “Yes grandmom.” Ragini had to accept what her grandma said cause she didn’t want to upset her, althought Swara was her bestfriend. “My Shona will win against your granddaughter Parvati” The awesome dida said.

The Performance started, Swara wasn’t there but Ragini was. Shobha went to look for her granddaughter and saw her playing with little children, she called her and said your performance already started, you should come or you will be disqualified. Ragini was playing her Sitar, whn with a bang Swara started playing her guitar. Rags was happy that Swara c
but dadi wasn’t. While performing Ragini cut her finger because of the string of the

In the afternoon Swara went to meet
Ragini near their school, so that could talk
to eachother while they were walking. “My grandmother wants me to get married to a boy called Lakshya.” Ragini said in
disbelieve.”I’m gonna check out the boy’s
family for you, I promise.” Swara thought.

I hope you guys like!

Credit to: Crazygirl

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  1. Good epi

    1. Thank you?

  2. it almost like first episode of serial.but please don’t make ragini negative like serial

    1. No she won’t be negative

  3. Hey! Its just like the first epi of Swaragini. Well interesting though. Lets see

    1. Yes it is but hope you’ll like the next epi

  4. Heythis is same like first episodes na? You can start writing from the point where you want to change.
    You write beautifully 🙂

    1. Thanks next epi will be different

    1. Thanks

  5. A good start?

    1. Thank you I love your story it’s awesome

  6. I hope Tellyupdates doesn’t post this epi twice.

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