A Betrayal os


Hey guys ridhima here.

I am asking sry in advance if u dont like the story. I am nt a gud writer and also nt so gud in english.
Plz bear my torture 😛

Here we go

A girl is shown sitting in a room emotionlessly. Her always glowing face is pale, tired and smewat guilt can be read on her face…..
She is busy thinking smthng. She is even not blinking her eyes. Her eyes are red and shows the pain, she is going through. Bt wat can be the reason for this pain, guilt….


A girl ( same ) and a boy was having dinner in the restaurant and talking casually.
Boy- swara i want to tell u something..
Swara- haan sanskar tell me u need not to ask permission before asking smthng.
Sanskar- actually swara vo..
Swara- plz sanky make it clear
Sanskar kneels down on his one knee and brings out a rose from his pocket.
Sanky- swara before ur entry in my life i ws so egoistic and dont like to talk to others was cruel and wat not. But u changed me completely , everypart of my body and blood is changed bcz of ur presence. I dont know how bt i fell for u. I love u swara truely wid all my heart. Will u be mine??? Will u accept me???
The people in the restaurant cheers for him and ask swara to accept him. Bt swara was all emotionless, she was nt able to understand wat is happening, is she dreaming or is it real?? She is confused bt her confusion came to end wen
Sanky- swara if u r nt ready then i will nt force u bt i can say i will w8 for u forever and will be urs..
Swara’s eyes welled up wid tears nd she felt the most happy person present on the earth. She accepted the rose and nods her head in positive as no words came out from her throat . Sanky got up and hugged her tightly and she responded to her hug.

Sanky- i love u swara. I love u.
Swara- i love u too….

All people clap for them and tey came back to reality and left the place in embarasment and blushing.

On the way to home
Swara- (in mind) oh god i am soo happy. I got the love of my life. U toh know i love him at first sight bt he was very rude. Slowly he changed bt i had never thought he will love me back. I am soo happy. Soo happy . All tym a smile was plastered on her face. Snky ws happy seeing her like that…

Then sanky left swara to her home and went to his house.

Some days passes. Thy come more closer to each other. Almost spend whole tym wid eo, went for shopping, picnic, movies and all the normal ppl do…

Bt one day swara’s father get to know abt this and he asked swara to stay away from him. Bt she ws nt ready to listen as by know she was madly in love wid him….

After refusing wen her father get to know she meet him. He closed her inside the room and fixed her marriage wid sme other boy, son of his partner…

Wen swara get to know abt this she tried to tell this to sanky….
Bt her phone was also wid her father…

In the day of engagement…

Swara was getting ready uninterestedly and some parlour ladies came here to dress her up. She thought this as a chance nd asked them for help. So she escaped from their and ran to sanskar’s place…

After sme tym
The engagement function strted. Wen it was asked to bring the bride then.
Fther- sneha ( swara’s cousin) bring swara down beta…
Sneha- ji chachu..

She left to her room and found a letter written by swara and ran downstairs and gave that letter to swara’s father..
He was shocked to read the letter.
I am sorry dad. I dont wnt to marry him. I will never be back. I am going to my sanskar forever… Sry dad

Ur swara

All the guests taunts him and even the grooms fther taunt him and asked him to separate his companies. He ws soo much sad and ashamed now bcz of her daughter. He thought that sje will bring pride to him bt she brought shame for him. He got an heart attack their…

On the other side

Swara reached sanskar’s place.. And was shocked to see sanskar wid another girl.
Swara( shouts)- Sanskar…
Sanskar turns and was shocked to see swara over there.
Sanky- ms. Gadodia aap yahan?? I thought that u will be busy in ur engagement.
Swara- u was knowing abt it then why dont u come to stop it and wat is she doing here???

Sanky- oh plz swara why will i stop ur engagement and ya she is my new gf.

Swara-( holds his collar)- bt sanky u love me then why are u doing this?? Plz stop ur acting…

Sanky- swara are u seriously this much innocent or jst trying to act. And yes i never loved u infact i hate u..

Swara- no sanky u luv me u cant hate me see remember all the moments which we spent together plz stp joking.
Sanky- oh plz stop it swara nd takes her hands off her.
I am very clear tat i hate u who can love u. Do u think u changed me no never. I was always same . I did all this for revenge, revenge for my insult. Do u remember first day u insulted me in front of my whole staff. This is the result of that insult…

Swara( now angry, hurted) is some one’s feeling a joke for u. U have to pay for this mr. Sanskar maheshwari. U have to pay . She was abt to slap him bt he stopped her and thru her out of house.

She went quietly from their and reached her house. She was standing at the door wen she heard smeone saying that it is very difficult to save mr. Gadodia. He have had a very big shock due to swara. I dont know will he be able to recover or not??
Listening this she felt guilty tat she is respomsible for his father’s this condition. After his warnings she never stopped and this is the end result of this – A Betrayal.

She cried a lot and left the place widout anyone’s notice.
Flashback over


Swara- this is all bcz of me i am the reason for my father why i dint trust him and trusted that man blindly….

Aftr few days

At sanskar’s place

Sanky ws a changed man know he was nt much egoistic this is all bcz of swara and this tym the change is real.

Snky- what have u done this to me swara?? I am literally changed. U changed me. I got it i was wrong nd ur love and ur separation make me realise this. I love u swara . I love u. I dont know will u forgive me or nt??? Bt i will apologize to u. I love u. And i am very sry watever i have done wid u . This is giving more pain to me than u. I will go mad.
I cant even think wat u might be suffering from bt i am the reason of ur pain is giving me the worst pain evr. And cries

Bt this tym i will nt mke any mistake i will never let u go away… I am cominng shona i am coming to u….

After this he left for swara’s place.
After reaching their he was shocked to see the scenario. His swara was lying dead on the floor covered wid white cloth….
He ws shocked, his all world spun and he felt that sme one has taken out his soul from his body…..

Somehow he managed to go in and asked abt wat happened to her.
He ws more shocked to know that she commited suicide. How cud she do that??? I made the strongest girl do this i am the reason for this?? He questioned himself.
Inner soul- ( taunting ) wat happened mr. Maheshwari u want this only na u shud be happy seeing this why r u sad and confused.
Sanky ws feeling even more guilty after listening this and went near her body…

Sanky- shaking her- swra u cant do this, u cant leave me , plz forgive me i know i was wrong. U were right i love u i cant hate u plz wake up. Stop ur drama na come back . Shakes vigrously.

Swara’s father came and stopped him and asked him to leave and
Dad- leave mr. Sanskar. Chale jao yahan se. Atleast marne ke baad toh meri beti ko chood jo. Leave her wat is left now after killing her wat u wnt know Saying this he fell on his knees nd cries…

Sanky left from the place lost.
Several voices were echoing in his ears
U have to pay for this mr. Maheshwari. U have u pay
After killing her wat u want know.

He came to a lonely place
Sanky- ( like a psycho literally nt in his senses)- i am a murder . I kill her. I kill my love .how cud i do this??? I kll her . I am a murder. Sying this again and again he felk on the ground unconcious…

After few months

Sanskar was seen lying in a room on the bed unconsious and repeating i am a murder. I kill her yet again and again…

Outside the building on a board it was written

The end…

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Hey noo..u made my sanky stay there :'(
    very emotional one dear ..nice try ..it was good Dr ..but next time write some happy one 😛
    just my wish pls don’t mistake me 🙁

    1. Thanks dr
      and even i dont like making sanky stay there.
      And surely i will try to write a happy one for u..

  2. Arunika Dasgupta

    Beyond words!!!!

    1. Thank u soo much dear

  3. Damn.. it was heart wrenching…. nyc work… sanky deservs to suffer… what he has done was wrong… bt zada suffer kr lia bechare ne…

    Keep writing ♥

    1. Thanks dr
      ya kuch zyada hi suffer kara diya maine nxt tym will reduce his punishment….

  4. Seriously very heart touching

    1. Thank u soo much dr

  5. priya tripathi

    Nice but very painfull

    1. Thanks dr

  6. Bl***y hell how can he do this to swara feeling pike to kill him bastard

    1. Thanks for ur comment dr
      bt he has already suffered a lot in his life now….

    1. Thanks for ur comment dr
      and sorry for making u sad

  7. Very Sad. Feeling pity for Sanskaar. ????

    1. Thanks for ur comment
      even me feeling pity for sanky…

  8. Awesome

    1. Thanks dr

  9. sooo emotional

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  10. it was soo emotional n heart touching….

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    1. Thanks dr

  11. awesome dear

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